My goal

When I was a little boy I wanted to be a writer. I have read a lot of books written by Jack London. Martin Iden was the the most favorite. In my dreams I was courageous explorer! This explorer suppose to write a big story about his life and adventures. I wanted to visit Alaska and North of Canada and feel all this atmosphere! At the beginning of my writer carrier I had written different essays about virgin and wild nature. And than i discovered that I can sale this essays like online jobs. It was great idea. Because I wanted a new mount bike for my adventures. Fortunately somebody has bought it! And I got not big sum of money(but real money not virtual!) I didn't expect this. I realized that I have great opportunity to canteen my online writing and get money! Unfortunately my dreams were just dreams! I passed exams to collage and started to learn..... management((((. Life is cruel. All in all I satisfied that I choose management. After graduation I will get good job. So I can earn good money and save some of them. This supply will be for my goal - travel to Alaska and Yukon.
P.S. I sill writing short essays about different adventures. Wait for it there))).

It is a most studious piece

It is a most studious piece by a man who has unmistakably peruse every one of the books, and a ton of diverse books too, and who tell stuck between such a large amount of links, from the nearly all clear to the most subtle, someone write my essay for money there is little uncertainty that the creators of the Harry Potter motion cinema were at any rate pretentious by youthful Sherlock Holmes.

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