An Intro

So I finally took the plunge to join. I have no idea how often I'll post, or what stories I'll put up as most of my writing is taken up by writing stories for the RPG I'm a part of.

A little about me I guess. I work night shift and currently live single in an apartment with six cats. I'm hoping to get a house at some point so I can turn my attention to huskies/sled dogs as a pastime. I write mainly for a hobby - I call myself a hack writer along with being a hack artist - and last year I wrote for NaNoWriMo for the first time, and won.

That story is not even close to being finished but I'm already planning for this years NaNo to be "Book II".

So why did I join here? I have a DeviantArt account, but felt uncomfortable posting stories there. Mainly it was lack of feedback, which I'm hoping to get here. Or maybe suggestions of where else I can post up my stories for feedback. I've a few ideas - I tend to have a lot of ideas actually o_O - that I would like to see where it goes someday.

That's about it for now.

Um... hi? :)

*Ah-haa . .

Nice, give us a taste, I will try to comment.
Prepare for thy doom :)


Not much action here of late, as you can probably tell by the story dates on the front page. Welcome -- I'll look forward to seeing what you post.


I've noticed. I'm hoping

I've noticed. I'm hoping when I've got a little free time to give my story a last look over I can post. Thanks for the welcome :)

Life is.

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