Knight and Day

June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is making the return trip to Boston when she finds herself entangled in the life of Roy Miller (Tom Cruise).

Having bumped into one another on several occasions - literally - in the airport Miller is certain that she will be forced to catch a later flight. However, June is put on the same flight and that's where the fun begins.

There's chemistry from the offset between the two characters and while June is in the rest room talking to herself about her attraction for the suave, sophisticated Miller, he is outside causing mayhem.

Upon her return, she finds Miller sitting in the aisle with two drinks, one of which he hands to her and proceeds to explain how he was a secret agent who'd had to kill everyone else on board - including the pilots. Well he killed one, but the other was accidental, shot by the first. Anyway, everyone else on the plane is dead and he's the one who has to land the jet in a corn field, whereupon he drugs June and tells her to deny all knowledge of him, warning her that if she doesn't, she will likely as not be killed herself.

The action in this film is plentiful and regular as Miller and June get into all manner of close shaves that take them all over the world and back again.

The critics panned this film and yet it has everything that an action film should have - thrills, spills and a storyline that is not only believable, but has the all important beginning, middle and end. It's like James Bond on steroids with plenty of humour as the two lead characters find out about each other, especially June about Roy.

There are twists a-plenty as you never know who's the bad guy and who's the good, but there's never a dull moment.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who's after some kick-ass (sorry, that's another film!) action, darned good special effects, lots of chemistry and humour. So sit back with a can or two or a couple of bottles of wine and munchies and enjoy.

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