Drew's American Trip is over Chapter1


Drew's American Adventure is over.

by Sharp

(A Gaby fanfic based upon the characters created by Maddy Bell)


Dr Helen Fullolove was sat her desk in Leeds and was double checked the DNA readout in front of her and then spoke to her assistant to ask where it had come from. "Madam it was sent to us from another source at Sheffield Children's' Hospital and they also sent this information on the patient. It appears the patient was initially thought to be male, but apparently he was intersexed. Of Late he appears to have been exhibiting development normally associated with a pre pubescent teenage female.”

Dr Helen read all the notes, “Thank you, I think I had better telephone the parents immediately. I could do with having this young person here immediately in my special unit could you make arrangements please. "

Back at the Bond household Jenny had just taken a call from Jules in America to say Drew had collapsed at the Walters's home and had been admitted to hospital in the Grottos.

Dr Helen's telephone call came shortly after that. Jenny at first thought it was the hospital in America calling her. Until she realized the person spoke with a posh North Yorkshire accent.

Dr Helen when she heard what had transpired said, "I will get all the details over to America by fax as it is imperative they do nothing to Drew until I get there."

Back in America Drew had been put in a private ward and was on a saline drip after the fax had been received from England. The doctor in charge read the document, "The Brits are flying out their top specialist to look after this patient she must be very special for them to do that. Regardless they have asked that the patient only receives a saline drip until the consultant arrives."

Jules had refused to leave Drew's side in the hospital as other than Maddy she was the only relative Drew had in America. Maddy still did not know Drew had been admitted to hospital

Mrs. Walters had also spoken to Jenny on the Telephone about what had occurred at their home. Jules while upset with what had happened had informed Mrs Walters she had better have a chat with Britney about what had been happening. This is just what Mrs. Walters intended she was going to do.

Back at home Mrs Walters called for both her daughters. Her husband dodged out of the way as he could see she was mad at the girls over something.

Britney, "Mum honestly when we went to England I thought I was stopping with a girl called Drew. I did tell you Drew also got called Gaby by their friends. I know I have done some things that where not nice but I never intended Gaby to end up in the hospital. I did arrange for Gaby to race with a bike and for her too borrow the bike from Biggs cycles. I just forgot to inform you that Gaby was a boy or apparently thought he was a boy.”

The sister sprang to Britney's defence, "Mum actually from what Jules told me Gaby has a hormone problem. Her parents had recently been told she is actually a hermaphrodite with both boys and girls bits, and the doctor stated she should be allowed to determine which way she went. Jules said to me, from what the doctors had said it was most likely that Gaby would become totally female before very long, although he himself did not realise the full implication of being a hermaphrodite. He just thought he was developing breasts.

Mr Walters who had been listening, "So you both decided to help her transition?"

Britney, "Not exactly dad, Gaby is fun to be with and we tended to forget she was not exactly like us." I did tell Drew that he would have to be Gaby while he was here as the oldies thought he was a girl & we where only allowed girls here. Jules his sister gave me a telling off over that. He though did not argue about dressing as Gaby. I know and realise I did some mean things to her but I never ever meant her any harm honest dad.”

“Well Normally I would leave your punishment to your mother, however you both appear to be implicated and so rather than your mother it will be me who makes the decision on your fate. As for Drew having to be a girl while here you know that was not true as we would have still welcomed Drew as a boy. His parents looked after you two while you where in England, and so the onus was on us to take good care of both the Bond children. Drew as I have learned today was also worried about his mother as she had recently been diagnosed with cancer and he was unhappy at leaving her at this time to come to America. Drew had promised his mother he would behave himself while over here so she was not put under undue stress. Jenny Bond has undergone treatment while Drew was over here and is now in remission. Drew though would have done anything either of you asked him as he did not want to rock the boat while here.”

Back in England Leslie informed her sister, "Helen I have faxed all the details over to America and there is a special flight laid on for you to America. Customs and visas have already been sorted and a car will be waiting for you to Yeadon International Airport. The hospital has already allocated you accommodation. I notice the Bonds have booked three seats and are flying from Manchester international. Your flight though is slightly faster and is from Leeds-Bradford International Airport and should get you there just a little earlier than the Manchester flight.”

Alexis and Alison where waiting for Helen at Yeadon airport. "We thought we had better come as this young person apparently has the same special blood as us. And it would be better to not contaminate it with other blood if at all possible. "

Helen looked at the Aircraft and said, "Alexis are you sure it will get us there in one piece it looks rather small?"

Alexis laughed, “It is ready for the pilots and we have a slot in 10 minutes so we better get into the craft. Both Alison and I have our pilots licence, and so we will take it in turns to fly this plane."

Helen, "It looks like a mini version of Concorde to me."

Alison, “You are not far wrong it is very similar and we should get there a while before the family arrives. In fact we should be able to touch down at the actual hospital as we also have VTOL capabilities as well. With that all three of them where strapped in and Alexis took off. Shortly after there was a sonic boom as the aircraft broke the sound barrier.

Alexis, “I should not be doing that but we have clearance from all the authorities”

Meanwhile the Bonds and Carol where speeding up the motorway to Manchester. They just arrived as they where calling for the final passengers. They boarded and then tried to relax for the next 8 hours. The time on board the plane seamed to be flying by. The captain spoke on the intercom. ‘I have a message for the Bond family, will they stay on board while all other passengers disembark and you're your transport will collect you directly from the aircraft. Your customs and documentation have already been sorted out.'

Jenny looked at her husband and said, "I had clean forgotten we needed a visa to enter America."

One of the aircraft Stewards came up, " Mr & Mrs Bond, Excuse me please, you may think me rude for asking but are you also a cyclist like Champion Gaby Bond is?"

Jenny laughed, "I do cycle just a little, I should be racing in America shortly but my child Gaby has been taken ill while on an exchange visit in America. So we have to go to the hospital to be with her."

"Sorry Madame I did not realise you also raced, could I please have your autograph and then I can tell my friends I have been Stewardess to the famous Gaby Bonds parents. I also cycle when I have time and I have tried to get to the races in America that she has been taking part in. It shocked the Yanks when her cheerleading team appeared at the races. It further shocked the Americans when a slip of a lass like her could outpace and beat their best racers. You know she took the all American Junior and open titles easy.

Jenny signed the Autograph book, Jenny Bond ladies international champion and mother of Gaby Bond British, European & American champion. Thank you so much I do not normally make a habit of this. I hope she gets better soon. By any chance if Gaby is fit will she be entering the Tri peaks cycle race back in England? That is the next one I can get to and have entered myself. So I may see you there.

Dave Bond, "Providing Gaby recovers ok and there are no problems, then both Gaby and her mother should be taking part in the race. No doubt some of here cheerleaders will also be there."

In the white house George Bush was awoken from his sleep by an aide. "Sir we have an important call from London. Tony the British Prime Minister is on the line."

"Hi Tony what is so important that you had to notify me personally?"

"Well George one of our most promising young athletes has been taken very ill while on an exchange visit in America, and she has been admitted to hospital in the Grottoes. I have dispatched a specialist medical team to attend to her via the RAF. I thought I better warn you knowing how gung ho you are. They should be appearing on your radar screens anytime now as they have vanished off ours some time ago. You have no need to do anything other than insure the safety of the flight."

For a while it did not sink in with George and then he realised and spoke to Flight information. "No sir we have the number and flight details but nothing has appeared on our screens so far. Sir it still is not on our screens but I know where the flight is or was a second ago. They have just flown directly over head. Bloody hell you could even read that it said RAF 1 on the side of the plane. They must have been travelling at supersonic speeds to get here so quickly."

George, "Ensure that plane has total clearance to the Grottoes and then I want to know why you had not managed to spot the flight before it was on top of you. If that had been an enemy rocket it would have destroyed the Capital before you even spotted it Also scramble a flight to ensure RAF1 gets an escort to the nearest airport to the hospital? Now where the hell is the Grottoes? Ah in that case the presidential Helicopter will do.”

As Alexis landed the flight directly outside the hospital this in its self caused quite a bit of consternation as she landed it on the helicopter pad. The pilots of the two American Jets sent to escort RAF1 reported in it had already landed, and they where instructed to land likewise.

Alexis, “Helen you two go I can deal with these two cowboys. Hi boys come to have a look at my little toy? This is the high speed version of RAF1. The slower more comfortable version should be making its way here in case it is needed for emergency evacuation of the patient. What is needed is fuel for this craft before I can go much further with it. Sorry boys I can not stop to chat as I have to go. I am also part of the medical team and my assistance is required immediately. I would appreciate if you could arrange for this to be refuelled and for somebody to stand guard whilst I am on duty in the hospital."

One of the pilots went back to his plane and ordered up the fuel for all three of them. “That should do it the local army base is sending the fuel and guards to protect the planes while we are on the ground. I wonder how she avoided the radar.” Both pilots examined the aircraft. “It looks like it has been stripped out of virtually everything we normally have. One of the pilots picked up the headphones and got “Flight leader we should be arriving in about an hour we made better time than expected.”

"Sorry this is Captain Levy of the American Army Air force we are looking after your colleague's craft. Can we help you in any way?"

“Greetings Captain Levy, as you may have surmised I am flying the big sister to the plane you are currently guarding. This is also called RAF1. They should be the Prime ministers new toys but we got first call on them. Unfortunatly I can not put this down at the hospital so it will have to be the airport for me, see you later once we have all put down.”

"Sir the British must have not entirely trusted you as they sent fighter escorts with the second flight. Either that or there is somebody very special on board the Aircraft."

Meanwhile the larger version of RAFI was landing along with its escort. The Bonds where just crossing to the awaiting helicopter. “Wow it was only in the news the other day that Tony wanted his version of Air force one. Wonder what that is doing here? I suppose we will eventually find out what is going on.” The small helicopter took off and soon had the three parents at the hospital.

Jules cried with relief when she saw her parents. "I could do nothing mum, Gaby seamed to go in a trance and then collapsed." Doctor Fullolove arrives some time ago with the help of the RAF. She must have pulled a few strings as she arrived in RAF1 as it is parked outside. She has been giving Drew a thorough examination and is waiting to speak to all of us. Maddy eventually came and has been keeping me company all the time. We have been taking it in turns to look after Gaby

Dave looked at his elder daughter, "Jool's You look shattered."

"Maddy & I have been taking it in turns to speak to Drew but nothing seams to be getting through. He appears to have shut down completely. Daddy I am so worried about him."

By now Helen had finished her inspection of Drew. The American doctor spoke, "He is one of them poor sods who is neither one nor the other. The way he looks I would have recommended he was made totally female some time ago?”

Helen, "There may be no need for surgery only a massive injection of female hormones and that should do the trick. I have seen lots of similar cases recently and nearly all of them had an immature vagina & ovaries. Look I will show you. See the opening is hardly there at all. I usually use my fingers for this as it appears as if it has been super glued together." A short time later a considerable amount of gung came flooding out.

“The injection of hormones will finish the job off and she will find she is the girl she always should have been. Now to see the parents.”

Helen, "Mr & Mrs Bond I am Lady Helen Fullolove and the consultant in charge of your child. I have examined your child and it appears during the examination she had what appeared to be a massive period. My American Colleague can confirm this. This accounts for why Drew was developing like a girl. I would recommend Hormone treatment and complete rest for the child. I also want the child transported to my own clinic for further tests. So she and all her friends will be travelling in Tony's latest toy back to Britain.

Dave Bond, "That can not be I bathed Drew as a child and know what he had then.”

“Mr Bond my colleagues previously told you Drew was Intersex and they recommended you wait and see. Well Mother Nature has decided Drew's fate and, it is to be female. Now her feminine side has kicked in the body will naturally remove those ambiguity areas.

Jules started to laugh and then said, “I always wanted a sister and for some time have had a part time one but, how are we going to explain the disappearance of Drew, and the permanent appearance of Gaby?”

Dave thought for a minute and then said, "Doctor Will Gaby still be able to cycle as she can now? If she can not she is going to get very depressed."

"Mr Bond I certainly hope so or the junior supporters club back home will be very disappointed with me if she cannot. You might though have to arrange the transfer all Drew's winnings to Gaby, and somehow Gaby is going to have to go for lessons about being female.” Maddy who had been listening too all this had her eyes appeared to be bulging out of her head at this news.

Helen, "Oh you must be the other half called Maddy. Drew is going to need you for a long time to come. I have all the details of the both of you and I have a request to make from your mother as officially you are under age. Drew actually needs a blood transfusion now. As to how much will be needed I am unsure, How ever I hopefully will have sufficient blood with what I have currently at my disposal."

Maddy, “If you need to have some of mine you can have it."

Carol, "Same with any of us if we are close enough match."

Helen did a quick test on Maddy, “You are a perfect match Maddy, now may Drew have some of your blood?” Maddy lay down and Helen took some from her. “This should do until the second flight gets here with the other blood donors. I prefer to use blood from sources known to me so there is no risk of contamination.

As they where talking Rhod came in still dressed as Mfwany. "Hi Mr Bond I came to see how Gaby is? Opps sorry I better go I can see you are all very busy. As he turned round to go he walked into Alexis and Alison, He looked at them both and turned white and said, "Oh my God Grandma Morgan was correct after all."

With that Rhod collapsed. Rhod eventually came round laid on a bed with Alison sat watching over him. "Please I will not tell anybody who you are. Gran told me you came to collect your own. Now you are here for Gaby. Gaby is my friend and one of the few who realises what hell I have been going through recently. Now you have come to collect Gaby and everyone will be sad once she is taken."

Alison, " Mfwany none of us have any intention of harming Gaby at all. She will be receiving a blood transfusion from Maddy and several others but the she should be ok. Now tell me about your mum and Gran."

“My mum is called Silve Morgan and Gran is what the local people call a wise woman or some call a white witch. She specialises in herbal treatments and the laying on of hands back in Wales. "

Alison brought out a small pocket computer and pointed it at Mfwany. "Ah I have found them both now. Your mother is a novice like you but your grand mother is Grand Mistress of Wales. That is some position to hold for a mere wise woman. Now are you still going to call your grandmother as she taught you to do?”

Rhod turned anticlockwise three times. “I Mfwany daughter of Silve and grand daughter of the grand mistress of Wales, Summoned all of our kind to help my friend Gaby."

"Very good they should all have heard that by now and be on their way as we speak. Even the greatest will respond to that message."

Back at the Whitehouse President Bush was just getting into the awaiting Helicopter. "Sir one plane has already landed and a second should be there within an hour or so. Sir I have some other news apparently there is another third inbound flight on the same path as the other two. But the flight is of unknown origin. Sir we have a visual fix on the flight. Oh my, oh my that just is not possible.”

George looked, "It is possible and once again she shows herself. Just monitor them as they must have also been summonsed and if that is the case then the person in the hospital must be very important for them to leave their Welsh lairs. You sir have just seen a blank screen and in no circumstances are they to be attacked. They may be escorted over our airspace but that is all. I tried to find her once and was told she would find me if she wished it".

Alexis came into the room, "It is your turn now Alison."

Alison departed and Alexis looked at the terrified child. "Still scared of us both although you summoned the Welsh flights. I dare say your grandmother will be pleased to see you."

Rhod tries to curtsy, "I am correct you are the one or I should say ones, Please Golden one you can have me instead of Gaby. I have not been as kind to her this holiday as I should."

Alexis, "Relax Mfwany we intend no harm to Gaby, only to make her better. That was quite an offer you made to me. Your grandmother is wondering why you summoned the Welsh matrons though. She though is coming as requested. You did well now let's see if you can pass a test for me. Do what you did for Alison but this time say Sisters and Cousins of the Golden one, I Em the daughter of Silve and the Grand daughter of the Grand Welsh Mistress request your presence now.

Rhod looked round and saw some young girls and said, “That was quick I only just did as I was instructed by the Empress."

Cleo looked at Rhod, “Can you kiss all of us and do you promise to be friends with us all for ever? We are the Junior Gaby supporters Team."

Rhod smiled, “Ok but I will need to know each of your names."

Cleo, "Well I am Cleo and the youngest, you need to say I EM take you Cleo to be my companion for all eternity. Then you have to do the same with the rest of us so we all know you mean it."

Rhod had just got to Astrid when the matrons arrive, but Rhod continued and said, I Rhod take you Astrid and all your sisters to be my companions for all eternity. Rhod then proceeded to kiss them all.

The grandmother, "Have you learned nothing from me Mfwany If I had not seen you doing that I would not have believed it. I think you have been tricked Mfwany. Empress I apologise for my grandchild. He meant you no harm. He only is concerned about his friend.”

“Relax Grand Welsh mistress you are here because my sister and I instructed Rhod to call you. Your grandchild offered himself when he thought his friend was in danger due to your teachings of me. Grand mistress you heard the vow taken and the words said and I had nothing to do with the last words spoken."

The grandmother, "No Empress the task is still half done. I also heard the second command and that could have only come from you as no grand child of mine would have the audacity to call those. Even I have difficulty where your family are concerned. I do know though Rhod will have to kiss everyone of them before finally kissing you. Rhod the children you kissed are all Alexis but they are also her sisters and so when you made your last vow you also tied yourself to all of Alexis older sisters. You are exalted above all the Morgan's for you now rank as a golden companion of the Empress. You would have laid down your life for a friend. You proved to us all you are worthy of that exalted position.

Rhod could here voices in his head speaking to him. Rhod go round and kiss them all. Rhod followed the instructions in his head and then the next message said, "You have missed one."

Rhod looked around and saw Ally sat on a bench. "Ally, Ally.

“Thank goodness you are here I have been having the strangest of dreams.”

Rhod, “Ally I have something to tell you and it may affect our friendship. When we return home I am going to see a doctor about being Mfwany fulltime."

"Ally kissed Rhod, whilst on this trip we have all realised it soon would be the last we saw of Rhod. Like we all realise Drew can not pretend to be a boy much longer. Nature is showing us all that Drew is a girl. Had Drew been a real boy he would have objected stronger about dressing in girls clothing. As your friend, Yes I am still your friend be you male or female and have no intention of ditching you , But I would recommend you get your mother to take you to be measured correctly as your bras all appear to be a little tight to me. Now come and we will go and see Drew together.”

As they entered them realised Drew was sat up speaking to somebody. Drew spoke, “Ally & Rhod I was told you two where coming to see me. I have something to ask you two. How would you feel if Gaby was a regular fixture at school and home and Drew just put in an occasional visit?”

Rhod, "I was going to ask you a similar question. I have been very happy these last weeks and did not want to change back to go home, But the teachers informed me I had change back to go home."

Ally, “Drew I know Maddy loves you regardless of how you are dressed. Just as I love Rhod. You are no true friend if you can not stick by your friends in times of trouble."

Dave Bond entered, “Well have you told them what is happening to you Drew?"

“Dad I have not given them the full details. But I suppose I better. You both know at home I kept passing out well I saw a doctor who referred me to a consultant. They found I had a very low testosterone level and I was Anaemic. I was put on iron tablets for the Anaemia. I refused the testosterone because it is banned in sports and I wanted to continue cycle ling. Before I came over here I was referred to a consultant and should have been seeing her when I returned home. While in America my breasts grew rather rapidly and I could not hide them from anybody. Mrs Walters decided to take me to be measured and I got several new Bras. Unfortunatly for me it also pushed me over the edge and I had a nervous breakdown. That is the main reason I am here.”

“While in hospital here I was subject to a body scan and a total examination. The Doctor had a talk with my family about me. I will have had to have blood transfusions and for some time to come I will need to go and see the doctor. It has become obvious to all concerned I am going to have no choice but to be Gaby in future. My major concern was the titles I had won as Drew. Mum has double checked with the cycling federation and everything will be credited to Gaby. It also means that one day I may hold mums title, but one title will elude me now."

Rhod goes and gives Drew a cuddle. "I would change places with you if I could, with me it started as a trick to deceive my father. I though have come to realise I like being Mfwany and all that it entails. This trip has been a blessing for me and allowed me to find my real self. I could do with visiting your doctor and telling her I want to be a girl permanently. Mum already knows my thoughts. I will need the support of my friends once I start my official change.

Ally, "It is time somebody told you both some home truths. Why do you think all your girlfriends conspire to get you dressed in nice clothing? We are fed up of you both pretending to be boys. Drew, breasts do grow some larger than others that is one of the things that makes us all female. Both Maddy and I still love you both, and while we may not be able to get married in the conventional sense we will say our vows with you and be your companions. All the girls at school already think you two are girls pretending to be boys and will be relieved when you both show up as girls at the start of the new term. Drew even the school bully realises you are not a normal boy and so leaves you alone. Can you imagine what your life would have been like if he genuinely thought you where a boy. In fact he has a soft spot for you as I heard him tell some new boys to leave you alone or they would have him to deal with.

Drew burst into tears.

See Drew you have just burst into tears. “That is certainly a girl trait. A boy would have huffed and puffed and told me not to be so stupid. As for your cycling we all think you are fantastic and you have quite a following both at home and in America. Just imagine how all those big strong boys felt when they all got beat by a slip of a lass. Over here you out performed most of their national cyclists male or female and you did not have the back up of a company like your mum.”

Drew started to grin and said, “When I get home I am going to form my own team and we will practise together. Perhaps if we are very good we might attract some sponsorship. Then we might do very well.”

Rhod started to laugh and said, "You already have a team if you can persuade your mum to knock us into shape.”

The Doctor who was still in the same room said, “Are you allowed sponsors Maddy? If you are I might know somebody who would provide some of your sponsorship. I can sort that out once we return to England. Perhaps you could bring your parents to my home to discuss the possibility."

Drew, “Biggs have already promised the bikes providing we agree to racing pink as our team colour. We are not allowed payments, but sponsors can provide accommodation and transport costs. I was going to call the manufacturers of the skins I advertised while in Germany with mum. I wondered if they would provide the sportswear. Doctor this is my friend Rhod who has a similar problem to me perhaps you could look at him while he is here.”

"Please doctor I would have been asking mom to take me to see you"

Helen, "I suppose I could check you over now, but I will need to see you and your mother once you get home."

Ally, "If you need somebody in the room will I do or do you want Drew's mother?

Doctor, “If the others leave the room I do not mind. Ally & Gaby along with Jenny being in the room.” With that the room cleared.

Rhod took his top of and then undid the bra.

"Wow Rhod I thought you where using silicone but they look real to me."

"I was using the silicone ones but one day I woke up and found these instead. So I stopped using the silicone ones."

Helen, "I agree you can no longer go to school as Rhod that is out of the question. So you can have that appointment with me once you get back home and your mother is present. I also think you could do with being measured as those bras look a little tight to me.”

Rhod smiled, "Will you give me a note to say I am undergoing therapy doctor? Also I have just had a thought, Can the use of silicone enhancers cause real breast to grow? If they do then I know somebody else who will not be disappointed and she is older than me."

As they where talking Sandy arrived with her mother. “We heard Gaby was taken ill and decided to check to see how she is. I can see you have a lot of visitors Gaby and so we will not stop."

Gaby, “Actually the doctor does want to see Sandy as Mfwany has picked up the same disorder as me although it is very mild. She has been given something to help her and perhaps Sandy might have come into contact with the same disorder so the doctor needs to check out all potential patients.”

Sandy, "I am healthy doctor; I can assure you on that."

Helen, "In that case you will not mind stripping for me with your mother present in the adjoining room."

Sandy, "I will doctor but you might get a surprise."

The mother, "Sandy are you sure?"

With that the three of them went into the next room. The doctor took Sandy's blood pressure and then took a blood sample. "Now young lady clothes off."

It was Sandy's mother who got a shock as the doctor examined Sandy's breasts. "No problem there, now to the part all we ladies hate."

"Doctor I have a problem below."

"Yes Sandy I can see you are in the midst of having your period."

The mother, "That is not possible Sandy was born a boy and had a penis. Her father became very upset when she wanted to dress and live like a girl."

Helen, "Well you can see Sandy is obviously female. What I suspect is, Sandy was born as intersex that is having apparent organs of both sexes. Once she reached puberty her female hormones kicked in. Having a period proves that she is fertile and can have your grand children."

"Sandy can you ever forgive me. It was Mfwany who made me realise I should have been supporting you. Of course after seeing what you now have there is no wonder Mfwany was calling you big sister. "

Helen, "I take it your husband has not been too enamoured at the thought of his son dressing as a girl. When in actual fact she was his daughter all along." Perhaps it might be better if I explain to your husband what has happened, but it will have to be soon as I will have to return to England soon."

"Doctor if it is ok with you I will call him now and ask him to come here." Sandy got dressed and went back to Drew and Mfwany.

Sandy was beaming all over her face as she said, "Apparently little sister I have been contaminated and I could not be happier. Mum nearly passed out when she realised I was having a period and the Doctor told her I was a healthy girl. She is telephoning dad up right now. I would love to see his face when the doctor tells him I have been his daughter all along.”

Sandy's father was at work and still smarting from the dual telling off. However he came to the hospital and asked for Doctor Helen Fullolove. Helen held her hand out. "I asked your wife to call you as something has come to light concerning Sandy. Sandy came in earlier with your wife and I gave Sandy a full medical. From your wife I understand you both thought Sandy was a boy."

"Yes Sandy is a boy who wishes to be a girl and I suppose once he is 18 he will have a sex change although I object."

“Ah well this next bit of information may come as a bigger shock to you. Sandy is very fit and health and should be able to provide you with plenty of grand children as she had her period while I examined her.

"But, but, but that is not possible Sandy is a boy."

"No Sandy is your daughter and always has been. It is most likely when she was born that she was wrongly diagnosed as male. I have seen many similar cases as I specialise in that branch of medicine. Sandy is one of the lucky ones she will never have to under go the trauma of surgery. She is also lucky that she had parents that would have paid for her surgery once she was of age. As I said previously, I see lots of children not all of them can afford treatment. So a charity was set up and is supported by many famous figures."

"Lassie say no more it is apparent I have considerable amount of bridges to build. You though have given me an idea how to start building bridges. My belief I was right has got me into trouble at work and I have been ordered to think of a way to work with Transsexuals or Transvestites or what ever they are called. Your charity I suppose it will have support groups for members to meet and get advice. Before I say any more I need a word with Sandy and my wife.

Helen took Sandy's father to the room where Sandy and her mother were talking to Gaby and the others. He looked at Sandy and then spoke, “Sandy I am not having any daughter of mine living in the annex. You will return to the main house immediately and further more no daughter of mine is going to wear the tatty clothing you currently are. After we leave here we are all going shopping as it is apparent to me you need a new wardrobe. Then we need to discuss what to do with the annex. I thought that perhaps if you and your mum agree we could start a support group for intersex children. The doctor has been telling me about a children's charity and I feel if we have a support group we can raise funds for the charity and help children who are in that same confused state you where.

To me everything was black or white, male of female. From what the doctor tells me there are some who are actually both and it causes considerable problems for their families. I propose we help this group. I could even talk about what it was like from my point of view and how blinkered I became until we had a visitor from England who has been gradually opening my eyes. Mfwany I apologise if I appear to have been rude to you or Sandy while you have been here. I wondered if you and those friends who came to the sleep over would like to come back here at my expense and stop with us for a couple of weeks? I have not been the host I should have been and I apologise. Now will you all excuse me while I build bridges with my firm? I will be back in a short while.

Sandy looked at her mother, "Mum what do you make of that?"

"To be honest I do not know what to think it is the first time he had acknowledged you are a girl. He is correct your clothing looks a mess but we can soon rectify that although your father's bank balance will take a knock as he learns it is expensive to have a daughter especially when you are an executive in a major company like he is.”

Helen, "He is talking with his company about setting up a local branch of Mermaids and raising funds for the charity.

Sandy, "Once daddy gets the bit between his teeth he goes ahead with a project."

A short time later he came back with a grin on his face. "Sandy my boss wants to talk to you about my project."

Sandy picked the telephone up and spoke with the boss. "Yes that is true and it is only recently he discovered I am a genetic girl as for years everyone thought I was a boy. Yes I want to go to University to study Psychology. Yes I would do that and daddy has promised the annex can be used for meetings."

"Daddy They have offered to pay all my fees through college and also will pay me a wage as chief fund raiser and secretary for the charity in America."

"Yes Sandy I have been a fool and will go on record tonight as Doctor Fullolove here goes on all channels with an appeal for Mermaids."

Gaby, “In that case I will also be there if you can do it then so can I. My parents knew I was different and was advised to wait and see. As you can clearly see I am female.”

Jenny, "Gaby has been lucky that her friends have accepted her in either mode. My husband has had quite a hard time coming to terms with our son is actually our younger daughter."

Sandy, "See daddy you are not the only one with concerns."

Dave Bond, “It is true I had concerns and I did not realise the school knew all about Drew-Gaby and like you I have some bridges to build or repair.” Later that night the group found themselves in a television studio.

Helen, "I am here to make an appeal for children suffering from intersex conditions." Helen went on to talk about the condition and how mainly it was girls who where mistaken for boys. Normally I would not ask patients to talk on television but these young people have volunteered to talk if it will help other children who have similar problems. The first is Sandy and she is the daughter of a major American industrialist. She is here with her father whom I am informed you all know.”

Sandy's father, “Those that know me know I call a spade a spade, well I was not enamoured when I thought my son was becoming a fairy. A young English visitor made me open my eyes. To discover I actually had a daughter all along was quite a shock. I am here to tell all those other fathers who are in the same boat to get the child to a doctor and get the child checked out. Because of how Sandy was we have decided to start a self help group for affected children and their families. Now the second youngster here today who admits to the same problem is the Daughter of International ladies cycling Champion Jenny Bond and Gaby is American open, British & Commonwealth and European champion.

Drew came on next, "For the first 13 years of my life I appeared to be a boy, and I was brought up as such, but then my hormones kicked in and my breasts developed. To say I was confused is an understatement. My friends all thought I was a girl trying to be a boy and that annoyed them, and they where for ever trying to get me in dresses. My father saw my condition as loosing a son rather than getting a second daughter. All the same he still loved an supported me through out it all Of course I am disappointed I can never race for the men's title, But my mom better watch out as I will be after her title one day. All the races I have done so far have been as a junior although while in America I entered an open race and managed to beat some of the best in the world. I had to think long and hard about admitting to being intersex, but after thinking about it I decided to come out with my condition if it will help others in a similar position.”

Before the appeal had finished the telephone at the studio was red hot. Donations came flooding in and also there was calls from parents who where in similar situations. Dave and Jenny both came on and the interviewer asked if this revelation will affect Gaby's sporting career.

Jenny, "The relevant authorities have known all along about Gaby so there has never been any secret there. Both Gaby and Sandy have been lucky they did not need any surgery. Their bodies just changed naturally as they do during puberty. Some children need minor surgery to make them complete. Both girls have been very confused as to whom they are and Gaby had a nervous breakdown as a result of her confusion. So we know a little about what can happen even if you have a very supportive family."

My husband and I both knew Drew was intersex but he looked like a boy and so was treated as one. I realised long before my husband that we where going to have a second daughter. To Dave it was a big shock to find his son was actually his younger daughter. For many parents this news would push them over the edge. Dave is very close to both our children and has supported them whatever they have decided to do. Likewise he allowed me time off to race.

What the newspapers have not reported is that while my daughters have been over here in America on an exchange visit in the Grottoes, I have been undergoing surgery and chemo therapy for my cancer. So if Helen does not mind I will also have a plug at raising funds to try and beat this disease we know as cancer. Recently along with my team mates and others from the cycling world we have organised a race for who ever wants to enter in aid of Cancer. All entry fees will go to Cancer relief. As most of you know Lance Armstrong has also had a brush with the big C and so hopefully he also will be riding. This is one race that even the most amateur can race along side the professionals.

Gaby spoke, “Well mum you had better watch out because team Gaby is going to win. This may be the last chance I get to ride against Lance and I intend to win.

Sandy's father, “I have only known you as Gaby and I admire your fighting spirit. It is not long since you collapsed and yet you are planning to win another race. I hope your cheerleaders will be there for you as I wish to see them in action.

Sandy, “Father there is no doubt about that. The cheerleaders both British and American will be there to cheer team Gaby on.

Mrs Walters was listening to the television and called her daughters to listen. Gaby said, “Britney if you are listening I need you to get the American girls ready for this competition. As for me I am fine now although I needed blood transfusions due to me being Anaemic.

A short while later a car drew up outside the Walterss residence. The Bonds and Peters got out. Dave spoke, "I thought we had better come and see you all personally and collect both Gaby and Julie's cases. Thank you for looking after my daughters. Mrs Walters I was upset when we got your telephone call. I had no idea until I spoke with Doctor Helen that Drew could ever have periods. We both knew Drew had to take iron tablets because of Anaemia but I never contemplated that Drew would have a very heavy period and collapse like he did. Drew when he saw the blood soaked sheets just went into shock. Sorry I am still thinking of Drew as my son when I should be thinking of her as my daughter. Had I been thinking clearly I should have realise some time ago when the doctors told me and Jenny there was no trace of testosterone in Drew. I thought it was just he was late in developing which he was but not in the way I expected.

Mr Walters, “My wife was going to sort out both my daughters for deceiving her. She was confused as she noticed when she took Gaby to the hospital that she had breasts but she also appeared to have a penis. Then she found the blood soaked bed and realised where the blood must have come from.

Gaby, "Thank you for having us I had intended getting you a present but with what happened I have not had the chance. Britney I will be back to ride in that charity race and I have the Ambassadors race next year. Once the cases are in the car we are going to have to depart. The remainder of the group is already at the airport and they are awaiting our arrival so we can all go home together. As there is a risk I could collapse again Doctor Helen is going to be on board with some of her medical team. Normally the hospital would not have allowed me to travel but as I appear to have a mobile medical centre to take me home I am allowed to travel.

Britney, "I thought you came by Virgin."

"We did but somebody high up has sent both versions of RAF one to America for me. The smaller one is a stripped out fighter plane that can get VIPS to their destinations fast like Concorde used to do. The other is a top of the range Airbus which is used to move large groups of Officials."

Mr Walters, “Gaby we already have the sheet as a reminder of your visit. I know for sure there are two who here are keen followers of yours. We all wish you a speedy recovery."

With that they left the Grottoes and headed for the airport. As they arrived the Presidential helicopter was putting down. The driver said, "I have instructions to take you directly to your awaiting transport."

Gaby and Jules boarded the awaiting aircraft. Jules said, "Have you all seen the helicopter which is just landing. It looks like it is the Presidents Helicopter he must be making a visit to this area."

Mfwany, "I always thought Drew walked round with blinkers. It must be in your genes. Of course he is arriving if only to be nosy and see what RAF 1 is doing down here."

Sure enough the President disembarked and walked over to the Jet but he stopped outside. Drew's father went and invited him on to the aircraft.

George Bush walked up to Gaby and bowed. "Now I understand why the British have sent this aircraft. I was puzzled when both of Tonys new toys where sent across here.

Helen, "The first brought me across at supersonic speed to ensure the safety of Gabriel Bond.”That aircraft has now returned to base."

George said, "I am sure we have met before somewhere. My aides tell me you are the world's premier Genetasist and are up for award congratulations. Gabriel Bond I do remember meeting you at the Ambassadors race. In fact I remember giving you the winner's cup and medal. One of the aids whispered something to George. "You what! They just vanished!

"Sorry sir there is no trace anywhere they have totally vanished."

Helen said, "Problems George?

George thought, "I think you Lady Helen or Lord Middleham have played a joke on me after I searched your home looking for the Dragon Queen. I presume this aircraft has laser capability and can put many ghost craft in the sky if you so desire."

Actually President Bush I have no knowledge of that but I gather the technology to do that exists so I presume it is possible.

George looked around the aircraft. "I presume you are Gabriel's father and this must be the Champion mother Jenny. There can be no doubt as to where Gabriel gets her riding skills from. I am already looking forward to our next meeting. Princess Katrina I presume you are here because your team-mate from team GB was ill.

Actually uncle thought I would be safer going home with Gaby and her team. So here I am with my friends.

There is no wonder Tony sent this aircraft as it has many members of the British & German Royal families on board.

"Sir they have just appeared again and we appear to be surrounded."

Some of the children looked outside and saw what appeared to be thousands of dragons.

George, “Sorry I must leave you now."

George got back to the helicopter and the crew said, "Sir they all just appeared and they are not mirages as they all show signs of life." Just before RAF 1 took off a message came through for George. "Hi George you did not spot me among the girls how did you like my flight they will be gone in a second once I switch this gadget off."

Mfwany looked out of the Aircraft and said, "The dragon flight is following us." With that several of the others looked out and said, "Yes we can see them also they are being led by a big Yellow one.

One of the girls returning to England said, "We had better not mention seeing those or our parents will think we have been high on something."

Onboard the flight home.

Li Ming looked out of the window, “In China that Red one is a good fortune dragon. To see one is good luck to see many lead by a Red one is very good luck. In China they say the Red Queen is Sister to the all powerful Golden Queen. My parents would be very cross with me if I ever denied seeing the Red Queen.

Astrid looked at Li Ming and said, "If that is a good fortune then why do you look sad?"

"I am honour bound to tell my parents what I saw and then they will take me far away from my friends. To my parents it means the Red queen will come and claim me. This will bring good fortune to my family and friends. For me my future is uncertain."

Mfwany spoke, "Li Ming in Wales we also have the little red Dragon it is also supposed to bring good luck if you see them, and to be chosen as a dragon maid is the highest honour to be bestowed on anybody. Neither of us though is old enough to be chosen for that task. To me this looks like a guard of honour."

"Well I suppose you could be correct Mfwany as we do have Royalty on board. I will look again and see if I see anything different."

"Greetings Li Ming. General Lee Ming Tong sends his greetings and says to tell you that you that you have to apply for a place on the Gaby Bond cycle team. You may also tell Mfwany of this message and your parents but nobody else. Mfwany was correct we are a guard of honour for our queen's children. You both have been chosen to accompany them on their travels."

Li Ming, "Gaby is it true you want to form a cycle team? "If it is then Mfwany and I both want to be in it."

Gaby laughed, "In that case with Kattrina that makes four of us as team-mates."

Back in Nottinghamshire Li Ming's parents where busy getting prepared for their daughters arrival back home. They were disturbed from their work by a knock at their door. A smartly dressed young woman stood their on there doorstep. "Hello I am looking for the parents of Li Ming?"

The husband and wife looked at each other, "Has something happened to her? Is she OK?

"Relax Li Ming is perfectly safe as you can see for your self. I thought I had better come and see you in case you did not believe what she has to tell you. I see you have many dragon ornaments around the house do you know what they all mean?

The Reds and Oranges and Yellows are fire dragons. The Brown are Earth dragons and the Blue and Green are Air and Water dragons. They are all revered by the Chinese people.

"I am glad you both know about them as it makes my task easier. I have this for each of you." and passes them a golden coin each.

"Please switch on your television and watch with me." They watched a program and then the guest said, "Tell me honestly what you saw."

Well not all the children had a halo but many had including our Mi Ling and the girl at the side of her had. All the tiny ones did though. The aircraft is surrounded by a flight as if it is there for protection. Our Li Ming spoke to one of the dragons and she received instruction from the dragon." The wife looks closely at the coin they each have been handed. "Oh my, Oh My, Dear look at the coin.

The husband looked and then said, "Greetings exalted one. We never envisaged a visit from you."

"As you can see your daughter has many dragon friends although some do not know it themselves. Very soon some of the group will be moving away so that they can be nearer to the national cycle centre. My sister has decided it would be better if your family moved at the same time. It is her token I gave you. She has an interest in seeing the team does well. I am given to understand you are very good at catering. If that is the case then your services will be required on race days."

"Please come with us we are going to meet the children at the airport. Husband May I have your token? When thy got outside the wife spun round nine times and then tossed the golden coins into the air. Empress of all take care of these for me. It appears the prophecy is correct after all that you would call for me. The high priest refused to take me as a child although I had been trained in the mysteries. Since that day I met my husband and had a child Li Ming. I have taught Li Ming all I was taught. My partner and I both accept you conditions."

Back on the Aircraft Li Ming was thinking. "Rhod do you have dragon blood in you?

"Please call me Mfwany in future Rhod is gone never to return. No as far as I know but Grandma has taught me all about the Welsh dragons and how to greet them. It was strange though you asked that because I had a dream that many talked to me when Gaby was taken ill and they told me they would always be there for me. You see those little ones making a right fuss over Gaby well they also came to me in my dream. Well grandma watched as we promised to be friends and companions to each other for all eternity. Shortly after that I woke up to find I was laid on a bed and the Doctor Helen was in the room with me. Grandma in the dream was called the Grand Welsh Mistress. That is all I can tell you.

Li Ming kissed Mfwany and said, “I Li Ming the representative of China takes you Mfwany as an eternal companion by dragon law."

A second or two later a group of young girls came across and said. "We saw you kiss Mfwany so now you have to kiss us all. After they did that they went back to Gaby giggling."

Mfwany said, "Grandma is talking to me and telling me your parents are waiting for you with the Golden one as you have already sealed your promise with her."

"You can talk over distances to your grandmother Mfwany?"

"I always could but recently I have found it easier to do. She talks to me often. I have been giving her a full account of what was happening in America. Grandma informs me that we are all moving to a new home but we have not to let on to Gaby or the others yet as Gaby has to go for further treatment."

"Mfwany those children we both kissed look across at them and then at Lady Helen. Do you see what I see?"

"Lady Helen has a halo like the dragons all did. All the small children we kissed also have the same Golden Halo."

"No wonder your grand mother said I had already sealed my promise with the Golden one. I am going to call those two tiny ones over and ask them."

Li Ming signalled with her fingers to Astrid & Cleo. They came running across. One scrambled on to the knees of Li and the other on to Mfawny's lap.

Astrid said, "Cleo & the kittens can look after you two and Ally I have to get back to Gaby she needs me the most at the moment. Cleo or the kittens will answer all your questions." With that Astrid went back to Gaby.

Cleo, "Ah my sisters are here now for the other two of you. Our cousin Gaby has been very ill and it needs all the power that can be mustered to make her better again."

Rhod, "Is Drew like me and turned into a girl? Not that I am objecting I much prefer it as I am and I was depressed at the thought of having to be a boy again."

Unlike you three Drew and his family will not remember this trip home it will be a total blank. He will get an invite to come to Hidden Corner and while there see an eminent doctor. At the same time you three, Kattrina and some other friends of Drew's will all are moving home. You three will know it all. You will have to act surprised when Jenny & Carol find my mum and us in Africa. We have the ability to slip into different time's zones and so we are here before we should be. Astrid called us for extra support not that she needs it. We should be having our nap around now. Do you mind if we sleep on you?

Ally, "No we do not mind looking after three kittens."

On those words the three changed into kittens. They promptly curled up and fell asleep. Each girl continued to stroke them. Helen came across, "Ally your friends are also fast asleep now. Do you want me to take these three back to their own seats?

Ally replied, "No they are safe with us as they know perfectly well. They would not have gone to sleep here if they did not feel safe and we did promise we would look after them. These two here think they may have dragon blood but I certainly do not have."

Helen, "No Ally I noticed you kept quiet about yourself. Are you scared to admit what you might be or could be?"

"Lady Helen I know full well what I am and who I am descended from. Just because I am supposedly descended from one does not mean I could wave my arm and make Gaby better, if I could have done so do you not think I would have done that long ago? As it is I am powerless to help my friend Gaby. All I can do for now is give my friends the support and help they deserve."

Helen shook her head, "Ally you have quite a little Lioness in your arms, are you not scared of her & what she represents?

"At first I thought she was a little dragon like Astrid and then I realised I was wrong. The children's mother must be one of the legendary cat people. I was taught about them but these are the first I have come across. I am puzzled though as they also show the same halo as Astrid as if they share a common parent."

Helen said, "They do Astrol and her sister Astral are my children while Astrid is my sister's child. The girls are cousins and sisters and the same is true of Cleo and the girls."

"No wonder I was confused their father must be a very powerful dragon lord indeed and they are the reason for the protective flight. It is to protect a Royal brood. Yet they are looking after Gaby like nurses."

Cleo woke up, "They are tending because we are not supposed to be here. Yet we had to come. Aunt Jenny and the others will never remember seeing us. Our father is not here because he and some of his sisters provided the blood needed by Gaby and so are resting. Giving her normal O blood could have caused more problems than it cured. Now Princess of Fay tell me and Helen about your self."

Ally said, "Well I was born on the Isle of Man. My parents moved to South Yorkshire when I was very young. Grandma told me of my Fay heritage but I did not totally believe her. She also told me of dragons and the Cat people. Grand mother smiled when she saw Rhod for the first time and said, "Ally you have the perfect friend there stick close to him. She was very understanding when I told her that Rhod wanted to become Mfwany permanently. When I am twenty-one I have to return to the Island for a special party.

"Ally can you take me to the toilet. First though I need to be a little girl again and so need your help. Put your hand on me and say Cleo be my little sister again."

Ally did as instructed and then went off with Cleo to find the toilet. While there Cleo said, "I normally need mum to change me back to normal but you managed that for me, so it means you already have the ability you just need to learn how to channel it. You would be better moving to the same town as Astrid and then you could have the correct training. Look in the mirror Ally and tell me what you see."

"Cleo you have a golden halo and I appear to have a silver one. I have never noticed that before."

"That Silver halo denotes you as a high ranking Fay princess regardless of how much generation have gone by since that position was claimed. All the Fay will bow or curtsy to you when they see your halo. Perhaps I should take you back to mother and you can meet her.” With that Cleo drew an arch with her finger and took hold of Ally

“Guard please mother that we have a Royal visitor."

Cleo was giggling, "That will put them all into a panic as they do not realise we have discovered how to contact our cousins and play with them. I am going to change back to a kitten and then you can change me back in front of mother.”

A rather flustered queen entered the room and Ally curtsied. "I was told Cleo was with you."

"She is but she changed back to a kitten again as she wants me to show you I can change her back to normal."

"Mum Ally is a Fay princess and my friend. We have been playing together with her dragon friends. My sisters are still with them and it is nice to have dragon friends.

"Ally I am not sure how they found you but you are very welcome here anytime."

Well I am not sure how Cleo did it but she went like this and a doorway appeared and we just walked through from the Aeroplane we where all on. Oh I appear to have done it as well."

"In that case I better go and collect the other two. And see what they found so interesting."

They walked around the plane to find virtually everybody was asleep. Gaby was awake and said, "Hi Cleo is Ally looking after you."

"Mum this is my friend Gaby who has been very ill but she is getting better."

Gaby rubbed her eyes and said, "Sorry I thought you were my Mum Jenny for a moment as you could be her double. She though is asleep over there with what looks like a very tired Astrid on her knee. I fell the fittest I have done for a long time."

Cleo, "With all that blood they put into you I am not surprised. I would want to be tearing around the room. This is my mum."

Cleo's mother looked at the sleeping form of Jenny and said, "So you are one of Jenny the Bonds daughters are you?

"Well Jules my sister is for sure. I am not sure what I am. For 13 years I have been called Drew short for Andrew and, I believed I was a boy, and then strange things started to happen to me. Now I am told the boy part has gone and I will be a girl for ever. The trouble is I liked it when Maddy and the others dressed me up as a girl but I do not know how I will cope full time.”

Cleo's mother asked Gaby many questions which she tried to answer. Cleo scrambled on to Gaby's knee and said, “I will keep calling in to see you. Unfortunatly all three of us have to go home with mum now but we will be allowed to come again now mum has met you.

Gaby, "I can not keep calling you Cleo's mum, "May I call you aunt as you look like my mum? Is what Cleo said true are you the Lion Queen?

"I think calling me Aunt will be acceptable. Looking at your mother I would say there is a good probability that I am your Aunt. As for the other question that is one of my titles. Now I understand you have your own titles Cleo tells me you are a champion cyclist."

"I have taken the British, Commonwealth and European Junior titles. While in America on an exchange visit I also took several other titles including beating the Men's world champion Lance Armstrong. Mum is the Ladies international Champion so I come from good stock. I do not understand but sleeping Astrid there has told me that I have had to have quite a lot of dragon blood pumped into me."

"You may not understand but I do. Did you appear to be a boy and then you became a girl?"

"Yes but how did you know. Have you seen it before?

"Yes I know of it Gaby. Usually the dragons normally have females and they appear to be normal females. They may even marry mortal men. Normally they will go for one who is slightly feminine or even transsexual. Sometimes a boy is born but usually before they are 21 they will change."

That one sleeping there with one of your daughters was my friend Rhod. He also changed but for some time he has wanted to be a girl and he got his wish. The rest of our friends on the plane are all girls. Those little ones say their big sisters donated their blood to me.

Gaby that one there she is Fay, Virtually all the others are dragon. The remainder appear to be mortal. Your little friend Astrid she is very important. If she is here then the adults will not be far away.

"Lady Helen told me she was Astrid's Aunt and those two are her daughters."

"Yes Gaby I know full well they are sisters. Your friends Mfwany and Li both know what the children are. You did say the little one told you her big sisters donated their blood to you."

"Yes that is what she said."

"Well that child is a golden as are the other two so that can only mean that there is more than one older Golden. It appears grandmas rule has come to an end. So perhaps I can also expect a visit. I do hope so as I miss my sisters although from what I have seen I doubt any of them would challenge a Golden.

Cleo, “Mum Astrid told me that somebody called Lord Black launched an attack, and she and her big sister Alexis defeated Lord Black. Apparently he though he was attacking somebody called Draco. In fact he was attacking a golden nest and his compatriots all deserted him when they realised it was not Draco. Astrid then defeated him single handed. Apparently the distress signal was seen by the killer matrons and they came to aid the queen being attacked. Morning star, and the Red and Yellow queens apparently where the first to merge their flights with the golden one."

Well Gaby they are all asleep but you. Will you kiss me?

"Well Aunt I see no reason not to do. In fact I like having Cleo about. I must not forget Astrid. I suppose in a way I am now one of her golden sisters."

Actually Gaby you are correct. If you are infused with Golden blood then you certainly are one just like Astrid is."

"Well Aunt whatever you did wrong I will see that you are reprieved. They all think I go around with my head in the clouds. Well sometimes I do but not if it involves cycling. Did you cross this queen?

Actually Gaby I was banished by my grand mother, but looking at your mother I Believe she is my younger sister and if so you where already dragon. I have to wait though until the Golden queen summons me. I doubt that it will be long as my daughters are obviously already playing and conversing with their cousins. Well Gaby I have to take these children home now, but we will soon see you again and these will not be able to keep away. At least I know where to look if they go missing.

Now before I go I have this for your friend Ally. Young lady kneel before me and receive your wand and Tiara. Then at least you will look the part. Cleo will come for you and I can train you a little until such time as you have your formal presentation and test."

"I have to go to the Isle of Man when I am 21 for a special event your highness. Thank you for these I already feel different. Rhod's grand mother the wise woman has already been teaching me herbal potions and she was pleased with me. Rhod called her the Grand Mistress of Wales if that is of any help. She is very nice and has taught me a lot. She said something about having to pass me on as she could teach me no more. I would still like to see the old lady as I liked her she was kind.

Ally she will never be far from you. If she is who I think she is then she has attempted to train you for a position that apparently has already been filled. Do not worry no harm will come to you, Gaby will see to that as you are all ready bonded with her, as is Mfwany.

Gaby spoke, "Err this bonding process does it have anything to do with kissing like Mfwany and Li did with the little ones and I also did with them and lots of adults and if so then perhaps we should also do it and then you will be tied to me aunt.

Ally, well there are only us awake all the others are sleeping so nobody except us will know you have been here.

Ally you have much to learn. We are not alone look outside and you will see we still have an escort.

Gaby looked outside and said, "Oh I see what you mean. Can they get in here as I wish to speak to that one?"

"Gaby be careful."

As Gaby spoke a young woman materialised in front of her. “Greetings Gabriel and you Alison. Sister you had best be gone with your children, but you should not have long to wait.”

“Alison take the dragon tears as your earrings. By now you should be feeling the power of the Fay flowing through you. You are a healer 1st class and already a Golden companion many times over. I will be staying with you for some time to come. You need rest and then training if you are to win your next race and Ally here has many skills to master. With that both Ally and Gaby fell asleep.

When they awoke there was no trace of any of the little children. Helen I will ensure Gaby keeps that appointment with you at your home." With that Helen left.

That just leaves us two I am Allison known as Ally to my friends. Even my boy friend or I should say Girl friend will not remember any of this. Now whom may I be addressing."

"Well to most people I am Lady Alison Robinson Middleham and twin sister to Alex Middleham. Most people will not look closer than that. You will though as Alexis is your queen. We spotted you straight away. An unlisted Fay princess with our Gaby. Yes I said our Gaby. We could not risk Gaby having a blood transfusion from any other source. So Empress Alexis and I along with her cousin Maddy where the donors.

Ah Lady Helen referred to an Alex. Is that the same person as Alexis or are there two with similar names?

Well Alex and I am cousin to Helen & Leslie and she is also father of their children. She is also the children's big sister as she is mine. In a way when you talk to me my sisters or the children you are talking with Alexis as we are all clones of Alexis. Likewise your job will be to look after Gaby and see she comes to no harm. Your job should be easy as she is already linked to us. We think independently but we all know what the others are thinking and doing.

Alison, Gaby Rhod and I are for ever kissing each other when Gaby is in that mode. Will that affect us and how we think? Little Astrid told me I was wearing the wrong clothes and I should correct it before we meet again."

Well I know what she is referring to. At the moment you just look like any teenage girl and you are not. Allow me to show you.

"Oh I look like a picture book fairy with out the wings."

"Lesson one how to unfurl your wings."

Ally copied Alison and did all she was shown. "Now you had better dress yourself back as you were and then as the Fay princess you are. See you can do it yourselves. Now take my hand I have to get you some more companions.

The two of them appeared in a massive Hall Alison spoke, "Empress I have brought Ally to meet and choose her new companions."

Alexis clapped her hands and lots of Leprechauns trooped in. Royal Leprechauns take one pace back and ordinary ones one forward.

Ally walked up and down the rows of leprechauns and then spotted one she had seen before. "Hello I have seen you before you watched my friend Gaby race. You ran out of water and shared ours as you had little or no money.

"Sorry Mistress I did not know and I doubt the other two did either. We liked to see Gaby Bond race and will go as often as we can to support her. On that occasion we had a mishap and some how lost our luck which you and your friends restored."

Fall in behind and lets see if I can spot the others. Are here you both are. Alison am I allowed claiming all these three.

Alexis, "Well is it true you three took food drink and money from Ally here?"

"Empress Please we lost our money and tickets to get home and the young lady here gave us some so we could get home. We promised to return it when we next saw her. And we did take food and drink with her and her friends and had a kiss and cuddle with each of them, and promised to be their friends."

"We put the money to one side so we could return it. You of all people should know we do not break our promises once we have made them."

Alexis shook her head, “I thought you three leprechauns would have realised what Ally is. Ally please come here and dress yourself appropriately.

"Oh my god we have kissed, Oh, Oh the silver lady. Oh it was the Silver Lady and friends who helped us."

Alexis, “Well you three have decided your own fate. It is obvious to me you now know who Ally is. She needs a team of leprechauns to help her look after my cousins who are very close to her. Are you still up for the job of Royal Leprechauns?

Astrid appeared and pointed her hands at the three. "That is far better you are correctly dressed as Royal Leprechauns who have already taken service by accepting personally a queens food and drink. Ally you may find these are at times a bit of a pest but they are very loyal and honest. I know they did intend to repay you at the next race you went to. None of them had any idea who you where or they would already have been in your service. Now they know who you are different rules apply to them, and they have just realised it.”

"Tis a miracle that is what it is, Not only do we have the Golden queen but the silver Lady has also returned to us. Mistress Alexis it is true all three of us and our families accepted sustenance and help from the Silver Lady and friends. We where sad none of us got to be Royals for the little mistresses. Now I see why. You have first call on us as we have already accepted your Food, Water and Money. We also have accepted sustenance from the Empress."

Alexis, "There is no problem with that. Ally did not realise who you all were when she and her friends helped you. Now she needs your help as Gaby Bond will be moving to a new home and you and your families are to help look after her. It also means you will get to those bike races in future. Now perhaps you would like to honour your promise to Ally.”

The smallest of the families came with a bag and said, Silver Lady this is to replace what was loaned to us. I was chosen for this task as I represent the new life of our families and us all thank you for the honour bestowed on us.

Ally picked the tiny leprechaun up and kissed it and said, “I was always taught you never ever returned money to a fairy Queen in case she took it as an insult. Now I know this was not meant as an insult, but to prove you honoured your word. You though have proved your families are worthy to be chosen Royal Leprechauns, and so you had better keep for me what is in that bag you where going to offer me. Now as all your families have become Royal leprechauns I am sure they can spare one to be my personal assistant and helper & Friend. Will you do the job, tiny one."

To Be Continued

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