Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 2

Gaby & the Half Term Break by Sharp


Chapter 2


17.00 Friday after School we where back at ballet again. Friday evening Stephanie Phillips takes us she is the Principals daughter in law. She is very nice but has a weird sense of humour. An elderly lady called Kathy Bell plays the piano. She suffers from Arthritis but manages to play the bell. One day Cathy said to Gabriel, “You remind me of when I was much younger and another girl who looked like you danced for me. She though got married and moved away.”

Gabriel was later that evening was to tell her parent's about this conversation with Cathy. The Principal arrived with Mrs Grey they where in some sort of discussion. After a little while Mrs Grey asked for Gabriel, Ally, Maddy, Jools, Jenny, Em & Kiko to do the set piece.

We all managed it perfectly. Then Mrs Grey asked Em to dance the boy's part with Gabriel taking the girl's. They did this perfectly and got a clap from the other girls. After a further discussion Mrs Grey said, “I had intended to take six girls down to London for further training at the Royal Ballet. I also need a boy, Em would you be willing to dance the male part if it was offered to you?”

Em was a little taken back but said, “Yes.”

Mrs Grey, “Gabriel & Ally I would like you two to understudy Darcie our Prima Ballerina the remaining four girls can go in the chorus. You will be away from your friends for eight weeks. Then they will join you at Covent Garden where your first show will be. You will also have shows in Leeds Grand and Skipton Civic Hall before travelling abroad. You will visit Milan & La Scale Opera House this will be followed by Venice & ending up in Amsterdam at the Royal Theatre. You will visit and play in nine cities. This will be a very long and exhausting journey but I am sure you will like it. Also I understand while in Europe some of you will also be entered into cycle races.”

Margaret the Principal, “The youngest girl who would be travelling with us was only 10 years old so would we watch out for her.”

22.00 That same night Jenny one of the girls from Skipton came to help us pack up as she was coming with us. Kiko was distressed again at having to leave her sisters behind. We had a torrent of water flowing from our room with all the crying she was doing. Gabriel phoned the sisters and asked them to get here to say goodbye. They were very happy to oblige Gaby. The others packed Kiko's case as she cuddled and kissed her sisters farewell.

One of the others jokingly said, “Kiko has to store up eight weeks worth of kisses & cuddles.”

Jools. “If Kiko could have crammed them in a suite case she would have done so.” The others waved us off as we set off in the mini bus.

The journey took us 4 hours to do the 200 miles to get there & we had a break on the M1 motorway on the way down. We found we where accommodated at the Royal Ballet. Here the emphasis was on ballet but we still had to do two hours a day of core subjects. Day after day we went on to the practise room. It seamed relentless but we improved. So far though we had not seen any of the male dancers. Darcie was fantastic to watch no wonder she was the Prima Ballerina. Ally & Gabriel had to watch and then copy Darcie's moves. One day we where informed we where going to dance with the men. One of the male dancers was deaf he had been a former student in Skipton and was called Dominic Tuck. Dominic used ESL to communicate so we managed quite well to understand each other. There was another shock in store for Gabriel one of the male dancers looked very familiar.

“DAN!” exclaimed Gabriel. And everyone turned to look. Miss Grey came across, “Gabriel I take it you know our principle male dancer Dan.”

“Yes Miss Grey he stopped with a friend of mine while on a school exchange visit. To be honest it is quite a shock seeing him here.”

“Good it makes it easier for me. You will partner him & take Darcie place at Covent Garden on Saturday. Your friends will all be rejoining you and have learned their parts admirably.” Dan took Gabriel's arm and led her round the room. Darcie commented to Ally they danced like two lovesick lovers.

When they had finished for the evening Dan said, “Do you want to see the sights Gabriel? I know you have had no free time since getting here. I had meant to tell you when you got admitted to the hospital while in America about what I was going to do. I though had no time to tell you as I had to return to England myself quicker than I expected. I had intended to propose to you although I now understand you where already engaged to a boy in England.”

Gabriel, “How on earth did you get involved in ballet?”

Dan. “It was rather strange. I was in the arena after a Red Buff match. “I was approached by a man who said. He had seen me leap & he was a talent scout. Would I be interested in a scholarship? I would though have to move to England.”

“Well the offer was to good to turn down so here I am. I must apologise for not letting you know though that was very remiss of me. I got here thinking I was going to play basketball. What a shock to me when I found it was Ballet & not basketball. To be honest in a way it is pay back for how I reacted over your friend Rhod. How is he these days is he still a girl at weekends. I should have been more understanding than I was. There was no returning though as I had given away or sold my things thinking I would get new once in England. Even with the scholarship I did not realise how expensive London was to live in. Well I discovered I could do ballet very well and now I star opposite our Prima Ballerina Darcie. There is something else you should know I am also engaged to her. Please do not tell anybody as the press do not yet know about our engagement.” Whilst the seven where down in London the rest of the pack where in Skipton.

Friday evening the girls had decided to go to the youth club. Wendy was now the leader of the club as she had officially changed her name from William. Wendy came to talk to the girls. “I was wondering if you would like to enter a competition. I have just received notification of a disco competition & I thought of you.”

Simon Love who had been sat nearby over heard this. “Is it girls only or can boys enter?” After talking it over we decided to enter seven teams with one a boys only team. One mixed and five girls teams. Wendy asked Wilma, Liza & Rachel to train all the teams. Until the competition all those entering had to go for dancing lessons. Rachel enlisted the help of Amy Kaupe to help train the teams. All the teams found they where having to give up all their free time to train for this event.

Sunday the big day finally came. Wendy's club had the greatest number of entries. With Seven teams and six members to a team. Reg the Senior County Youth Officer for North Yorkshire came on the stage. He welcomed every one to the event and hoped they had a good time. He then introduced the three Judges. First were Shona Wilson daughter of Fiery Fred Truman & Daughter in law of movie star Rachel. The second judge was local pop sensation Garth Gates. (The girls started screaming when they saw him). The third and final Judge was Star of the Royal Ballet & Prima ballerina Darcie.

10.00 The boy's teams where the first on as there was only Three teams entered. We drew lots to see who went first. Our team was last on. After performing for 15 minutes each the results where given in reverse order. Third Harrogate, Second York, First Skipton. The next on where the mixed teams this time there was nine entries & we where third on Again after performing for 15 minutes each the results where given in reverse order. Third Settle, Second Skipton, First Scarborough. At this point there was an intermission for lunch.

13.00 The dancing restarted it was going to be along afternoon. They had decided to sub divide the girls groups by age 14-16. 16 –18. 18-21. Lucky for us we had already done this & our teams where split by ages. The first group on was the 14-16-age range there where seven teams. We had one in this section & Wilma had trained then all. They where first on and then had a long wait while the others danced. After performing for 15 minutes each the results where given in reverse order. Third Selby Second Ripon, First Skipton.

In the last two sections we had two teams in each. As look would have it we drew first and last in both sections. To differentiate we called the teams A & B. The 16-18 where next on after they had all danced the result where given Third Malton Second Skipon B, First Skipton A. A great cheer went up from the watching Girls.

Wendy. “I can not believe it we have almost cleared the deck today.”

Wilma, “I wish all our friends could have been here with us today to see us win, but they are in London.” Finally the older girls performed but this time they had to dance for 20 minutes a team. We got second and sixth place in the draw. Eventually all the teams finished their dancing and the results where given Third Whitby Second South Craven, Joint First Skipton A&B teams.

The spokesperson for the judges, “The standard was very high and we could not split the teams.”

17.00 Reg. the Senior Youth Officer, “Will you all take a seat while the presentations of the prizes are made.” “It gives me great pleasure to announce that the awards will be presented by the latest Star of the Royal Ballet & Businesswoman of the Year Gabriel Bond. Gabriel came on to the stage with her friends.

Rachel turned to Wilma, ”God must have heard you after all.” The teams went on the stage in reverse order. Gabriel presented the prizes but when she got to her friends she gave them a hug & kiss. After spending the remainder of the day with her friends Gabriel, Darcie & the rest had to return to London.

Gabriel, “We will be meeting you all in two weeks at Covent Garden.”

08.30 Monday and only six weeks after seeing Stephanie Wendy & not the twelve weeks she expected. Wendy received a phone call from Stephanie. “Can you drop everything and get over here now please.” Wendy went to Jenny with the club keys & explained she had to go into hospital.

Beverley also had some news for Wendy. “We no longer will require your sample as I am late with my period.”

Wendy, “We will get Dr Jones to check you out to be sure.”

Jenny the deputy leader of the youth club let the members know that Wendy had gone to hospital for her operation. Jenny emailed Gabriel with the news. Upon arriving back in Manchester Wendy & Beverley went to see Stephanie.

09.30 Stephanie. “That did not take you long to get here Wendy. I have some good news for you. Your ovaries & Vagina have grown at a fantastic rate and are now ready to be transplanted. First though would you like to see where Beverley will be staying whilst you are in the clinic?”

Wendy. “Yes please.” They where taken to rather a nice house.

“This is actually my home the other place I took you too was a friends home. I have put you in the guest room. Tomorrow Wendy will be too groggy for visitors so you could if you want give me a hand in the store.” By Wednesday Wendy will have come round and be well on the road to recovery. So we can visit her then.”

Wendy was taken to rather a nice room in the hospital. The nurse came and weighed her. She took a blood sample and checked all Wendy's details. The she asked when Wendy had last eaten or had a drink.

Wendy. “19.00 last night I was about to have breakfast of an orange juice when you called.”

“In that case we can start on you immediately instead of waiting.”

10.00 Dr Jones came in and gave Wendy a premed. “I will also have to clean you out. This is rather unpleasant but it has to be done” as she administered a couple of Enemas. Eventually the fluid ran clear. The nurse came with a razor to shave Wendy but found it was not needed. Then Wendy was taken to the theatre. Beverly gave her a kiss before she went down. For the first part of the operation Wendy was awake. She was wheeled into the theatre and her legs put into the stirrups.

Dr Jones explained to Wendy, “The first thing they had to do was remove the testicles under a local. Then Wendy would be put out for the rest of the procedure. This was to reduce the time spent under a general. Wendy felt the needle go in first the right groin and then the left. Dr Jones made a small incision on the Right side of the Abdomen. Wendy felt a tug and then a pop. The same procedure was performed on the left side. Dr Jones showed her two small white objects that she had removed.

Wendy. "Can you save them for me I would like them as a memento?”

Dr Jones “Yes. Now though you are going to sleep.” Dr Jones inserted the needle into Wendy's right arm.

Wendy. “I can feel it flowing up my arm.” She continued to give a running commentary to Dr Jones as to where the General had reached. It has reached my brain I am going now.” And with that she was well and truly under.


Five hours later the operation had been performed. The remains of the Scrotum had been used to create the labia. The penis was amputated and the new organ inserted. Wendy took another hour to recover after the operation. Dr Jones came to see her later in the day.

“The operation had been a success. With the new procedure there was no scaring. Also I have some other news for you Wendy the implants that had previously been inserted had been absorbed by her body and replaced with tissue. I also carried a test on Beverley Congratulations.”

As Dr Jones said this Wendy fell asleep again and she slept through the night. When Wendy awoke she was ravenous and very thirsty. Wendy pushed her bell. The nurse came. “It is fluids only until the Dr Jones gives me other instructions. Dr Jones visited later in the day & Wendy complained to her that she was hungry.

Dr Jones “That is a good sign.” The nurse was informed that Wendy could have light meals.

Wendy noticed her voice sounded different and asked “Why.”

Dr Jones, “We have also carried a slight modification of the voice box and shaved the Adams apple. We also had to readjust your pelvic bones so you are ok now for any future pregnancy you may have.”

Wendy, “My breasts feel different.”

Dr Jones, “That is a present from Beverley she wanted you to be slightly larger so we redid the previous operation.”

09.00 Tuesday . Beverley & Stephanie came to visit after been informed Wendy was up. They spent most of the morning with Wendy. They left when Wendy fell asleep and then she slept right through to the following morning. Beverley mean while was helping out in the shop and enjoying herself.

Stephanie, “I have been looking for somebody to run my Leeds store that I am shortly to open.” “Would you and Wendy like to join me in this venture?”

Beverley. “I can not speak for Wendy but I am game.”

10.00 Wednesday Stephanie received a phone call to say Wendy was now awake and they could visit. This time Wendy was far more alert. She had just had her catheter removed and was very comfortable. Beverley told Wendy about Stephanie's proposal. As she was telling Wendy Gabriel & Ally walked in.

Ally, “We got a flight to Manchester & then a taxi here.

Gabriel “Did I here you correctly Stephanie has offered you a partnership in her new Leeds store.”

Wendy. “Yes I would love to do it after training. As you know I am not working and have very little actual capital to invest.”

Gabriel, “Is that your only reservation. I can provide the training you both will need. There is a catch though you will have to come back to the Skipton for the training. We can get you fully trained and the store open by Christmas.”

Stephanie. “Sorry Wendy I forgot to mention Gabriel has a major stake in this business and will be staking you. All you have to give is your time.”

Ally. “We would like to see all three of you in Amsterdam on the 27 th July. She handed them an invitation. Ally looked at her watch and tapped it. “Gabriel we have to be catching the flight back to London.” With that they left in the taxi.

Wendy looked at Stephanie, “Was I dreaming or was that Gabriel & Ally? I would love to do as they suggested, but it must be a joke as they are only teenagers themselves.”

Stephanie. “They may be teenagers but they are very wealthy teenagers. Gabriel is president of a multi million pound family company. Most of the girls she dances with are all shareholders or partners in the companies. Gabriel is currently involved with Computers, Education, Health & Security, Cycling & Catering. For most of the time she do's not even need to be present as she keeps in touch with her lap top.”

“Oh my” said Beverly as she was looking at Hello. “Look at this there is an article all about Gabriel.” They read it together. “I thought they where no more than schoolgirls.”

Thursday. Wilma & Rachel came to visit with some of the girls. Wilma gave Wendy a card and some chocolates. Rachel, “I understand you will be joining the Princesses on the 27 th July in Amsterdam.”

Wendy looked surprised. Wilma, “Ally said, You would accept the invite. Do not worry about the club Jenny can manage quite well while you are away here and with our help there are no problems. Any way Jenny & most of the club members will be in the States after the 30 July for the return leg of the exchange visit you had recently. They should be in the States until just before Christmas if all goes to plan.”

Thursday Afternoon. Daisy & the remainder of the girls where feeling rather fed up. There was no dancing. Rachel & Wilma had gone to visit Wendy in hospital & then they where going shopping in the Trafford Centre.

Lily, “How about going into town & see who is about. With that the rest of the girls got up and put their coats on. I miss not having Gabriel around. Somehow there seems to be to be less magic when she is missing.”

Wilma, “Yes I know what you mean it is as if she brings us good luck,”

Louise. “Like the dance competition we all wished she was with us to enjoy the dancing.”

Lily “I for one did not expect us to win as the best of our dancers have gone to London.”

Wilma. “I was pleased to see Gabriel even if she was presenting us with our awards”.

Daisy. “It is like we need Gabriel.”

Wilma. “Have none of you noticed she is different now? Ever since we dance on the Isle of Man she has a golden glow about her.”

Silve. “It is because we are all missing her, but she will be back with us soon.”


14.00 Thursday. “Are you lot coming with me in to town then,” asked Lily. With that they all went out. Down in the town they met up with Adrienne Rushton, Jennys younger sister. She was with a rather attractive man.

Lily. “Well are you going to introduce your young man?”

Adrienne. “This is my Brother Robert.”

The girls all introduced themselves and gave him a kiss as they did so. Robert was dressed very immaculate with not a hair out of place. All the girls fancied him something rotten.

Lily. “Where have you been keeping Robert all these weeks Adrienne? We have never seen him before.”

Adrienne. “Oh Robert is away during the week, but some weekends he manages to return home.”

Lily. “What where you planning to do today as we are fed up with nothing to do.”

Adrienne. “We have a little bit of shopping to do ands tonight we thought of going to the Waterfront as there is a disco on there.”

Lily, “That place is expensive.”

Robert. “Not if you team up with us and meet us tonight at 19.30 and bring your friends.”

After they had gone Louise said, “Did you notice him?”

Lily. “He would make a great girl.”

Pamela. “The poor bloke is going to find himself in skirts and dresses if you lot have anything to do with it.”

18.00 Rachel & Wilma returned in time for tea. They where greeted by the rest of the pack who told them about meeting up with Adrienne & Robert. The girls decided to meet them at the Waterfront nightclub. Waiting outside the Waterfront was also Kirk. David, Martin & Tim.

Robet explained to the girls there was three floors to the building. The bottom floor had two entrances one to the bar and one to the disco.

Kirk.“We all have to go to the bar and get a drink.” Kirk's younger sister Julie Humphries also had joined us. We went to the bar and ordered a coke each. We then sat down in one of the many alcoves.

Robert, “I am going to the toilet are you coming looking?” at Lily & Wilma.”

The girls thought he was kidding until Julie gave them a push and said, “Go we will be along shortly.”

Robert explained there was a back stairway to the middle floor where there was a party tonight.

Wilma, “Oh we are going to gate crash it are we. We had better get going.” Eventually all the group got up stairs to the middle floor.

Les Deadman was the doorman and had noticed all the extra guests. Les went up to David and said, “I think you have gate crashed this party. David had the foresight to pick an invitation up that had been left on one of the tables. “This is for me and my Girlfriend”.

Les looked at him. “I still do not believe you”

David. “Well the party is Julie Gale's 18th and pointed at a girl you can call her across.”

Les looked at him and decided to call his bluff. Julie looked at David and said, “He is a friend of mine he is with his girl friend.”

Les, “Well I still do not believe you but as it is your party it has to be ok.”

As Les moved away from them. David thanked Julie who said,”I have done it often myself.”

David. “Most of the youth club are here tonight.”

Later the same evening Les noticed Kevin & quizzed him Kevin decided to follow David's' example and handed an invite over, but unlike David he had not read it first. Les looked at the invite and cracked out laughing and asked Kevin if he has had a sex change.

“Of course not.” said rather indignantly Kevin.”

Les was still laughing as he said, “Can you explain how you have become Miss Angela Smith Kevin.”

“Oh hell I did not read it.” Said Kevin as he was asked to leave. The rest of us had a great night and nobody else was ejected. We later found Kevin on the bottom floor waiting for us.

Kirk. Next week mum has booked a party and I should be able to get you all invite so you do not have to gate crash it. As he was talking Julie was nodding her head but she was smirking as if she knew a secret.

After a little while Lily got Julie on her own and asked, “What the big joke was?”

Julie. “Yes mum has booked a party for next week. There is a snag Kirk did not know. It is females only as it is supposed to be a mother & Daughter evening. I think though mum will allow my girlfriends to come. I will check with her first just to make sure & get you proper invitations.

09.30 Friday Julie & Kirk where at home with their mother. Julie chirped up. “Mum you know the party you are having can I bring some friends?”

Their mother, “Julie you know it is girls only.”

Julie replied, Yes they are all girls that I intend to bring they are all friends from the youth club.”

“In that case darling yes of course they can come. Get them to meet me outside and I will ensure they are allowed in.”

Kirk “Mum, what about me?”

“Sorry Kirk you can not come if you had been Julie's Twin sister instead of her brother then you could have come.” Julie comes and gives her twin a cuddle.

“Do not worry I will fix it with mum so you can come.” Julie had that smirk again.

10.45 Friday. Kirk & Julie meet up with Robert & Jenny. “Kirk will you thank your mother for the invite we will be their tomorrow at the party”.

Kirk turned to Julie. “How come he gets invited and I do not,”

Julie. “How badly do you want to go to the party? How far are you willing you go to get to the party?”

Kirk. “You know very well I love dancing & that is why we gatecrash the parties.”

Julie had tried to talk her mother into letting Kirk go but she would not relent. Julie had talked it over with Jenny who came up with the solution.

Julie. “Err mum is it ok if Kirk & I stay tonight at Jenny's house. I will meet you at the Waterfront.”

Julie's mother. “Well I suppose it is ok.” “But what about the party outfit. And where is Kirk going to stay.”

Julie. “I can take the dress with me to Jenny's. Kirk is going to sleep in Robert's room while I sleep in Jennys room.”

“Well Julie in that case I suppose that is ok as it will give me a longer time to prepare for the party if you two are not around.”

14.55 Julie asked Kirk if she could borrow some money, as there was a few things she needed from town. Kirk loaned her what he had & said he would get some more from the bank tomorrow if she needed more. Julie went into town and bought some clothes & other things and then returned home. Julie packed the case for herself and Kirk.

09.00 Saturday Julie went into the room where Kirk was sleeping and roused her twin. “Come on sleepy head if you want to go to the party we have a lot to do today before the party.”

Kirk sat up excited. “You persuaded mum to let me go?”

Julie. “Not exactly. I though have a plan that will get you in there.” Had they both been girls they would have been identical however they where not. We have all we need here as I packed our cases.”

0910 Kirk is up and going to take a shower. Julie hands him a shampoo and then hands him the shower gel. “Keep the gel off your face & Hair as it stings like mad. Use the shampoo on your hair. Kirk did as his sister instructed. Kirk thought the shampoo had a strange smell about it. When he used the shower gel it did sting but it had a nice aroma about it. His skin tingled and seemed to burn at times. Julie popped her head round the door and asked if he was ready yet. Kirk dried himself and failed to notice the hair that had gone down the drain. Kirk wrapped a towel round himself as Julie dried his hair for him. Julie quickly swilled the remaining hairs down the drain. Julie handed Kirk A pair of her white pants.

Kirk. “What is this?”

“Mum had not time to do the washing this week so you have run out.” “So I have loaned you a pair of mine. They should fit you as we are the same size.” Kirk had failed to notice he was as blond as Julie was. “We both have shorts and T-shirts today they had matching pastel t-shirts & Shorts.

09.30 Their mother rang to remind Julie to meet her outside the Waterfront at 19.00.

Julie. “OK mum we will meet you there. Their mother had a smirk to her self she could hardly tell the difference now but when Julie finished with her twin brother how was she to tell which was which.

Julie. “Kirk you could do with a hair cut.”

Jenny. “I could trim it as I after I trim yours Julie.” Julie let Jenny cut her hair & Jenny did a good job. So Kirk decided to let Jenny have a go on his hair. Eventually Jenny finished cutting Kirk's hair. They decided to go down town. Kirk was feeling rather despondent but agreed to go with them. Jenny & Adrienne went with them but Robert was missing.

Jenny “Robert has gone to get the extra items we need in Leeds.

Adrienne. “Kevin is also stopping the night with us and his sister Anna. Anna has gone shopping & Kevin had gone with her.” They had agreed to meet the others outside Rackhams department store at 11.45 so they could go to Busy Lizzies for lunch before returning home.

14.00 Robert returned home after finishing his lectures. He had obtained the various items required. He then caught the 13.28 train home. Usually he walked the couple of miles home but today he called for a taxi using the free phone at the station. Within a couple of Minutes the taxi was there to take him home. The taxi driver was Rob. Robert had used him often. Within 5 minutes Robert was home and getting himself ready. He had plenty of time before the girls arrived with Kevin & Kirk. First he ran himself a bath he felt rather dirty after the train journey. By the time the others returned he was in pristine condition again.

Jenny & Adrienne where also in shorts & T-shirts & wearing sandals. Neither girl mentioned Kirk's hair. Adrienne, “Anna has done as we agreed & I notice you have done as we suggested.”

Jenny. “Robert will be home at 16.00 and then we can get on.

Down town the girls seemed to spend forever in Extras, New Look, Principals & Tammy Girl. Eventually they got what they wanted and returned home. Their mother had left them a note to say she had gone to help Julie's mother get prepared.

Mrs Rushton. “I see Kevin & Kirk are blond already.”

Kirk's mother. “We are in for some fun tonight.”

Mrs Woollier (Kevin's Mum) said, “Is your Darcie coming home this weekend?”

Mrs Rushton. “She said she would try to get here and bring some friends, could I take two extra party dresses in case she was running late.

Mrs Woollier. “You must miss her now she is dancing in London.”

As the girls approached the house Adrienne said, “Jenny have you got a key? I left mine at home.”

Jenny. “Do not worry Robert will be home by now.” As the group got to the door a very attractive lady opened it. Kevin &Kirk both reacted & where rather embarrassed by their predicament.

Jenny. “Have you met our sister?” to the boys.

All of a sudden a light went on in Kirk's head, “You only have two sisters Darcie & Adrienne and a brother Robert.”

Kirk spluttered “Bloody hell it is Robert. Sorry.”

Jenny “This is our sister Roberta. Roberta will look after you both while we get ready.” Roberta took the lads to her room.

Kirk. “How long hadRobert been dressing as a girl.”

Roberta . “Monday-Friday while I am at college. At weekends I revert to normal. It was the only way I could get a grant for the course I am on. With Dad dying mother could not afford to send me without a grant & the only grant available was for either a transvestite or transsexual. So I decided to become a transvestite. The girls have asked me to get you ready for tonight's party.”

Kirk. “You mean we are going to look like you.”

Robert. “First before I start I need to make sure you both are willing to get into the appropriate clothing for tonight.” Both lads looked at each othe.

Kirk. “If we look as good as you do then we will be a knock out at the party. Even Les will not recognise Kevin this time.”

Robert “I will take you one at a time.” “Kevin can you take a shower while I get Kirk ready. Kirk you can have either silicone or injection.” “The silicone breasts are glued or you can have an injection that will give you instant C cups.” “I also need to manipulate your manhood out of the way. Or you require a gaff but I would not recommend it.

Kirk agreed, “Are you are sure All the alteration can be undone or removed.”

Roberta . “Do not worry after tonight every thing will be as it should be.”

Kirk. Perhaps it would be better if you started calling me Kirsty & Kevin Kerry. Both lads agreed to the injections and manipulation. By the time Roberta had finished with them he had them both in long white dresses. They went to see how the girls where doing.

Jenny.”You both look very nice, but you could do with nails treating & you need lipstick & mascara. Jenny & Adrienne did Kirsty while Julia & Anna did Kerry. When they where finished Anna & Kerry looked like Twins. While Julia & Kirsty now where the twins they where supposed to be. All six of them had identical white dresses.

Kirsty. “We all look like bridesmaids or something”. Rob came with his taxi to take them to the Waterfront for 19.30

Meanwhile Darcie was on the M1 motorway heading for Leeds with Em as a passenger. They where talking about what life had thrown at them. Em said, “I wish I could be a normal girl instead of always been mistaken for a boy.”

Darcie smiled. “We will have to see what we can do about it.” At 17.30 they arrived at Leeds and decided to have a stop to eat before continuing their journey for the last 25 miles.

Darcie. “Mother is going to take dresses for us so we can change there.”

Em, “I wish Gabriel & the others could be with us tonight I am sure they would have enjoyed it.”

All three mothers where waiting for their daughters in their gold dresses out side the Waterfront. Darcie & Em where the first to arrive. They dashed into a nearby super loo and showered and changed. Darcie's Dress was Gold while Em's was white. When Rob arrived with the girls each mother took her daughters inside. Les was on the door as per normal.

Mrs Rushton. “Hello Les So there are no mistakes tonight can I introduce my daughters.”

Mrs Woollier. “These are my daughters I believe you know Kerry.”

This brought a smile to the face of Les as he recognised Kevin. Mrs Woollier said this Kerry & after tonight you will not be seeing or be troubled by Kevin.

Mrs Humphries introduced her daughters.” Remember Les under no circumstances are any males allowed inside. Eventually all the Mothers & their daughters arrived in White, Silver or Gold dresses. The exception was the girls from the youth club who had asked if they had to wear anything special and where told they had to wear all white.

Mrs Rushton asked the ladies who where not presenting if they would adopt one of the American girls for the night. She then went to talk to Darcie & ask about the others.

Darcie nformed her mother she would present Em, as she was her friend. She then told her mother about Em's problem.

”Do not worry we can fix that tonight with help from the Heavenly Queen.” Said Mrs Rushton.

Darcie, “There is something else you need to know beside the three who are no more there is one other genetic male here. I only found out by accident from Em. The boy friend lives and looks like a girl with the others.”

“Darcie find him fast before we start the proceedings. I need to talk to him first.” Darcie & Em soon found Wilma. Wilma was taken to see Mrs Rushton who asked him many questions. Wilma explained who his mother was and that from a very early age he had been fed hormones to make him develop as a female. He explained how he had been sent to a special school for young ladies. He informed M rs Rushton that while he loved Em and some of the others he would never be able to have children with any of them as the hormones had damaged his fertility. I might as well have them chopped off for what good they are to me.

Mrs Rushton. Will you pleaseto take your dress off. “Oh you are better developed than some girls. “But have you been operated already?”

Wilma explained how the School nurse had manipulated it out of the way on him & Gabriel.

Mrs Rushton, “Is there another boy here?”

Wilma, “No she is in London and is 100% female now.”

Mrs Rushton turned to Darcie and ”Darcie can you leave Wilma & Em to the last please I need to check on something”.

Each mother presented all her daughters to the high priestess. All the girls to be presented where wearing white. The Mothers' all wore gold dresses while the elder daughters wore silver dresses with the exception was Darcie who also wore Gold. Each mother said their daughter's name and then placed their hand on their daughter's head. When it came to Roberta, Kirsty & Kerry their mothers said let the records show their true names. Then they also placed their hands on their heads and then on their Abdomen and said let their children be many. All three boys passed out. When they awoke they where sat with their sisters.

Before Wilma was presented The High priestess went to ask him further Questions. One was did he intend living as a female like Gabriel for the rest of his life. The rest of the questions were about Gabriel & why he had followed her. Then she said, “Give me your hand child.” Wilma placed his hand in hers. As he did so. She said, “Darcie you did not tell me this was one of the nine. Have we any more of the nine here?”

Darcie, “If there was they had to be among the new girls. They have not been presented yet.”

“Darcie before we go any further I need to talk to each of the girls.” As they where talking Silve entered in a gold dress with purple trimmings on The other ladies bowed as Em ran across to her and kissed her mum I did not expect to see you tonight mum I thought you had gone to London.”

Silve looked at Mrs Rushton “Proceed as if I was not here but I will present my own daughter. Before the night expect other guests.”

The High priestess took Em by the hand. “Your Aura is also strong I do not need to know further. She turned to Wilma. “I do not agree with what your mother did to you.We though can rectify that tonight. You will forever be a girl. If that is your wish then we will proceed now.”

“Otherwise I must ask you to leave here now.”

Em held his hand. “Do not worry I and the others will still love you & Gabriel would never permit any harm to come to either of us.”

Em. “Wilma you are half there now & if its children that concern you then that can be sorted out later.”

Wilma looked at Em. “Mum is sure in for a big surprise when she finds out I have given her, her hearts desire a daughter.”

“In that case we will proceed” said the High priestess.

In the main Hall the High priestess summoned the other ladies. We have a problem as she brought Wilma but only telling them the first part of the problem to see what they suggested. While the older ladies where pontificating the young candidates had all surrounded Wilma. Em's mother watched on rather ammused.

Kirsty. “These are our friends if they are not welcome the we are not welcome here either. We accept them as girls regardless. They have helped us in time of trouble & we will not deny them now. The older girls dressed in silver also joined their friends in the circle where they where all holding hands.”

Daisy as they where holding hands said, “Oh Heavenly Queen, Empress of All we thy humble servants beg you protect thy servant this night.” As Daisy started saying this.

Darcie, “Mother I did not bring my friend to be shamed or harmed I asked for help. It looks as if you are not willing to give it While the Children call for help. Before Darcie had finished the room was filled with a golden glow. The Children where still calling for help.

Darcie, “I am going to join my friends in the circle of power.” One of the older ladies said, “Look at the power it is with them as the light got brighter.”

The High priestess, ” Darcie do not worry we would not harm any of them & in fact we could not harm any of the nine as tonight as proved they will close rank to protect their own.

One of the Ladies, “According to the prophecy the nine will return to Valhalla in 2009. The Queen shall be crowned and the Empress restored to her glory.

The high priestess, “If either of these is one of the nine we must help them at all costs that is our law.

Darcie, “I believe we may have four of the nine here tonight the other protect the Empress.”

A voice the girls recognised came from the mouth of Silve, "Ladies is this how you treat my cousin the Princess Em & my friend Wilma. Darcie go and take Wilma's hand and then start to form a new circle. Darcie placed her hand in Wilma's. Wilma would not let go of Em's hand and very soon all GOLD, SILVER & White where holding hands. "That is better ladies." as Silve joined the group. They all felt the power surge through them it felt like an electric current passing through them all.

As High priestess it is my duty to lay my hands on you. She looked at Silve to see if there was any objection. She laid her hands first on Em & then Wilma' head & abdomen. Wilma was then to collapse. “We have given of ourselves,” said the high priestess. Let all the records show only Wilma remains of the boy he once was there will be no trace.” She turned to Wilma. “Your friends will need your help in the future. The birth defect has been rectified as has Em's. You will always remain loyal to the Empress and one of you must always be with her to protect her.”

Just as the main festivities where starting in walked Beverley with Stephanie Love. Both of them where dressed in a gold dresses. Stephanie “Sorry ladies we are late, but an accident delayed us on the M60. Em & Wilma ran over to greet them.

“How is the patient?” asked the high priestess.

Beverley. “She is coming on fine and will be here for the next meeting. Wendy still wants to go ahead with our wedding and has asked me to plan it for late in July. She said this will be her final appearance as William.” “I apparently (looking at the girls) have to find a lot of bridesmaids. She turned to the girls. “ Will you girls be joining the leaders as my bridesmaids. The rest of you will be receiving formal invitations.

Kate. “I will accept for all of us including our friends in London.

Mrs Rushton. Woollier & Humphries looked at each other. The High priestess summoned Darcie. “Their power is very strong but they will need Guidance, stay with them. You do realise that you will have to give up other things.”

“Darcie you are to join the nine and guide them.” The High priestess then kissed her eldest daughter.

Em. “We will let the others know they are to be bridesmaids on the 30 th July.

Stephanie. “Margaret,Wendy has asked me to ask you to take over the club until she return's.

Margaret. “She would be glad to help and perhaps she could win some trophies.” Let the festivities begin for tonight we prepare for the return of our Queen after 90 years in the wilderness. Tonight she sent her sign for to us to be prepared. The rest of the evening went with out a hitch

Darcie & Em stayed over night before returning the following afternoon. Everyone had been told not to discuss the evenings happening with any body other than group members.

Wilma awoke to find out she was wrapped round Em & Darcie. Darcie said, “You are to join us in London so we better go and collect your belongings. First though we had better get you to the doctors as we need to get you on the pill now. At the doctors Wilma was given a medical and given three months supply.

Darcie then drove the car back to London. As she drove she said to Wilma & Em, “Craven & Skipton in particular was a centre for the White witches. They only goal was to do good in life. Where you lived previously also had the power but some how they lost it. We usually only give birth to girls who follow their mothers in the membership. Occasionally we have a boy, but they usually start turning normally before their 18 th birthday. My brother was already turning as where Kirk & Kevin.” “Do not worry about them they are ok. They will have no memory as life as a boy.”

Wilma told Darcie about her former hometown & the test that they had been doing following what had happened to Gabriel.”

Darcie started telling them a story. “Back in 1914 there was a battle between good & evil. During the battle the nine got separated and all communication was lost. The hall of Valhalla was closed. Shortly after this the First World War started.”

Em , “Where is the Hall of Valhalla?”

Darcie. “I do not know but I do know we are a third of the nine.”

“Do you know the others?” They both asked.

Darcie replied “Yes. But for now I keep it to my self.” As she touched each of them on their foreheads, “Sleep well my friends. & Forget our conversation until the time is ready.”

Arriving back in London they where greeted by Gabriel. Darcie noted the aura surrounding both Gabriel & Ally had got stronger than it was previously. Gabriel. How are my friends I am missed them.”

Darcie. “I have brought something to keep you happy. Wilma has returned with us as she was missing you.” Wilma soon got Gabriel up to speed on what was happening or at least what she could remember. It is strange last night we went to a disco and I can not remember a thing about it. Em remembered they had met Stephanie Who had a message for the girls about been bridesmaids on the 30th July for Wendy.

Darcie. “It has been decided that I will accompany you on the tour, but you Gabriel will be Prima Ballerina for the tour.”

Darcie came one evening to see Gabriel & said, "Since you have been down here in London you have not had a days rest." "I thought you might like to see the sights for a change."

Ally, "Darcie that would be a nice change." The following day the first place they visited was the London Eye. By getting there early they avoided the Crowds. After that they visited the tower & saw the Crown Jewels. Whilst there they noticed that the palace was going to be open to the public the following day on a first come first served basis.

After visiting the tower the group decided to go shopping. Darcie said, "There is some real groovy clothes in Carnaby Street if you are interested." Jools & Em wanted to know how to get there. Eventually they got to Carnaby Street. After going into every store in the street each one of them bought something.

Ally, "I am hungry.

Darcie. “We could go in there for something but it will cost us an arm & leg. I suggest we eat where the locals all go.” They asked a policeman where they could get a decent priced meal. It turned out that the locals used a Methodist church hall round the corner. In the church hall you could get a three course meal for only a few pounds.

The girls decided to go in. Ally as normal had everything.

Jools ," I can not understand how you can eat & never put on weight. "We all have to watch what we eat."

Darcie, "On a dancers wages you have to look out for places like this because we could not normally afford the normal Restaurants. Likewise to keep costs down we use some of the Retro & Second hand stores in town. ”

The girls went with Darcie to some of the second hand stores. By the time they had finished shopping in them they where all laden down & getting hungry again.

Jools. "Look there is the Ritz." Darcie's face went green as she said; "I could never afford to have tea in there.

Gabriel walked up to the doorman & asked, "Can I get afternoon tea here"

The doorman replied, "Certainly madam how many in your party”

Gabriel "There are eight of us."

"If Madam would care to come inside she will be served in the Empress of India room.”

The girls followed Gabriel into the Ritz.

Gabriel. "Do you have some where that we may leave our shopping?" The shopping was all left at the Reception & the girls all went in to order High Tea.

Wilma. "Gabriel have you seen the prices here."

Gabriel. "I already know how expensive it is in here."

"Darcie this is my treat so do not worry about the bill”

Jools said to Maddy, "Is Darcie going to be no 3?"

Maddy. "She is supposed to be engaged to Dan, but both Ally & I would like her as no 3." Unknown to the others Gabriel had asked at reception if they could arrange some transport for them back to the Royal Ballet. Gabriel had handed over her debit card. The hotel double-checked when they saw the card. The Assistant manager gave instructions they had to have what ever they wanted. The Assistant manager came to the table with some Champagne & said, "This is with the complements of the management."

When the Manager returned to the assistant manager asked, "What was that all about. They are only teenage girls."

The Assistant manager. "Look at he name on the card." The assistant manager read the name out. "Gabriel Bond President of GB enterprises."

The assistant manager. "That teenage girl as you put it is our boss as of five weeks ago." The assistant manager went to the Girls & said, "Excuse me but which of you is Gabriel Bond?"

Gabriel "That is me."

The assistant manager, "Sorry we can not accept this card. You are welcome any time but there will be no charge. We do not charge staff or management for meals taken here. If Madam agrees you can use the Hotels Rolls Royce to return to your accommodation.”

After they had left the Assistant manager realised they had left all their shopping & decided to take it across to them. she got across London & with some difficulty found a parking place near the Royal Ballet. She collected the bags from the boot of her car. She noticed the bags varied from Harrods to British Heart Foundation. She rang the bell at the address she had been given. Em came to the door & asked her in.

Ally said, "I am making a drink would you like one?" The Assistant manager ended up having a peppermint herbal tea with them.

Gabriel, "It is one of my favourite drinks."

The Assistant manager "I am puzzled if you own a large company like ours why are you dancing?"

Gabriel "Whilst I am the majority shareholder all the others here also own part of the company to various degrees."

Wilma "Between us we own about 80% of the company & our parents the rest."

The Assistant manager, "I could not help noticing the shopping bags varied from the posh department store to charity shops."

Em , "We buy what we like & it does not matter where we get it from." We had lunch at a Methodist Church hall & it was very good. Then we had High tea at the Ritz which also was very good."

Maddy. "That is enough about us now tell us about your self. The Assistant Manager said, "Well I am engaged to the manager who is called called Luke. My older sisters & cousins called me Lucy." "Both my parents went missing when I was very young & I got brought up by my Sisters & a lady we all called aunt. But I am not sure if she was related or not. She did instil in me though a love of ballet. Everyday after school she would say, Vee come dance now girls." She would have all boys or girls get into leotards & dance for at least four or five hours after we had all done our home work."

Wilma, "Do you ever see your sister's?" Lucy said, "My twin sister I went to college & our older sisters got married & then they both moved again . Lolly & I have been wondering if the Salvation Army could help us locate them."

Gabriel, "We are all due to practice & you are welcome to come and watch."

Em. "I have a better idea. If we loaned you a leotard you could dance with us."

Darcy had spotted the stranger & said to Wilma can you accidentally trip up & make sure all this orange juice goes over Lucy. Wilma carried the litre of Orange juice in to the room & appeared to trip up. Wilma made a good job of soaking Luke.

Gabriel gave Wilma an apparent telling off for been so clumsy. Then she Said, "Lucy we will have to get all these wet clothes off you & get the washed & dried for you. If you care to take a shower every thing you need is in there."

Em went into the bathroom to collect all the wet clothes. "She said, "Lucy are you OK as Lucy burst unto tears."

Lucy, "No I am not OK & I have to tell somebody other than Lolly." "About two years ago I fell in icy conditions & I hurt my self below." "About a year ago I started to develop at the top end & now I am a 36c. My waist has slimmed down & before long Lolly will be calling me Lucy instead of Luke. That is my true name. Lolly is actually the Assistant manager and she does a better job than me.

Em, "I have left a robe for you to put on but can you go and wait in the next room until matron arrives.”

Meanwhile Wilma had instructed the girls to keep Luke there & they had not to let him go back to the Hotel. Wilma telephoned the Hotel & said, "Could they put the duty manager on."

The assistant manager came to the phone. "Gabriel Bond visited your establishment earlier today with friends. They left some shopping that the manager returned to her. However he has had an accident & Gabriel is attending to his welfare. Until further notice you are promoted to manager now can you put on Luke's sister Lolly on please.”

"Lolly there are some people turning up tonight that must have the Royal Suite. One lot will me coming from Manchester & the other from Leeds." Send the Rolls to meet both flights. Then you are to go and purchase two long identical white dresses in your size & be here with them for 07.00 Charge the dresses to GB ENTERPRISES. Finally Lucy sends her love.”

Lolly screamed "I will be around as soon as I have obtained the dresses."

Lolly gave instructions that extra Rolls would now be needed & to ensure it was ready. The acting manager was not happy but as Lolly was following Gabriel's instructions he had to let her go.

The dresses where very easy to obtain, as there was a store within the hotel. Lolly used the Rolls to get to the Royal ballet & then gave the driver instructions to go to Heathrow & collect the guests coming on two flights Meanwhile Jenny had phoned Manchester & Skipton. Gabriel's parents took the next scheduled flight to London & Silve drove to Manchester with her remaining charges & got the shuttle to London. Gabriel's father was saying to his wife, "I can not believe Gabriel has located Lucy & Lolly. I have emailed the others & they will be joining us on the flight to Heathrow.”

Luke heard a voice telling him to get on the couch, which he did as he thought it, was the matron coming to check him over. He lay on his tummy & he felt some body checks his arm with what felt like a tape measure. Then The voice said, "This should not cause you any pain." as a hand took hold of his manhood and gave it a sharp tug. Luke heard a pop & that was it. Then the voice spoke again. “Lucy you can turn over now & give me a big kiss.”

Luke turned over to see her elder sister they're smiling away. "Luke has gone forever now & only Lucy remains."

Gaby, "Now the leotard should fit you perfectly come & join the others." Lucy went to dance with the others & was just getting warmed up when Lolly arrived with the dresses. Lolly was handed a leotard & told to put it on & go and dance with the others.

"I see you two still are in good shape."

Lolly, "I brought the dresses as instructed, but I thought that other items may be needed so I purchased two of them also.”

Gabriel said, "Lolly one set is for you and one for Lucy please put them on now. Tomorrow after we have all been round the palace we are going shopping for two new wardrobes for our identical twins. Lolly said, "Sister what are you doing here with these girls?" Jenny, "I think a full introduction would be in order. "Girls meet my youngest twin sisters." "Sisters meet your nieces. In fact some of the girls are related twice as they are your nieces & 2nd cousins. Jenny said, "another sister & our Husband will soon be with us also along with an Aunt"

Lucy said, "Have our parents been found?"

Gabriel, "Not yet."

Wilma came over, "sorry about the orange Juice but Jenny told me to trip & spill it over you."

Gabriel returned with some photos of Anna, Petrova & Vladimer with members of the group. Lucy said, "That is Anna who we all called Aunt. "Do you know where she is now."

Gabriel, "We do know where she will be on the 27th July as we will be there also in Amsterdam. So if you want to meet up with Anna again you will have to come with us."

Lolly, "Our jobs we could not get the time off. Together." Maddy handed the phone to Gabriel who rang the Duty manager. "Yes Miss Bond they have arrived.”

Gabriel. “Luke & Lolly have been transferred to my permanent staff they will stay with me. I am going to need the ballroom for a party. I am to dance at Covent Garden before going on tour. So do you think you can arrange that for me.”

As he put the telephone down the Duty manager was all smiles at receiving his promotion & promoted the receptionist at the side of him to assistant manager. He said, "I do not know how Luke & Lolly got promoted so fast but it has done some good for us both. Will you marry me now I am the Manager."

The new assistant manager, "Yes I said when you got the managers job I would do. First though do you want me to start organising the party for Miss Gabriel."

The following morning Gabriel said, "Whose turn is it to make breakfast?"

Ally replied, "ours". As Ally & Gabriel started to get the breakfast ready.

Lolly, "You do it yourself"?"

Ally replied, "We both enjoy cooking like we enjoy dancing. We are quite democratic here and take out turns with everything. If we do the cooking the others have to do the washing up & we can make as much mess as we want." Lolly started to help.

Ally, "For the moment you both are guests". All too soon the Rolls came to collect the girls & take them to the palace where they where the first in the queue. They where soon joined by Gabriel's Parents, Silve, Justine & the remainder of the Girls.

A man pushed in Front of Gabriel to the front of the Queue. Gabriel said, "Excuse me but we where here first get to the back of the queue. Two of the palace Guards came to see what the row was about.

Ally, He has just pushed in front of us we have been here since 7.00. The Guard was not handling it very well when Gabriel's Parent's came & Said he pushed in & Gabriel told him to get to the back of the queue & he swore at her.

The Guard , "Let him go he is a businessman after all. As he was about to let the man go when about 30 men in green uniforms came. They bowed before Gabriel. The captain with then said, "You to the back of the queue." The man walked off talking to himself

The Captain turned to Gabriel & said the Gurkhas told me what happened please accept my Apologies the guard should have Know better & sent him packing.

The Guard, "Ouch & rubbed his wrist."

Gabriel turned to him, "Are you OK?" The guard replied, "For a moment I thought I had burnt my wrist on something.

The Gurkhas said something to the captain. The captain walked to where the last of Gabriel's Family & friends where waiting. Then he said, "No body past this point will be allowed in today.

The Gurkhas came & asked if they could have photos taken with the Empress. The captain. "Please humour them for they all believe you are their Living Goddess & Empress of the Heavens. Gabriel said we have a digital camera with us if you can down load the pictures they can have as many pictures as they require.”

Gabriel. "I am shortly to have a party at the Ritz Hotel is it possible for you and the Gurkhas to come & bring him also.

The Gurkhas. "We will be there to protect the Empress.

Lolly. "Did I here them correctly? The Gurkhas call Gabriel the Empress of the Heavens.”

Lucy looked at Lolly, "That is what we called Grandma when we where children."

Lucy, "It is just coincidence that is all."

The rest of the day after looking round the palace was spent shopping. Gabriel, "Lucy & Lolly we are going to have to go to your room & remove all that is not wanted.

Lolly, That is going to be easy then as I have already cleared out all Luke's clothing that all went to Salvation Army. Since it was not long since we where both students we have not accumulated much." What Lolly had retained was a laptop, a DVD player & some photographs.

Gabriel looked at Lolly's small pile of clothing, "Where is the rest of your clothing aunt Lolly?"

Lolly, "Accommodation is that exspensive in London this is all I have.”

Gabriel, "In that case we will put this in the car & go shopping again as you both need lots more."

Lolly turned to Jenny. "We just do not have the money to pay for any more clothing."

Jenny, "If Gabriel refuses to pay I will treat you both as will our sisters. Lolly looked at her former brother who said, "If Gabriel thinks you need an entire wardrobe then that is what we will both get." By the time they had finished shopping. Ally was hungry so To the Ritz they went. Gabriel went to the Reception & ordered an evening meal, as they had not eaten. The waitress was about to say they could not do it for so many when the Headwaiter recognised Lolly & realised who she was with. He snapped his fingers & all the staff came running. Gabriel's father, "I like the service here we will have to come more often.”

Gabriel, to the Headwaiter. "I would like to introduce my Joint Chief Executives of the Ritz & their decisions override all but my own." These are my Aunts Lolly & Lucy they will be calling in from time to time to see how the hotel is been run. "Now tell the head chef I wish to speak to him." Gabriel explained what they wanted for the party after taking notes the Head chef said he would get on to it. Back in the kitchen the chef was mouthing it of about a teenage girl telling him what to do. The headwaiter said to him, "to cool it if he wished to remain working there as that was the BOSS."

He went back to the table where Gabriel was & said he wanted to clarify a couple of details. Two items on the list where out of season but he could use frozen but would not recommend them.

Lolly, "Everything has to be fresh no frozen. You may use your sense to replace any out of season items. "Be warned now though we will be inspecting the kitchens prior to the party". "Anybody using frozen food will be dismissed instantly". The rest of the girls found they would have to return to Skipton & they would have less than a week before they all meet at Covent Garden. Lolly & Lucy found they where having to work very hard. Miss Grey put them through their paces & then said, "Yes they can go in the chorus with the others.”

After practising for the remainder of the week Lucy & Lolly spent their remaining time getting reacquainted with the family. One evening Gabriel said, " As you two are nearer our age than my parents I think it would be better for all of us to call you Lolly & Lucy rather than Aunt." "We also want you two in the group with all that entails. Lolly looked puzzled.

Ally, "It means from now on you get to cook & wash up. Lucy started to laugh. We already owe Gabriel a years wages on the clothing she bought us. So to pay our way we are willing to do our bit to help."

Gabriel's father handed Lucy a packet. "I think you will be needing theses sister." The packet contained a full set of documentation for Lucy Bond-Peters complements of Justine,

The billboard at Covent Garden announced the New Prima Ballerina Gabriel Lynn her last name had been dropped. Gabriel's parents came for the opening night. Silve remembered how Gabriel had previously been and gave her two Valium to keep her calm Gabriel danced through the night with Dan and thought if only. After the seventh curtain call we all had to pack up and head the 200 miles to Yorkshire after our party at the Ritz.

After the final curtain call the cast & friends went to the Ballroom at the Ritz. The new manager was there to greet Gabriel & the party. The Gurkhas & their captain turned up along with the other guard.

The captain, "We managed to all get tickets for your show." The boys have asked me to ask if you will autograph their programs for them. They lined up in an orderly fashion while she autographed the program for them & gave each one a kiss. Just after she had finished signing the last program there was a rumpus out side.

The manager was trying to deal with the same Gentleman who had recently been rude to Gabriel.

The man, "I do not care if it is a private function I am going in there." He punched the manager in his belly. As he came through the door he saw Gabriel, "You again I am going to sort you out. He made to attack Gabriel but was brought down by the Gurkhas before he got near Gabriel. Gabriel called the police & had him charged with assaulting her staff. Gabriel promised the Gurkhas that once she had finished her tour of Europe she would visit Nepal with her family. Before they left Gabriel noticed the Captain also had a bandage on his wrist.

The following night we played to a packed theatre in the Leeds Grand Theatre. From the posters the Russian & the Northern ballet companies both regularly put on performances here. Next day we where at Skipton civic Hall. This time we where playing to our family and friends we had a superb reception and after the show we where to meet the civic dignitaries & a Buffet meal had been laid on for us in the annex. The following day we went to Leeds-Bradford airport (Yeadon) for our two-hour flight to Milan.

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