Completed Stories

Looking at the story index I don't see an easy way to tell which stories are complete.  Am I missing something ?

I really hate reading 20+ chapters of a new story only to find that I am left hanging !!!!

I saw a couple that said "final chapter" but most did not.


completed stories and "final" chapter

I understand your frustration.

I try to complete my story and post the final chapter with the "final chapter" selected.

Tranquility will likely have somewhere around 30 chapters so you may see I have a way to go. I am presently posting about a chapter every seven to ten days due to other commitments (other than my own). I shall attempt to note your e-mail address "Drucilla" and notify you when the story completes. Thus if this is one of the ones which you are considering reading then you will know when it is completed.

Sorry... partials sometimes bother me as well... especially if the story is a good one.

God Bless You


Completed Stories

I guess I am one of those who left someone in a story 'hanging', but I need peace and quiet to write so I can thing. (It hurts my head to think. -smile-)

I apologize and have sent a message attempting to explain why. I desire to finish my stories and, if I know in advance if something is going to prevent me from writing for awhile, I try to find a place to leave the story so it can stand alone.

I only hope I have not lost my readers.

Starla Anne

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