Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 9


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 9

Saturday the first day of the weekend rides.

Nena awoke & along with Mandy went and gave the others an earlly morning wake up call. Julia for her part did not join them as she was still suffering from the morning sickness. “I wish this would go away she said.”

Doctor Helga was one who Nena did not have to wake up as she was on her way to visit Julia. “Oh good Doctor, Julia is been sick again.”

Kim and cousins were very surprised when there was a knock at the bedroom door. Kim opened the door “ Hello why are you knocking on our doors we only got in late last night.”

“Well my instructions are to wake all up. Gettng in late is no excuse you should have been here earlier. We have much to do after breakfast. We go shopping in the morning as we have an afternoon of charity rides.”

“But we got here as soon as possable. We got a telephone call I thought was from Em & it was from somebody called Renate. She all but ordered us here. Then we had to go and collect Granny.” Kim noticed Nena was laughing.

“Well I should introduce myself I am called Nena & like you am a princess although I did not know it until I met Gaby. The early call is imperitive though as we have a lot to do.”

“Well I am called Kim and my cousins are next door. I better get washed and dressed as mum is out of the shower now. I will meet you in the dining room.”

Holly stuck her head out of the door. “Hi I am Holly my sister Ivy is in the shower. Mum is putting on her face. She asks that you come in.”

Nena entered the room. “Well there is no mistake which side of the family you are from. I am Tatiania my sister Anastasia is next door. We got our late aunts names.

“I am Nena. It is important we get all the girls fit up as bridesmaids. All the junior princesses are included. Then we have other dresses and clothing to buy. Some of the girls have a very poor selection of clothing. Grandma Renate hates to see jeans on girls. So cotten dresses might be advisable. I take it both can ride bikes so I will get a set of skins for each of you. You will need to wear them after lunch as the Champion Rides start at 14.00 at the spa.”

“Hi” said a very wet Ivy. “Yes we do ride in fact we sometimes go and watch cycle races. There is one person we both like & mum said, She was sort of related to us. In fact we thought she might be here as she has a mark similar to ours.”

“Just so you know. We all know that you are the Grand daughter, Great grand daughters and great, great grand daughters of the late Tzar Nicholas. As I speak top scientists are conducting tests to prove beyond doubt what you are. However as far as Renate is concerned the branding is enough. I do not know if you have been watching the news.”

“Yes we were all shocked to find we had gone to sleep in England and awoke in the kingdom of Northumbria.”

The girls granny, “The new Queen Gabriel Battenberg is she by any chance related to my grand daughters?

“Well yes she is slightly related to you although she did not know herself untill yesterday when Em let on about certain marks. Your grandmother though knew about the child.”

The Grand mother looked pussled. I do not think I know anybody by that name. I though knew of the decendents of Robert Battenberg. There was a child called Andrew and one called Julie. My grand daughter Kim is friends with both of them.”

Nena, “Gabriel Battenberg is a direct decendant of Robert as she is of Tzar Nicholas. I presume at home you actually have documents that will prove everything without the need of the DNA tests. Regardless they will tell us all we need to know.”

“I think we had better come for our breakfast and then I will tell what I know. As for the documents I have them all here.”

Nena made a telephone call, “Can the Royal heralds return to Scarborough as some more documents have turned up.”

With that the group followed Nena to the dining room. Kim saw Gaby and ran across and cuddled her. “Gaby these two are my cousins and fans of yours. We understand we have to be fitted out for bridesmaids dresses.

Nena says all the young ones are to be bridesmaids.”

Holly & Ivy's face paled when they saw Gaby. They both did a perfect curtsy. The grand mother noticed and came across.

“Oh my god you even look like Katherine the Great.”

Renate, “Come have your breakfast then we would all like to know about the escape.”

“The Tzar realised that the family was in danger. He found three serving girls who looked like his daughters. The serving girls took the daughters places so the rebels did not realise that an exchange had taken place. These three daughters managed to get out of Russia into Denmark and then got across to Scarborough. They settled down in Yorkshire to a life they were unacustom to. Cousin Edward visited them a time or two. Hence the reason Britain would never acknowledge Anna Anderson as the heir of the Tzar. For our mothers point of view it took the presure of them. They got married and I was one of the results.”

Renate was silent for a moment. “I understood they were taken across the North sea the same way as my sisters were in a submarine.”

“What when Britain & Germany were at each others throat. Or at least neither goverment will ever admit they both helped in the rescue of three Russian princesses. I still think of those three girls who gave their lives so that mum and her two sisters could survive.”

Renate, “Actually those three did not die. Two days after your mothers escape the Tzar told them to change back into servant clothing and go to Germany on an errand for him. They all managed to get out of Russia and do as instructed. One of them continued to provide cover as Anna Anderson for her Princess for the rest of her life. I know all three ladies were well looked after for the rest of their lives. One of the three still lives although she is a very old lady and normally does not leave her home in Germany. She however has asked if she can be brought here as she wishes to meet the children of her princesses.”

Sonja, “As one from both sides of the family I think all three should be treated as heros. All three risked their lives for the Tzars daughters. She may not be a princess by birth. But she took on a princesses duty. She would have had to give up everything to pretend to be a daughter of the Tzar Nicholas. I think as that is the case we should all treat her as a Senior Princess of Russia. For if it was not for her sisters & her sacrifice Gaby and many others would not be here.”

Gaby, “Well anybody who has lived as long as she has is due respect from us all. Grandmas what do you think on this subject?”

Granny Peters, “As one who had to flee from her homeland I know some of what she went through. I agree Gaby she should be treated as a princess of Russia.”

Before the breakfast was over the Royal Heralds had returned. This time it was Prince Charles who flew the Helicopter. “I brought these two with me they wanted to watch this weekends events.”

The heralds looked at the documents that were handed to them and then asked if all those with brand marks could line up so they could inspect them. The heralds looked at the marks. Then they got to Gaby. They looked at Gaby's wrist. “Wrong spot gents it is on my arm.”

The senior herald said, “Why was I not informed of this previously?”

“That is quite simple neither I nor my sister realised they were important until one of my cousins let on about knowing some others with a similar mark. As for the three late princesses they are being exhumed from their current place of rest and their DNA is to be extracted and then they will be laid to rest in the Minster on my instructions as will Robert Battenberg.”

“By any chance has anybody here got a branding set?”

Anastasia & Tatiania's mother, “I brought all three sets as I thought you might like to see them.” Each set was identical except they were inscribed with the name of a different Russian Princess. The Herald lifted the items out and then shook the box of the senior princess. He then pressed a pannel and a secret drawer was reveiled. There was a letter wrote in French and what looked like a ring. The herald placed the ring on Gaby's hand.

“I do not need to see any DNA tests. Obviously three of the Tzar's daughters made it to Britain or these would not be here. This letter tells how 3 sisters who were members of the court took the princesses places. It also tells how those later three they were given shelter in Germany. These documents tell me which daughters got married and to whom. The documents also tell me what names the Princesses assumed while in Britain. If nothing else these documents will allow Queen Gabriel to claim the estate of the late Tzar Nicholas & family.”

Gaby, “Gentlemen will you put in the relevant claims for all my family? Now though I am going shopping with my cousins for some dresses.” With that the group of girls headed directly for Boyce's department store. There they were greeted like long lost friends. The old gentleman came to personaly supervise the sales. Sigfried came and when he saw his friend gave him a hug.

“Normally I avoid these places when the ladies are shopping. However I could not miss this chance to see you again. I should advise you to wear a dress suit for Harrogate next week. Now are you comming down to the sea front this afternoon to watch the races? Most of these young ladies will be riding at some point in the afternoon.”

The son came in “Dad I have just been watching a massive warship docking at the pier where the Regal Lady & Coronia normally dock. It looks like an aircraft carrier and is called the St Petersberg.”

Sigfried, “Can you send all these items across to the hotel. The ship has arrived sooner than I expected. There is a very special guest on board we need to meet.” With that the group walked down the hill to the west pier.

Nena, “Oh it is massive. Look it must be Russian as it is called the St Perersberg.”

Sigfried, “White Russian to be exact. A unit of White Russians has been in Germany since the first world war. They are loyal to the Tzar and all his family. I did not know though the St Petersberg was a white Russian Ship. In fact I did not realise it existed.”

As they got nearer somebody blew a whistle. Soldiers all dressed in white marched off the ship and on to the dockside. Then some sailors did the same. The captain came pushing a wheelchair with an elderly lady in it.”

Sigfried wispered to Gaby, “She is the last of the three decoys.”

As Gaby accompanied by her friends walked towards the lady the first soldier noticed the mark on Gaby.s arm and saluted. One by one the others did the same. As Gaby got near the elderly lady she saw tears running down her face. Gaby saluted the captain & said, “I will take the Princess to inspect her troops and sailors.” The captain returned the salute.

Gaby slowly pushed the chair up and down the ranks of soldiers and sailors. As she was nearly finished a car with several senior females arrived at the dockside. Renate watched ammused as Gaby inspected the men. She then noticed the flag the ship was flying.

The old lady, “You may be dressed like a princess but that mark tells us all that you were born a prince.”

Gaby, “Yes you are correct I was born a boy, but because of a faulty gene I am becoming female. Soon I will become queen of this land and of Germany & Austria.”

“You are so like my mistress in her younger days. As we speak a message is being sent to the Latvian, Lithuanian & Ukranian premiers your existance is confirmed. You may not know it but this is a very important day for those countries. I was given a task to do by the late Tzar Nicholas. Do you mind kneeling in front of this old lady? I would stand but I am too frail these days. ”

Gaby knelt and the aged princess placed a tiara on Gaby's head. “That is the crown of Catherine the Great I have placed on your head. My job is now finished and I can join my sisters in heaven.”

“I can not permit you to go yet as I have not had my coronation. In addition my grandmas wish to have a chat with you. I also and my cousins would like to know how you escaped from Russia to Germany.”

Ulrig, “Oh my god they brought her in an Ul'yanovsk Class Aircraft carrier. I understood they never got completed when the soviet union broke up,”

The captain, “The Ukranian goverment sold off the Riga and that ended up in the hands of the Peoples Red Army. This was bought as a shell by a group of Russian buisness men interested in using it as a casino. On behalf of those buisinessmen I formally hand the St Petersberg to her Majesty Queen Gabriel of Northumbria. All the men you see be they soldier or sailor are loyal White Russians and all have contributed to buying her.”

“Tell me Kaptain how many of these are Russian Princes or children of Russian Aristocracy? Along with my sisters & boyfriends we bought an ex British minesweeper as our ship. It looks like I now have two ships. Ulrig I will not have the men out of pocket will you see they are repayed their costs.”

The Kaptain started to laugh, “My Queen most in some way are related to you although not all are Russian. Some are from other displaced Royal families including German ones.”

As Gaby pushed the old princess up and down the ranks one sailor said, “Permision to take photos for our families back home.”

“Granted, Would you like me to kneel again so you can get one of Catherines crown going on my head?

“Yes please.”

As Gaby knelt down there was a volly of flashes as many cameras went off. As she stood up there was more photos taken. The local reporter from the Scarborough Evening News came to see why a massive warship was in the harbour. The service men wasted no time in sending the pictures and video back home. In Riga one mans wife worked in the telivision studio. She showed the pictures to her collegues. The news department decided to broadcast the pictures. This broadcast would be picked up in other former soviet countries. Some played the national anthem when the crowning of Gabriel took place.

The repoter from the Evening news asked, “That looks very much like the crown of Catherine the Great. It went missing around the time the Tzar & family were murdered.”

“Young man you are partially correct. The reds never found it as I had it. It was my duty to place it on my sisters child or grandchild. That duty has now been performed. It was never lost my sisters all knew where it was. Now it is back with who should wear it by right.”

The reporter spoke, “Queen Gabriel you do not understand do you? My granny was from Russia & she used to tell me it did not need a coronation in a grand cathederal to be king or queen of all the Russians. All it needed was the Crown of Catherine to be placed on their head and for the people to witness that. That certainly has happened, here the daughter of the Tzar has placed it on your head and pictures will now be all over the former soviet block,”

The old lady, “I carried my late father's wishes out and crowned the true king. I could never have claimed the crown as neither could my two sisters as we were from the wrong side of the bed. Now you will understand why I was trusted with the crown. You are decended from one of my half sisters. Anna Anderson in America was one of my true sisters. The real Anastasia was in Yorkshire all the time.”

Gaby thought for a moment. “In that case I hope you will be at the Champions race as you will find out why I an nicknamed the queen who rides.”

The reporter started to laugh, “Sorry I have just realised Gaby Bond & Gabriel Battenberg are the same person. I will report this as Gabriel Battenberg and this afternoons race as Gabriel Bond. I for one want to see how long it takes the rest of the media to see they have been had.” With that he left.

Gabriel spoke, “What is your real name Princess?”

“Alice Lavinia is what I was baptised.”

“Then all shall call you Princess Alice Lavinia. Your father and mother would be proud of you. As far as I am concerned you are a Princess of Russia.”

The sound of clapping made Gaby turn to see who was making the noise. She noticed her grand mother and sisters all clapping. “Well said Gabriel for too long has Alice acted a part and now she can be her true self.”

Nena, “Welcome Princess Alice . On behalf of all the family I greet you and all the Junior Princesses will take turns in pushing you. The morning has gone quicker than we expected and we will have to go back to the hotel for our lunch.” Kapitan by any chance have you any champions among those you brought on the St Petersberg? Two came forward a man & a woman.

The woman, “We are both olympic champions if that is ok. I am the Ladies & my husband he is the mens Ski, Crosscountry & Rifle sharpshooting champions.”

“In that case you are elligable provided you can ride a bike. We are having charity rides this afternoon and tomorrow to raise funds for two charities.”

The two of them looked at each other and the woman spoke again, “We have our own bike although it is a special one so we can take our child when we go riding.” The woman clapped her hands and a nurse came holding the hand of a young child. The child went running up to Princess Alice and scrambled on her knee.”

“I had to stay with my nurse Nana. She said, there was somebody very important and I had to behave. Can I have my cuddles now?”

Nena, “Well you are pretty can I and my friends also have a cuddle. Would you like to come with us and have lunch at our hotel and then ride with the Champions.”

“Mum & Dad are champions they though got me. For ever destined to look like a young child even though I am sixteen years old. I will die as I look now. My brain will never develop any further. My body is stuck as it is now. Sorry I did not introduce myself I am called Heidi Greta Samantha but I tend to get Baby from everybody”

“Well I am called Nena & I ride with the Angels team and also I am the tour director. What we have a need of is a Angels mascot and you will do nicely for that job. Also two from the team are getting married and have need of a flower girl to lead the bridesmaids up the aisle. So what do you say?”

Princess Alice, “You have just been offered a job you are suitable for and only last night you were telling me you would never be able to get work.”

“Ok so long as Mum & Dad agree.”

Nena, “Before we leave here we need to look at the Yorkist.”

“Its over there and it looks tiny against the St Perersberg.” Said Baby

“Yes I see it has been moved from where we left it. Well we better see if the required work has been done.”

Samantha & Greta came and took hold of Baby's hands “We are called Samantha & Greta & are official mascot carers. We did not get chance to see the Yorkist before so this time we want to look at her.” Captain Starkey's Grandfather was still aboard when the girls arrived. Nena went straight and boarded the ship. Captain we have a guest with us & could you send two strong sailors to carry her aboard. As she may need help to get on board the Yorkist.”

“You two have my names so you both can be my big sisters & I will be Baby.”

Two of the sailors went and carried Princess Alice on board the ship. “Well girls I can see why you like this ship she is like a floating palace. Had I been younger I would also have liked to have sailed in her. Perhaps a short cruise one evening will do.”

The captains grand father came into the cabin. “Captain you have a smart ship here. You take after your old grandpa, “Ya.” “Oh sorry I did not realise you had ladies on board.”

Princess Alice spoke in a very sharp tone “Gunther I was informed you were dead. Obviously that report was wrong. Well are you going to introduce me?”

Poor Gunther looked as if he had seen a ghost. “I see you thought I would be long dead like your late mother. Well this Alice Lavinia is very much alive and intends to attend a coronation of a new Queen. I have already placed the crown of Catherine on her head.”

Nena smiled as an elderly gentleman got down on his knees in front of Princess Alice. “I am sorry Princess Alice. The captain is my grandson & he has some of the grandsons of my former collegues. As his crew.”

Nena & Gaby went to help Gunther up as it was obvious he was struggeling. The Captain spoke, “If I may in grandpa's defence. He was found by the captain of a fishing boat in the North Sea more dead than alive. For a very long time he was nursed by my grandma. Eventually he married her but still had difficulty remembering his former life in Germany. Over time his memory returned and he asked me to check on his German family. The letter I sent to the address he gave me was returned house destroyed family presumed dead. So I never looked any further.”

Alice started to smile. “Gunther I persume that is an abreviated version of what happened. It is obvious to me you are equally as frail as I am although I am 20 senior to you come sit here with me. That old uniform tells me it has been lovingly repaired by hands that cared for you .”

“Princess Alice my late wife repaired it for me. Both she and my late father in law knew I was a German. To them that did not matter I was first a person. They took me in cared of me & eventually I became skipper of that fishing boat that saved my life. My son is now currently out looking for fish. He was here earlier but had to go to work. I decided to stay and have a good look round David's ship. Those two sailors who carried you aboard apparently are my great Nephews. As you can see although I went back to sea I have restricted movement. Now you two ladies who helped me up should have left it to the boys to help.”

This brought a giggle from some of the girls. Nena spoke, “Because of your action & that of your crew you transported many of the Royal family to England during a turbulant time. For this action you will be presented with two awards one from Queen Elizabeth and the other from Queen Gabriel. The presentation will take place at the Yorkshire show on the final day. Queen Gabriel currently only has a navy of two ships however she does have the need for an admiral to see the crews are kept in order. I think a new uniform would also be in order.”

Gunther started to smile. “Well I know where there is a brand new captain's uniform although it will need certain additions to alter it from Captain to Admiral.”

Princess Alice spoke, “Well I think those who owe their lives to you should do the alterations. I am sure the alterations will be done with as much love and attention as your late wife spent on your old uniform. In fact as your aunt I will do your first stitches if somebody can thread a needle for me.”

Baby spoke up, “I can do that for you.”

“In that case I will call at Boyce's & get the uniform.”

Gaby, “You will have time after lunch & we need to get you a set of wheels. As I have to get ready for the ride grandma & Princess Alice can ensure you are suitably attired. This evening though I want you in your new uniform we have to go and visit another old lady and you, your son & grandson are all required.”

Captain David Starky, “She will be waiting for us around 19.00. or so I am imformed.”

Renate, “Gunther & Alice you both had better take the car we will use the sea lift to get to the hotel. Captain Starkey you may accompany me back to the hotel.” With that the car set off and the others walked the short distance on the sea front to the Sea lift.

In Russia the Premier was far from pleased.

In front of the Russian Premier stood a very nervous man. “Who exactly did we bury as the Royal Family? Obviously it was not the daughters of the Tzar as the British have them all including one alive one who I was informed was dead and there she is alive on national telivision crowning a girl with Catherines crown. Do you realise how that makes me feel?”

“Sir we did find the remains of the Tzar & his wife. When the other bodies did not correctly match the profile some tombs of other Royals were pilfered and they were identified as been Royal which was correct. It was just they were not the Tzars daughters.”

“We are trying to put the days of the comunist era behind us. You will go on television immediatly and explain what happened and why.”

A short time later a nervous aide went in front of the tv cameras. “As most of you will have noticed from the broadcasts of other countries. The crown of Catherine the Great was placed on the head of Queen Gabriel Battenburg on the dockside in Scarborough. This was done by one of our late Tzars daughters who has been living in Germany accompanied by White Russians. Archologists in their eagerness to provide the required bodies discovered they had the Tzar & his wife but not the daughters. Some person unknown swapped the other bodies for bones pilfered from Royal tombs & claimed them as the daughters. This we now know is incorrect as the British had the bodies and they have been interred in York Minster. Blood tests & DNA tests provided by the British prove beyond doubt the crown of Catherine went on the correct head.”

The premiers of Lithuania, Latvia & Ukraine all grinned at the news. They had already sent representation to Queen Gabriel. Now they were boarding warships of their respective countries. The captains were all given a new flag to fly.”

In Scarborough Gaby was totally oblivious to what was happening across Europe. She went to prepare for the ride. Meanwhile Gunther & Alice went to the department store. There he got two uniforms & discovered they had the correct insignia for an Admiral already on one but the other needed sewing on. “I will wear that now and the ladies will adapt the other for me. Now do you have one of these wheelchairs that will fit me. I might as well be comfortable while the young ones do the charity rides.”

Gaby, Nena & friends discovered the van with the bikes on had been taken down to the spa so they walked to the distance to the sea lift and then walked across to the start. They noticed there was several Apollonaris vans. Gaby started to grin. The latest champions from Manchester had turned up after winning the indoor cycling championships. She also noticed all the Lamkin clan were there along with friends from the motorcycle world.

Dougie, “Is my Jennifer behaving her self & is my dad?”

Nena, “Well Jennifer has been well behaved as for your father he seams to be rather occupied with several ladies including my mother.”

“I hope you girls do not mind I asked a few more friends who are or were champions to come along. Between us all these next two days we should raise quite a bit.”

There was even a van from BBC Top Gear and their presenters including Richard Hammond. Nena looked at Richard and said, “Your the high speed crash man. How do you feel about taking something a bit slower out for a ride?”

Richard, “Well all of the presenters will do at least two circuits if you can get the captains to wear these helmets. They have micro cameras in them and will transmit to the van.”

Gaby, “Well the juniors go first & the captain & vice captain will wear one for you. As for the seniors perhaps you should ask my mother Jenny Bond.”

Mattin, “Well if you can attatch one to my helmet & and that of my Brother Arthur we will film the mororbikes for you.”

Gabriel noticed the two disabled girls waiting by the side of the van, Their mother spoke, “I put them in the suits you gave me. I was unsure where to wait for you. So when I saw the van I thought we would wait here.

Bill got the bike out for Gaby. “Who is taking the second child?”

“That is me.” replied Maddy. Poor Bill did a double take.

“There are two of you.”

“Well there was the last time we checked. I am Maddy & that is Gaby.”

The bikes were then brought out for the remainder of the team Bill said, “We have been busy last night attatching these adaption units so children can ride wirh you all.”

The adults had similar units fitted to their bikes. Jools came across, “Gaby look who is here with support from the Yorkshire Regiment.”

“Sorry Gaby I did not let you know I was coming. Jools has promised to be my engine today. Godfrid is fitting my seat as we speak.”

One of the disabled girls spoke. “Instead of doing all three laps with me we could change so we all get Maddy, Gaby & Jools.”

Gaby looked at the other two who nodded their heads. Then they started off once the rest of the team collected their passengers. It proved to be quite a hard afternoon for Gaby as she also joined the senior ladies for their ride. Then it was the time of the mem. Apollonaris did not have a mens team as such but several well known people took part. One chap turned up. “Is this the place for the Champion rides?” He then looked at Gaby. “I see we meet again Miss Bond.”

“Lance Armstrong we were not expecting you however you are just in time for the mens ride.” Gaby noticed two boys looking rather sad in the crowd. “Why are you sad.”

“We did not get chance to ride with the champions & we have to return home later today.”

Lance looked at the older boy who was completly bald. “I take it you are having treatment for the big C like me. I think if we can get one of those gadgets on you can come on my bike. Us big C boys have to stick together.”

Gaby looked at the smaller child. “Well your brother gets the mens champion & I have beaten him & I am the junior champion so would you like a ride with me?” Gaby had forgotten the camera on her head. They set off as normal and did the first two laps ok. As they got to the Corner cafe turn round Lance shouted to Gaby. Want to give them a spectacular finish & see if you can beat me with a passenger on?”

The young boy behind Gaby said, “Go for it Gaby we are the winning team.” Gaby gave Lance the thumbs up sign & she was off like a rocket.

For a second or two Lance was shocked she was still so fast. His passenger said, “Lance they are miles ahead of us now.” Lance realised Gaby had done it again He set off but soon found the extra weight slowed him down. However he still went fast in comparison to the leasurly ride they had been having earlier. As he got near to the spa he could hear the chant Go Gaby Go. He found Gaby had arrived just two seconds before him but she had collapsed after getting off tthe bike. The young boy was stood by her as the team doctor arrived. “Is she going to be ok we are the winning team.”

Dr Helga looked at the child clutching hold of Gaby. “When my brother was sick I held his hand to let him know I was there. We fight but he is my big brother.”

Gaby started coming round. Dr Helga handed her a drink. “That should help replace some of your lost energy.”

“When my brother was low in energy I had to give him a cuddle like this.”

Gaby smiled, “Yes I can feel all that energy flowing into me.”

The mother came to collect both boys. “Thankyou for taking them out you must be worn out after riding all afternoon. We will have to go and get some tea and then I have to catch the train home.”

Gaby noticed the youngest was still holding her hand. “Well all those who rode with me today are coming back for a meal. My friend here needs pushing will you give me a hand.? Gaby then turned to the officer as we are dealing with your daughter could you help the mother bring the other child to my hotel.”

“He saluted you like daddy used to do to officers. Daddy went to heaven in Hell. My brother is now the man of the house. I wear his old clothing as mummy is finding it hard bringing us two up.”

The soldier was giving the other child a piggyback. “Did I here you correctly that your Daddy went to heaven in hell. Would that be Hellman?”

“Their father was in the Dukes that became part of the Yorkshire Regiment. There was an helicopter crash & he did not survive. Since then I have had trouble finding a home & sorting everthing out especially as this one needs to go hospital for treatment & employers do not like you taking time off.”

As they got to the sea lift the girl in the wheelchair spoke, “I need a nurse and carer. I also have to go to hospital a lot. We have a big house with plenty of rooms. Can you drive?”

“Sorry about that my daughter sees any unatached female as suitable as her carer. She is correct though she does need a carer & we do have enough room for your children. The hours are long and the pay is poor but you do get board and lodging a car & food and a clothing allowance. Also this is one employer who would not mind you going to the hospital. Currently my sister helps me out and my men act as baby sitters if required.”

“Dad you missed out one important bit. I have to have somebody who can drive me to the races when you can not be there. Gaby expects me to be there. Also I need a little sister to teach all sorts of things to and she should be an army brat like me..”

“You knew I am a girl. How did you know? Because everybody thinks I am a boy.”

“Just little things like holding Gabys hand and giving her a cuddle to make her better. Boys would not do that.”

“So there is no misunderstanding you are looking for a housekeeper cum carer for your daughter and she is looking for a mother which might or might not happen only time will tell on that. I know as a serving officer you could get called away at anytime. I am used to Army life as are my children. So I would be interested if that was a serious offer.”

“Gaby will you still be riding now after what has happened?”

“Sorry I thought you had only fainted. Is what you got serious.”

“Er yes I suppose it is serious although I intend for it not to restrict me.”

Granny Perers, “You have three more guests arriving shortly. They will land on the St Petersberg. I will send the car down for them.”

The mother, “Why would they land on the Aircraft carrier at the West Pier. What sort of guests are these?”

Baby started to laugh and then said, “I know why as do most of the others here do. I came on the St Petersberg to greet my Queen. Your daughter has been clinging hold of my Queens hand.”

The officer spoke Queen Gabriel my house keeper still has not realised why you might not be able to ride.”

The poor woman started to do a curtsey and got muddled up. Nena spoke, “Not here this is a no protocol zone. None of us would get any food if we applied that rule as it is supposed to be.”

“But you have been on the bike all afternoon. Should you not be watching?”

“I love riding it was because my mum is the ladies champion I am here and the fact I am junior champion. Today and tomorrow I ride. After that even I do not know what is going to happen. Now though I need the help of Baby and my new friend who is still clinging hold of me like a limpet.” Baby ran and took Gabys other hand. With that they left the dining room.

Renate, “All the rest of us are now in the Ballroom. That includes our guests.” Most knew where to sit.

Granny Peters motioned to the group to come across and sit with her. Renate spoke, You remind me of somebody I once knew a long time ago. It looks like Gaby has done it again without knowing. A simple blood teat & DNA one will tell us if she has the correrct family. Now you sir I am given to understand your future duties are the safety & security of Gabriel Battenberg. I also understand you need carers for your child. Well I have a company of grannies who would love nothing better than to look after your child. After all you will be looking after our children. Now sir Princess Alice wishes a chat with your daughter.”

The officer pushed the chair across to where Guntha & Alice were sitting He saluted Gunther and then bowed to Alice. “Stop that nonesence and place her on my lap we ladies need a chat. You may return to your future wife now.”

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes but am I not heavy on you?”

“On my way here Baby adopted me as her nana & spent nost of her time with me. Now what I want to know is how you met Gaby?

“That is easy it was at a race that she won. We became friends & I told her I wished I could go on a bike with her. She made some adaption for her bike so I could go with her. Dad nearly had an heart attack when he saw it and had the men of his unit make something more substantial. Gaby took me out for a ride, But I noticed several of the men from dads unit also happened to be cycling in the same area. I think dad had ordered them to keep an eye out for us. After taking me out Gaby cycled back home. Oh all the ladies have put on Tiaras.”

“Ah in that case we had better do the same. Can you put this on my head. Now I have a tiny one somewhere for you.”

Trumpets blew and all but those in wheelchairs stood up. The doors opened and Gaby wearing the crown of Catherine walked slowly to the centre. There she sat on the chair and the others all sat down again. Baby & friend sat either side of Gaby both still holding her hand. The trumpets blew again and the door opened. Three gentlemen approached the throne. Their names and countries they represented were announced.

“Greetings gentlemen welcome to the court of Queen Gabriel of Northumbria. What may we do for you?

The three looked at each other. The Latvia represntative spoke. “Your majesty the placing of Catherines crown on your head was broadcast across all our countries. We had to order a week of national celebrations.

The response from our population was fantastic. Many millions of our people witnessed the crown being placed on your head by the late Tzars Nicholas only surviving daughter. Catherine was queen of many countries. In those days only a select few ever witnessed a coronation. Three of those countries are here now to say we acknowledge you as our supreem ruler. No doubt other countries will be also send their representatives before long to say the same.”

“Gentlemen I here the words you say. Unfortunatly I now have to be elsewhere. My closest friends will be with me along with several others. You may accompany my ladies as we go down to the pier. I have requested the use of both the Coronia & Regal lady for those who wish to accompany us. Once we are aboard Beatrice you may take the Yorkist out into the North Sea.

They took the sea lift down to the front. One of the sailors spoke, “Captain your father has only just got here and has gone for a shower as he was still in his working clothes I gave him the bag you left for him & told him to leave his old clothes in the Shower. As soon as everybody was aboard the Yorkist she set off.

Beatrice was surprised. “She is going faster now with more of us aboard than earlier.”

Captain Starkey dried himself off and put the clothing his son had sent. He then folded the dirty clothing and placed it all in the bag. He then went to find his father and son. He grinned when he saw his father in the uniform of an Admiral. “Father that was rapid advancement from this morning when I left you. I got a fantastic catch of lobsters, Crabs & Shrimps & a few fish. He then noticed Princess Alice. “Oh my god!” “Sorry about that I thought I was seeing things. You remind me of my late mother and just for a moment I thought she had returned.”

Captain David took over from Beatrice and the ship slowed down. They got to a point were there was some warships already anchored. There also appeared to be a crane and two barges. The two pleasure cruisers soon joined them. The sea started to boil or at least lots and lots of bubbles broke the surface. Then a conning tower broke the surface. As the crane with two giant slings lifted the submarine out of the sea water gushed out of her. Eventualy no more water came out and she was loaded on to one of the barges. Admiral Stakey looked through som binoculars and realised it was his old ship. The second ship intreged them. Now the Submarine was off her she also could be raised. At first glance she looked to be nothing more than a trawler. However her name pointed to her being foreign. There was a gaping hole in her side as if a mine had sunk her.

Admiral Starkey. “The flotsum we found must have been from her. We did not find the crew though. It is obvious now a mine got her.” Once again the water gushed out of the ship as she was loaded on to a barge.

Captain David got a message the seabed under them is littered with the same item as before so we will need to tidy up here. “What is going to happen to my old ship now David. There are some artifacts I would like to retrieve from her if possable. Also there might be some live amunition on board her.”

Actually the divers have already removed the amunition & wepons. They had fun exploding them. They did discover some of the holds still appeared to be water tight. So they have been left till the ship was brought ashore. From what they told me it is a wonder the ship sank at all.”

“I do not know what all the cargo I had on board was. I do though know there was boxes for certain refugees in England. The other cargo was supposed to go to Japan. I have no idea what it was although an expert in Germany supervised the loading of sealed lead boxes.”

Markus von Bismark, “If those boxes are what I suspect then they will need sending under armed escort to Winscale in Cumbria. I believe they maybe a similar cargo to what U234 had on board.”

Gaby, “I watched a documentary on the U234. If this is similar it needs unloading and sending directly to Windscale. Presumably it is still ok after all these years. Will you arrange fot it to be removed and disposed of as quikly as possable Markus?

Men from Windscale came down to inspect the cargo. They said, “The train will be needed. Some of these are giving off a small bit of radiation. Through the night a team worked removing the boxes marked with a skull & crossbones. Eventually they were all removed and the train left for Leeds and then Cumbria. The men though stayed in case anymore boxes were found on the ship. The crew finally managed to break into the final hold there they found wooden boxes with names on and addresses. Also they found a manifest listing what should be there. There was a note 48 boxes not put on U234. Sent with this ship.

“Well that tells me we have it all as I sent 48 boxes to Windscale. There is no danger from radiation and the leakage was only minor.”

A fleet of wagons came and the boxes were placed on them. The wagons took the boxes to the underground carpark at the Royal. There the boxes were opened. The soldiers started to laugh. One of them went looking to see if anybody was about. Granny Peters was still up chatting to Renate. They both came to inspect the boxes. They both smiled when they saw the dresses.

Renate, “So they finally have arrived only 60 years late. I doubt that the dresses will fit you now although they might fit your grand daughters. There is one box though that could still be useful for you.” Renate looked at the boxes “Ah this one I put your name on it but it was actually for you all. I suppose actually it should all go to Gaby. I was lucky to get to it before others got it. In fact I know certain persons were fuming when they found the vaults empty. Nobody but me realised what was in these boxes.” The guards prised off the remaining lids.

“Can you boys take the dresses out and then lift out the items at the bottom of each box. They are the reason they are so heavy not the dresses.” In each box there was a layer of gold bars. Now boys if you care to check the dresses you will find there is a layer of gold coins sewn into them. It took me a while & I was surprised I was never suspected of removing the gold from fathers vault. I nailed the boxes myself & asked Gunther to take them to England. I told him the boxes had not to fall into the hands of the opposition.”

The men stacked bars of gold at the side of the boxes. Renate showed them how to remove a thread and the coins came cascading out of the dresses. One spoke into a telephone and asked for extra help. Before long another dozen men arrived . Meanwhile Renate & Granny Peters lifted the regalia of Ludwig & Frederick the Great on to the floor.

Gunther came in pushed by his son. “I came to say we are going now and in the morning I will call at the ship. Oh my are those the boxes you had me take on the ship.?

“Only 60 years late and they have reached their destination. As you can see the reason why I did not want it to fall into the wrong hands. Now it has finally arrived.”

“Oh there is some more boxes in my cabin. They though are in metal boxes. I initially thought this was from them. Captain Will you have your men bring all boxes from the captains cabin here I will stay to inspect them.”

It did not take the men long to locate all the boxes and bring them to the hotel. Meanwhile all the regalia was finally out of the boxes. Welding gear was needed to open the greatly corroded boxes. Inside the first box though they were found the contents to be intact. The men opened the remaining boxes “Sir who does this belong to?”

“Well oficially it belonged to the Kaiser. Certain families felt it would be far safer in England rather than it stay in Germany. After all it was the same family. Now I suppose it actually belongs to Queen Gabriel as do the other regalia. The other boxes contain other missing items that were presumed lost in the war. Certain boxes contain help for some royal refugees from other family members. Did the men find the secret area in front of the holds. In there there was another box, but I do not know what it contains although I think it might be similar to the 48.”

Eventually the security team found the hidden compartment. They found several boxes. None of them gave off radiation. The officer in charge decided to open them and after inspecting the first box decided it should be sent to Windscale for disposal. One of the other boxes contained rolled up paintings and had an address in South America. Several of the others were very similar and the officer sent them to the hotel. There was a manifest stating what the pictures were and from where they had come. There were several more boxes that needed disposing at Windscale so they did not get into the wrong hands. A truck of soldiers got sent to take the boxes directly to Windscale. The ship was then checked out for other secret compartments.


“Sir this has turned out to be a treasure ship. Are the other boxes similar to those we sent to the hotel?” When the remaining boxes got delivered Renate inspected them.

The officer said, “Princess most of these are minus their frames and appear to be looted. We have a list of where they have been stolen from.

However I believe most of these may belong to your family as they are listed as confiscated from your fathers estate.

There was tears in the eyes as both Granny Peters & Renate said the same places the paintings had come from. There were a few neither recognised and they asked the officer to go to the rooms of some others and ask them to come to the garage. Princess Alice was one who responded and came down. She looked at the pictures. “Yes I know where they used to be originally they were in the winter palace. After the communist took over I do not know where they got put. Those are Fabrage eggs and also were originally in the Winter palace. By any chance did you discover any boxes with some brown resin in.”

“Yes I sent it for destruction as I thought it was something to do with the weapons.”

“Please you have to get it back. They are very important and belong in the amber room.”

Up at Windscale.


All the boxes were opened and double checked before the uranium was processed. One of the 48 boxes was not uranium but gold. This was handed back to the soldiers as were the boxes containing the amber. The scientists looked at the remaining boxes.

One said, “They were close but this would never have worked. Had they managed though we all might be speaking a diffrent language. It would not be safe though to leave these around so we will destroy them permanently.

One of the scientists looked at the gold again. “I thought this was payment but when I look at the gold it has been shaped and I think these are the triggers or similar. The gold is still gold and needs returning. He then looked at the box containing the Amber and got excited. Where did this come from?

An officer spoke, “British & German navys as part of a joint exercise salvaged two ships off east coast. This was done on the instructions of Queen Gabriel of Northumbria.”

“Would you gents like to have a meal in our canteen and you captain can you inform your superiors Dr Selena Parsi, Senior scientist here and also Dr of antiqities in Eastern Europe will be comming back with you and could somebody make arangements for my stay.”

The doctor vanished and a short time later returned with a case and a book. “The gold and amber have they been sealed yet?”

“No that is our next task.”

Doctor Parisi took a piece of amber out and then a piece of gold. The gold fastened on to the amber. The doctor grinned. “I was mistaken earlier the gold goes with the amber. Oficially it belongs to the Russian Royal family although the current goverment may try and claim it.”

“Dr I take it you have not watched the telivision over the last few days. If you have a computer I can show you.” The captain showed the news broadcasts that had recently gone out. Then he showed the foreign broadcast of Gaby having the crown of Catherine placed on her head.

“Oh I did not know and I was pussled when you said Queen Gabriel of Northumbria. Besides that then from what I have gleened she is also Queen of Germany & Austria & with Catherines crown many of the Easten Europe countries will also recognise her.”

“I believe Latvia, Lithuania & the Ukcraine already have recognised her and are sending official reperesentatives that should arrive in a day or two.”

“If you gents do not mind I will try and sleep a little till we get to our destination. If possable could you order up at least 20 sheets of 8x4 foam. I have a very big jigsaw to reconstruct with only this as a clue.” Dr Parisi put on her seatbelt and almost instantly dropped off to sleep. They drove through the night to return to Scarborough.

The Captain on duty. ”The sheets of foam you orderd have arrived. What do you want them for.”

“Not me, her & she is still sleeping soundly. I am supposed to awake her when we arrive.” The Captain shook the woman gently. “Madam we are here.”

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