My goal

When I was a little boy I wanted to be a writer. I have read a lot of books written by Jack London. Martin Iden was the the most favorite. In my dreams I was courageous explorer! This explorer suppose to write a big story about his life and adventures. I wanted to visit Alaska and North of Canada and feel all this atmosphere! At the beginning of my writer carrier I had written different essays about virgin and wild nature. And than i discovered that I can sale this essays like online jobs. It was great idea. Because I wanted a new mount bike for my adventures. Fortunately somebody has bought it! And I got not big sum of money(but real money not virtual!) I didn't expect this. I realized that I have great opportunity to canteen my online writing and get money! Unfortunately my dreams were just dreams! I passed exams to collage and started to learn..... management((((. Life is cruel. All in all I satisfied that I choose management. After graduation I will get good job. So I can earn good money and save some of them. This supply will be for my goal - travel to Alaska and Yukon.
P.S. I sill writing short essays about different adventures. Wait for it there))).

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