Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 8



Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 8

Day 6 Friday. Kaptain Starky of the U-740.

Gunther Starky looked at his grand son and grinned. “So you take after your Grandpa & Papa and & joined the navy after all. May I look over your ship? I well remember my first Kaptain Fryberg. He was to later become Admiral Fryberg and was a real gentleman. I was the only survivor of the U-740. A storm came up after we abandoned ship and all my men died. To this day I have thought what would have happened if I had not given the order to abandon ship. We had an additional one other person on board who was secreted in my cabin. He was the only one who died on board the ship. We should have dropped him on the English Shore near Robin Hoods Bay however we never got there. Your great grandpa was fishing in the North Sea and found me alive clinging hold of some wreckage. He took me home and his daughter looked after me. By the time I had fully recovered the war was over and I discovered I and my crew had been recovered and buried. So I married my nurse became Gunther Starky part owner of a fishing boat.”

“I was one of the few u-boat kaptains who never managed to sink a ship in the war. I was detailed to special services section run by officers who wished for the return of our king My instructions was the ship had never to fall into the opositions hands. After dropping the agent on the east coast of England with some boxes we had to go to south America with a special cargo for the Reichs Marshal. However that cargo never arrived Unfortunatly for us we got spotted by a plane when we entered the English Channel. They bombed us and damaged the propeller. Initially we did not realise we were loosing fuel. We got the submasrine to a site in the North sea where another submarine had previously been in action. At this point we ran out of fuel so following my instructions I gave the order to open the sea cocks and scuttle the ship. That was the last time I saw of my men we even brought the spy with us although he was dead..” The old man went to a shelf and brought out his old uniform. “I will put on my old uniform it is clean but old and it still fits me after all these years.”

David Starkey smiled at his grandpa when he saw the uniform. The old man went to a drawer and took out a selection of medals. “I earned these and so I will wear them to visit your ship.”

“Grandpa I am not sure this is a good idea, I had Prince Markus Von Bismark & Admiral Spey on my ship & he has orderd the recovery of a submarine and a ship we have discovered when diving. Grandpa do you realise some of those medals are Imperial ones?”

“I know full well as I helped Royal Princesses Escape from Nazi Germany and Austria and that is why I got these medals.”

Some British sailors had requested a transfer to The Yorkist and Admiral Spey transfered a similar number from the German navy. He also replaced the flags Beatrice & Isolde made with the correct ones. During the night the new communication system was fitted to the ship.

One of the sailors, “Sir when I was here before I discovered how to get more power out of her. I was then ordered not to do it again. Have I permision to imcrease the engines power.”

“Yes permision granted. I also need sign writers to Paint the words The Yorkist M1 on either side of the stern.”

A British & German both said “We will do that sir. Have we permision to also paint HMNS and a crown on her.”

Permision granted the German held his hand out “I am Fritz from Hannover we are a united team now.”

“Arthur from Hull. I served on her previously.”

“Arthur lets get this painting done.” The remaining sailors had paired off and went to get the Yorkist ready. By the time Captain David Starky arrived with his father and grandpa The Yorkist was already ship shape.

This was the first time David had met his crew. “Sir my father and Grandpa expressed a wish to see my ship.”

“I thought when I met you earlier your face was familier now I understand. Gunther I understood you had died. I see that information was wrong. I also notice you are now wearing your imperial medals.”

“Sir the shp ran out of fuel and had been damaged by a plane that dropped a bomb on us. My instructions was the ship had not to fall into enemy hands due to the cargo she carried. Alas sir your brother died in the storm and I was the only one saved.”

“In that case I will have a new marker placed on the grave. I always wondered what had happened to him. Now Captain Starky would you take the Yorkist to the site of the U-740.”

“Gunther for years your ship was missing presumed lost in The English Channel although she was never discovered. Most of your men washed ashore on the coast of Norfolk. We even knew you followed orders and scuttled the ship as some lived long emough to tell the British that. What we had no idea was that you got so close to your destination.”

“When I was found I was more dead than alive. The captain who found me took me to his own home, there his only daughter tended to me. The police were informed that a half drowned sailor had been found but they never bothered to check me out. I was a very long time before I recovered and then I was still very weak. My personal nurse tended to me all this time. By the time I was able to tell anybody who I was the war was ended and Germany was split in half. My family if they survived would have been in the eastern part. So rather than endangering any surviving members I set my home up here helping the captain and eventually becomming his son in law.”

One of the German sailors, “Kapitain you did as you were ordered. Your exploits are ledgedary anong the Special Marine service. All these sailors you see from Germany are the Grandsons of those sailors who sailed with you. Sir it was not you that killed the men but the storm that arose at the wrong time. We all consider it an honour to serve under your grandson. We also consider it a priveledge to be allowed to sail Queen Gabriel's latest ship. The Yorkist may be small but she bears the Imperial standards of three countries.”

Gunther looked at the flags fluttering in the wind. “Oh I did not notice before the Tri German standard of Robert Battenburg and the Yorkshire flag with crowns on. I do not listen to the television or bother with newspapers as it is normally all bad news. Has the Kaiser been restored?”

“Gunther you may not realise it but you were in line for promotion before the sinking. I need to get you fitted for a more suitable uniform. Now I know for sure you are alive your promotion goes ahead even if it is rather late. Also you and your wife will be required in full new uniform to meet and greet her majesty on Thursday at the Yorkshire show. My brother may be dead but because of your action many Royals who might have been disposed of survived the war. As for your family your brothers still survive and two of your nephews also followed in your footsteps and are here”

Two young men saluted Gunther. He returned the salute.


Back at the Royal Hotel.


Additional coaches had arrived at the Royal for the additional guests. Also a North Yorkshire police escort arrived . Nena, “Today we have a visit at the Yorvik centre , Cliffords tower and the Castle Museum on our list as well we visit to the Minster. These are all relatively close together. Lunch will be at the Hilton Hotel which is also close by. There will be no evening ride as we are all booked in at the Futurist theatre back in Scarborough. This will be the first time we visit York we shall have several other visits while here in Yorkshire. Now as you can see the main road to York has been closed for a short time while we travel along it. As you all may have gathered the British Royals have joined us for a short time.

Gaby looked round her coach and all the adults had gone in their place were children, Another thing Gaby noticed there was not a boy amongst them.

Cat, “Gaby all these joined team Gaby during the night.”

Nena started to laugh. Beatrice spoke, “Gaby Do all these and the Royal jokers now get a chance to become bridesmaids like the earlier Princesses?”

One of the younger girls gasped, “Princess Cattarina Grandma Renate said we have to give everybody their correct Titles. You did not.”

Princess Stephanie of the Tyrol, “Grandma is correct but when together like this we call Gabriel Gaby or Captain as she is the captain of the junior girls team.”

“But I Princess May of the Rhine is still confused. Grandpa said we had a new king, But all I see is girls.”

Princess Wilma, “You all know me until recently I was that brat your cousin William. Then I got the biggest shock of my life I turned into a girl over night. Princess Stephanie on the other hand has been slowly changing and for a long time some of you thought of her as a tomboy. There are others on board that are similar. I presume the King is like Stephanie and is slowly changing.”

Stephanie, “I thought I was the only one till the same happened to William. I knew all my other cousins were girls.”

Maria, “I suggest you drop the subject unless all those who have changed wish to admit the fact. I know there are several more of the new group who changed as young children, Both Stephan & William lasted a long time and I only know of one case where the person got married before chamging. For those who change it is very traumatic. They need our help & guidance.”

The coaches with their escort had left Scarborough and joined the dual carriageway to York. Soon they caught their first glimps of the ancient walled city of York. Their coaches pulled up in front of the Hilton Hotel and then reversed into reserved parking spaces oposite it. From there they coukd see Cliffords Tower. The cameras came out. The castle had opened earlier to accomodate the special guests. On the top of the tower there was a plaque pointing out the landmarks that could be seen in the distance. One of the landmarks was the Nestle factory and others that could be seen on the skyline was the giant powerstations that the girls has seen on the way to Scarborough After visiting the Clifford's Tower they went across the road to visit the Yorvik exerbition. There they were taken back in time through the centuries to the time of the Vikings. They sat on a car similar to that used for ghost trains. The car took them round the village and then they saw the actual preserved remains of ancient York. They giggled as the ancient people talked to them and there was even one on an outside toilet. Eventually the car took them to the museum part of the display. By the time they were leaving a long queue had formed.

Isolde, “I understand them. They are speaking a form of German similar to what I hear when we visit Denmark.”

Nena, “Sorry girls we now have to move on. Isolde you are correct they did speak a form of German. Now we have time for the Castle museum before lunch then it is to the Minster for a visit and of course for us to sing,”

They crossed the carpark and noticed the adults had beaten them to it. “How did they do that? asked Wilma.

“They get to see that another day Wilma The other parties have been visiting other sites. The Castle museum though is big enough to take us all at once.”

Once inside the museum Nena explained that part of it had been done out as a Victorian main street. All the shops were authentic in that their contents were as of the Victorian era The group discovered they could buy lots of things for one old penny. Some of the shops had people demonstrating their skills. An example was the candle maker and the sweet shop that made their own boiled sweets. After that they visited the cells where prisoners were held before trial at the assises. The guide showed then the cell where Dick Turpin the famous highwayman was held before he was executed at Tyburm. They also saw the cell where some of the Pendle witches where held. The guide explained “Some witches got sent to York and some to Lancaster. Those who went to Lancaster got executed while those who came here survived. I realise most of you are from abroad so I will give you a little history of York and area. At one time York not London was the Capital of Britain. Britain is named after the ancient Celtic tribe that ruled this area. Their country was known as Brigantia they were the strongest off all the Celtic tribes. At least one Roman emperor was born in York and one took a celtic princess called Hellen as his wife. After the Romans came the Anglo Saxons and then the Vikings. They also made this their capital city. “

“I come from Saxony.” Said one of the girls.

“I come from Denmark.” Said another.

“In that case you are modern Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.” The girls giggled at that. “Every summer we get many young people fron Norway, Sweeden. Denmark & Germany come here to sing and parade. This year is going to be different though. A couple of days ago I went to sleep in England and awoke in a new country. While I was asleep the Prime Minister down in London decided the Northern half of Britain should have its own Goverment. And so the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria was reborn and York once again is the capital city.”

Isolde still in the wheelchair, “I like your silly stories If there was actually a kingdom it would need a king or Queen.”

“Young lady there is a young Queen of this land she is called Gabriel Battenberg so I presume with a name like that she is from Germany. Prince Phillip the Queens husband is called Mountbatten so I presume the girl is some sort of relative.” This again brought giggles.

Gaby, “Thank very much for guiding us around we have all enjoyed it. I know the girls have enjoyed the history session. Personaly I think the new Queen will have surrounded her self with the daughters of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons who will be her strongest supporters and allies.” With that they left for the Hilton York Hotel and lunch.

As the the party crossed the car park to the hotel Nena heard the word “Drew it is me Em.”

Gaby spun round then she held her arms out and cuddled her friend. “Sorry to disturb you with your new friends. I have some news I need to tell you. Mum finally took me to see the docter who refered me to a specialist at Saint Jamses Hospital in Leeds. Well we went it was great she told mum I was her daughter and always would be and she had to remove all masculine items from the house. Then mum asked how long before I could be a normal girl. The doctor said, Well we will start right now with an examination he put on gloves and stuck his finger up my bum. Then he had me lift my legs up and he placed them both in slings. Mum smiled when she saw the slings and said, “All ladies have to be examined like this.” He then started to pull at my skin with his fingers. Mum gasped and all I felt was a tickle. Mum said, “Doctor is that what I think it is? “Yes Mrs Morgan you certainly have a daughter now. As for the little extra that will probably shrink down now this if fully opened. I will see you in a couple of weeks and see how you are doing and if it has not shrunk by then I will make arrangements to reduce it.”

“I am pleased for you Em. We are just going for lunch at the Hilton.”

“Wow Gaby you and your friends lunching there. Mom brought me here today as a special treat. There is no way now can dad have a son.”

Nena looked at Silvia and Em, “Gaby perhaps your friend and mother would like to join us for Lunch and spend the rest of the day with us.”

Em looked at Gaby, “Your new friends do they know your history? I also saw the news broadcast the other evening. At school they all think the broadcast was a practical joke.” Gaby shook her head sideways.

“No my friend I was like you and now can have children. The broadcast was real. What it did not say was that my older sister you know her as goth girl well she has also got engaged to a German prince. Are you going to join us for the meal.”

“Wow I am friends with three princesses and the future Queen of Britain.”

Silvia looked at her purse, “I am not sure we could afford to eat in there it is rather expensive.”

Nena spoke again but it also sounded more like an order, “Sorry for the missunderstanding you will be our guests for the remainder of the day. My cousins and I wish to hear about the antics of Gaby.”

In the dinning room Silvia found herself seated with Gaby's parents and grandma along with some other equally elderly ladies. Bishop Richard and Cardinal Waibel joined the group and jointly said grace.

Silvia knew three of the group. “Sorry for disturbing your lunch the courier asked me to come and join you for the remainder of the day. Well she was nice but it felt almost like an order.”

Renate, “Well I and these ladies are Gaby's great aunts. This is my husband Sigfried and these are the team chaplins.”

Sigfried noticed the medal Silvia was wearing. “Do you always wear that medalion? May I see it?

Silvia took it of. She hands it to the Sigfried. “It is the only momento of my real father he died in the war. Other than that I know nothing about him.” Sigfried looked at the inscription and called another man over.

“Take a look at this.”

“Where has this come from Sigfried?”

“Sir it is mine may I have my father's medal back. I feel lost with out it.

Sorry have I said something that has upset you?”

“No dear these are tears of joy. Yesterday I finally recieved news of my brother and where he has laid buried all these years. Today I recieve news he survives in part. So I am happy. Now dear tell me your lifestory or what you can remember.” The Gentleman pulled a chair to the table.

“Well I never knew dad I was born about nine months after he went on his last mission. Mum told me he was working to stop the war. Unfortunatly he became a victim of it. Mum had a hard time bringing me up but she refused to put me up for adoption. Eventually I grew up and got married. My husband got me pregnant and then deserted me. My child was a boy or apparently a boy. I have recently learned my child is a girl. I am still coming to terms with that. The doctor recomends I change school so none of the other children know Rhod as Em. I will have to look for somewhere to start a new hairdressing and beauty salon.”

“So you also have a child. Where is the child now.”

“Em is sat eating and chatting with Gaby and her teammates. She always is happy around Gaby. Anybody would think they were attracted to each other like magnets are.”

Sigfried, “Yes she does have an unusual ability to select the correct friends. Waitress can you pass this note to the table with all the girls on.

Gaby read the note, “We are all wanted by Sigfried & Renate. Come Em you are included. Sigfried you need some advise?”

“Girls this lady is Silvia the mother of Em you all have been chatting to. When we finish this tour there will still be four weeks and then school “starts and I thought it would be better if you all went to the same one. Now Silvia needs to move home due to her child having an illness similar to Wilma's. I was wondering how you would all feel if Em was to join your ranks with imediate effect.”

Nena, “Uncle Sigfried I speak for all in the new girl section. Em is already a long term friend of Gaby, Maddy & Jools. The rest of the group have taken an instant liking to her. So none of us have any objection to her joining.”

Fieldmarshal Bismark started to smile. He took hold of Silvias hand if you please come with me. To the centre. “Ladies and Gentlemen recently I learned the whereabouts of my late brother. Today I discover his daughter my niece and Grand child. As my brother is dead the responsability falls on me to ensure their welfare even if it is somewhat late in coming. As such I now recognise Silvia as my daughter and Em as my grandchild. One thing is certain they will be moving in with us with instant effect as of now. Tomorrow will the girls take them shopping to attire them both as befits their station as Princesses of Germany.”

Nena noticed the ring Em was wearing on a chain round her neck. She asked to examine it Granny gave me this before she died when I was still a boy but it was too big for me and so I put it on this chain.”

Renate looked at the ring. “Well Fieldmarshal if there was any doubt before this confirms to me your brother had family in England. Young lady you are very wealthy this ring ensures that.”

Em, “I do not understand mum is a hairdresser and beautician. Had either of us money we would not have had to scrimp and scrape. Dad never sent mum payment for me. In fact he did not want to know until he discovered his new wife could not have children and she wanted to know me.”

Prince Phillip came across and examined the ring. “No doubt at all whom this belonged to. She is of his blood. You young lady may not realise it but in someway you are I are related to all in this room. Even me and my family.”

“But you are Queen Elizabeths husband. Oh I have just realised should I have done a curtsy?” Em tries to do a rather clumsy curtsey.”

Bishop Richard, “As we have now finished we will go across to the Minster. Archbishop John will meet us under the Great Rose widow. Once inside they first visited the crypt and undercroft. There they saw archaeologists uncovering roman remains.


One of the Archaeologists came across and said, “Hello I am Wendy McCann the senior archaeologist on this site. These Roman remains got discovered when new foundations were being put in. As you can see they are quite extensive.”

The group then visited the treasury where all valuable relics belonging the cathederal were stored.

They saw the tomb of the Black Prince and the many side chapels. Eventually they reached the High altar and the choir stalls. Archbishop John looked round. “Ha my little friend I promised you could sit in my seat. Come with me to the High Altar. I have a job for Gabriel and friends can you walk down the side aisle until you get to the far end and one of my vergers will instruct you what to do next.”

Gaby Bond did as requested and discovered the choir was waiting. The verger said. “Gabriel you stand alone and your friends will be in pairs behind you with the tallest first and the smallest at the back. This is a practise for your coronation later in the year.”

Gaby looked at the verger as if he was mad. “I thought that bit was just a dream.”

Jools shook her head. “Sister of mine did you not just get engaged to William Wales? He is not marrying a Princess but a queen in her own right.” Whilst they were chatting there was a few flashes as a reporter and photographer from the Yorkshire Post took some photos.”

“Sorry If we startled you. I am Frederick Manby from the Yorkshire Post and I have to do a piece for the paper. “Now who might you be and what are you doing in the minster today.”

Fieldmarshal Bismark appeared, “Young man you are interfeering with the rehersal for the coronation of Queen Gabriel Battenburg. There are many important people waiting.”

Gaby, “Your photographer may take pictures of me and my attendants while I am going down the aisle and up at the altar. After that I will give you an exclusive interview. However Ulrig gets to check all the photos and your write up before anything is printed.”

The choir set off down the aisle followed by Gaby and attendants. Gaby held her head high as Nena has instructed her to do and fixed her eyes on the top of the great window. Before long they were at High altar the choir went into the choir stalls then the attendants followed them. Gaby had to accend the steps to the Altar. There the Archbishop motioned her to kneel. Gaby knelt down and the Archbishop along with Bishop Seed and Cardinal Waibel placed their hands on Gaby's head. Then Isolde came and placed a tiara on Gaby's head.

“My friend and queen this tiara represents your united peoples of Northumbria, Germany and Austria.”

Nena came and pinned on a cloak. This was followed by Maddy & Jools handing Gaby the orb and scepter. Then there was more singing. Kat once again sung in both German and English.

Archbishop John, “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you your new Queen Gabriel of Battenburg.” At this the photographer took lots of pictures.

Gaby then as promised answred the questions put to her. “It might be better if I told you a little bit about mtself. I was brought up as a normal child. My grandparents gave me two rings. It was only recently that the significance of them was realised. Then the Royal heralds discovered various documents at my Grandmas house. To be honest I was very shocked. Neither I nor my family had any idea I was heir to all this. Even the goverment had forgotten that Queen Victoria had gifted all the area of Britain now designated as Northumbria to Robert Battenburg on her marriage to him. The English goverment has for some time been thinking about giving Northern England some measure of independance. The documents turning up though meant they now had to give that area total independance. I for my part never had any intention of depriving Queen Elizabeth of any of her kingdom. However I find neither of us have much choice in this matter. I know Scotland had been petitioning the British Goverment to change the boundries. They had wanted to include part of Northumberland and Cumbria into Scotland. What they did not expect was to find all Southern Scotland had been transfered to the new country of Northumbria.”

“What was your hopes and aspirations before all this hapened to you?”

“Well I and my friends all wanted to do well in our GCSE exams. As for what I wanted to do I was undecided. As unenployment is rife where I lived education was a way out. I would have taken my A2 and A level exams providing I did well. Then I would have gone to University. As to which I have not considered that. Now though I will be going to a special school with all my new friends and some old ones. I still want to do my exams but now my future is mapped out for me. Coronation in York. Then there will be a tour of all my major cities in each of my countries. Beyond that I do not know what is going to happen.”

With that the reporter and photographer left for Leeds. traveling along the A64 did not take them long to get back to the office. The reporter and Photographer went straight to the editors office. The editor looked at the pictures and the notes the reporter had made. “Well that decided what we lead with in the morning. In fact we will run with it on the first four pages. Now to decide the headline.”

Reporter said. “YORK is new Capital city. Or Queen Gabriel visits her Northumbrian capital.”

“I think we will go with the second one.”

“Sir while we have an exclusive once the write up is done Fieldmarshall Bismark wishes to see the mockup before we go to press.”

“That I can understand. It appears you will be going back to Scarborough with the mock up. I will arrange transport for you. Once confirmation is given we go to press. So I will be waiting for that phone call.


Gaby & friends had returned to Scarborough.

Gaby and her companions had returned to Scarborough and had their evening meal now they made the short journey to the Futurist theatre. Ken Dodd and his Diddymen was the act on that night.

Gaby & her companions took all the upper balcony and boxes. The stalls were the only seats the general public could get hold of. Ken came on to the stage. “Oh we have a full house tonight. I hope you all brought your bedrolls you are in for a long night. I see even the Royal box is full tonight.” Ken brings out a pair of binoculars. “Oh dear I will have to behave it is the Queen herself.” Ken gives a bow and then he went into his act. Towards the end of the first half of his act Ken said, “Well I suppose I can now put on all my adverts by appointment to.”

“I hope you all do not mind but the Diddy King has decided to throw his weight behind two charity rides this weekend. I am asking you all to dig deep and help the two charities the rides are for. I am telling you this so the taxman knows I and my Diddymen will be giving our services.” This brought quite a bit of laughter from the audience.”

There was a knock on the door of the Royal box a Diddyman entered. “The Diddy king sends his greetings. He asks that the New queen of Northumbria waves back to him if she agrees to come down to the stage with me.” Gaby waved to Ken.

Wilma looked at the diddyman. “You are a tiny lady.”

The Diddyman, “Love all of the Diddymen are tiny ladies. When you are our size you have difficulty getting a job. Ken provides us with a job we are all good at. He looks after us well and we get to travel up and down the country with him.” Gaby hugged the diddyman.

Gaby, Maddy & Jools followed the Diddyman to the stage. The Diddyman explained what Ken wanted them to do. “Ladies and Gentlemen I see my special guest has arrived and she has brought her sisters with her. I am of course meaning Gaby Bond and her sisters who all recently got engaged to Prince William, Harry & Markus.”

Gaby read the card she was handed. “The Diddy king askes me to inform you his Diddymen will be coming around with buckets please dig deep into your pockets. All money collected tonight will be split evenly between both charities. I and my friends will be present on both Saturday and Sunday.”

One person in the Audiance said, “My children ask will the Angels be able to sign their autograph book.” Gaby looked across at the lady. She was sat near the front with two children in wheelchairs.

“I presume both children are yours?”

“Yes they both have genetic problems and will be confined to the wheelchair for the rest of their short life.”

Gaby asked a Diddyman if she would go and bring the two girls on stage. She did as requested. The diddyperson returned with the mother, the sister and the two children. Gaby looked at them. “I see you both have Go Gaby Go teashirts on. I hear you would like my and the Angels autographs. Would you also like the senior ladies Autographs as well.”

“Yes please. Daddy took us to watch you when you raced at Lincoln a while ago. Aunty made these teashirts for us.”

“Well I think I can do a bit better than a few autographs. The Angels need some disabled passengers to take on the ride of champions this weekend. Would you two like the job.”

Ken, “In addition you will get to play with the Diddymen on the sands.” The childrens eyes opened up very wide.

“Realy. Yes please.”

“Now I need your help. Can you two take my diddymen round all these people at the intermission and tell them all it is a silent collection.” Ken drops some notes into the bucket.

Gaby, “Before you do that I and all my friends and family will come here and autograph your book. We better start with the Diddy king and his helpers.” One by one they came on to the stage and gave a wave. Then they signed the books for both girls. The junior team followed by the seniors all came and signed the book.

Then Sigfried came with Renate, “Would you ladies also like our signatures?”

Gaby, “Girls this gentleman is very important he is the major owner of Appolonaris and he also is Regent of Bavaria.”

The mother tried to do a curtsy. “Girls what Gaby means is this man is like a king in his own country.”

One of the girls, “Yes Please, you will be our first king.”

Sigfried, “So you like my team. Will you ride with Gaby and Maddy in the Champions ride?”

The two girls looked at each other, “We would like to, But we might not be able to as we keep having accidents.”

Renate, “Girls I may be Sigfrieds wife but I also a mum and a Granny. I know what sorts of accidents you might have.”

“Are you like a granny Queen same as Queen Elizabeth?”

Gaby giggled, “Renate is certainly a Princess of Austria. Would you both like to see a real Granny Queen & her husband?” Even Ken was flabergasted when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip came and signed the girls books.

“Sorry your majesty I was joking about the Royal box. I did not realise there was real Royals here. I did though spot Gaby Bond.”

“Ken my future grand daughter in law persuaded us to stay this weekend. While I will not be taking part in the ride I will be there to support team Appolonaris. After all it has a family connection. Champions from all over Britain are heading here to take part and I understand Richard Hammond who was transported by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to hospital after his spectacular crash is also coming. If the diddymen do not mind the two Grannies will push you girls around with the diddymen.”

Even Prince Phillip looked astounded at this. “Elizabeth are you sure?”

Granny Peters came on stage pushing Isolde. One of the girls spoke “You are in a wheelchair like us.”

“Yes I am recovering from a serious illness. I see you are going to have my grandma to push you round. I brought Gaby's grandma & thought I could also help with the collection.”

“Are you also a German Princess?”

“Yes I am. Even Princesses some times get very sick and their mummy's & daddy's get sad. I had to be transported by air ambulance to a top hospital. There they managed to save my life. So when I heard about this weekend I had to join my sister and help raise money for both charities. Before the intermision though if Ken agrees the Angels would like to sing to everybody here.

Gaby and Kat went both into the first verse of the song of Mary, Then the angles joined in and this was followed by Land of Hope & Glory. Then the curtain came down for the intermision.

Queen Elizabeth did as promised and took the girls round. Then the girls were handed back to their mother and Queen Elizabeth went for some refreshment. “Phillip stop looking at me like that. The new Queen of Northumbria has made me realise how much we have been protected and closeted. She maybe a child but she gets among her people. The press may have titled Diana the Peoples Princess well now they have the peoples Queen. Look at her now with those disabled girls she is treating them as equals.”

“Yes dear. I was thinking uncle Louis would have loved to see this day. He would have been over the moon to discover Robert Battenburg had married Victoria & they had family. Now our families are to be united again. I have enjoyed the day. It is not often that one can relax with the family. Sunday though we will go to Scotland and prepare for Thursday.”

The second part of the show started and towards the end Gaby, Maddy & Jools appeared pushing the three girls. Sigfried was with them and he spoke.”Ladies and Gentlmen than you for your generous donations what we collected tonight will be divided evenly between the two charities. Between us we have raised the sum of £1,000,195. In addition there was some coinage in Euros this amounted to 100.097 Euros. Queen Gabriel although not present asked me as Regent to double what was raised tonight."

As he was speaking three military officers appeared and marched to the stage. “Sir there was not enough seats available for us to be here tonight however we do not wish to be left out. Our men held their own silent collection. I am afraid it is all in Euros as that is what we had on us when we got transferd here. Fieldmarshall Ulrig Hindenberg rounded up what we collected and then increased it.”

“Will you thank the soldiers for their generous donation. I am sure both charities will be glad of the amount we raised tonight. However we have two days of fundraising and I expext all my team to take part.”

The evening ended with the national anthem being played and sung. Then everybody returned to their respective hotel.

Em calls a meeting of the Angels.

Em spoke to Gaby. “It seams to me that you are now three people My friends Drew & Gaby Bond and apparently my Queen Gabriel Battenberg.”

“Yes that is correct or at least to allow me some life until the media realise Gaby and Gabriel are the same person as for Drew he is gone just like my friend Rhod has gone.”

“Gaby if possable I would like to call a meeting of the changelings.”

“Actually we will call a meeting of the Angels. I myself do not know the names of all those who have changed. So if we call a Angels meeting we will get most of them.”

“Ok then that will do.”

A few seconds later the meeting was taking place in the ballroom. “I am not sure were to start. Gaby has known me all my life and saw the changes taking place in me as I saw them in him. When he went away mum found out there was a charity group called Mermaids. They give help and advice to children who are in the wrong bodies “

Wilma, “Neither I nor my cousins know anything about this charity could you tell us more?”

“While the charity is officially managed by a NHS trust they though are self financing. Around the country there are meeting places and self help groups. Mum discovered there was one meeting place in West Yorkshire in Halifax. So because mum thought it would be far enough away for us not to be recognised we went to it. It took us a while to find the actual place even using our Tom-Tom. There I was treated like a long lost friend rather than a freak a certain person from America made me feel like. Well as I said we all got on very well. In fact I made friends with two girls from Harrogate. I noticed they both had birthmarks on their wrists like Kim has on her wrist. When I mentioned the mark they tried to hide it. I said my friend Kim has one almost the same as you. One of the girls was about to reply to me but her sister shut her up.”

The German Princesses looked at each other.

Sonja, “Em your friend Kim is her mark similar to this, and was the two girls mark very similar?”

“Kim yes, the two girls I am not sure although we did arrange to meet at the entrance to the Great Yorkshie next Thursday.”

Tatiania went and got Renate. “Granny will you tell Em what this is?

“Well I never agree with it but any child who was the decendant of the Romanov family is branded shortly after birth. It falls to the senior living female to ensure this is done.”

Jools, “Oh I have one of those and so does Gaby but hers is on her arm while mine is on my wrist. Gaby keeps hers covered with a plaster. Have none of you noticed.”

Renate removed the plaster. “Well those who identified the bodies of the Russian Royals must have been wrong. I heard a story that two of the girls at least survived and got to Britain. It appears those stories are correct. Em have you a telephone number for Kim & her family. Gaby we are going to have to check all your friends as so many at one school seams odd to me.”

“Well I have her on my phone, But I do not have much money on it.”

“In that case I will rectfy that. What number for customer service?”

“450” Renate rang that number.

“I wish to put £100 on this phone for my grand daughter.”

“Yes certainly madam.”

Renate scrolled through the numbers till she found Kim.

Kim answred the telephone. “Hi Em I thought you had not much on your phone.”

“Hello Kim can you get your parents and switch me on to speaker phone.”

“Er Yes.” A puzzled Kim went and got her parents and switched on the speaker phone. “I did as you asked.”

“Em informs me you have a birthmark on your wrist. Which of your parents also has one?”

“Both have on their wrists Dads looks like a Crown with a T and mums is a crown with an A. Mine has an A.”

“Thank you Kim you have confirmed my suspisions. I presume both your parents have siblings?”

Kims mother, “I have a sister in Harrogate. I have not seen her for some time after I discovered she had Kim marked on my mothers instructions. I sort of fell out with her although I still send the children presents.”

“I take it then, if I tell you a crown on an arm has appeared.”

“Oh Gaby & Jools my sister was responsable for those as well. Mother was fuming that her sisters never had their children branded and resolved to correct that error. Mum is the only one left now. Gaby was the only boy born of the eldest sisters family. I know Gaby goes round with a plaster on his arm. So I presume somebody informed you.”

“Well young lady as your mother is alive you will instruct her that Renate of Bavaria requests her immediate apperance at the Royal in Scarborough and that also goes for your sister and any others you may know of with the mark.”

“Well we will do as you wish. Although it will not be immediate as it will take us at least two hours to get there. My sister can make it a little faster as she lives nearer. If you do not mind I will leave this on while I telephone mother and my sister.”

“Mum we have been ordered to the Royal at Scarborough with imediate effect. We will come and pick you up. Kim is packing her case and so is my husband. Yes I did say Renate of Bavaria is on the telephone.”

“Dear can you put me on to Renate please. Hello Renate I am the last of my line my mother and her two sisters are dead and buried in Yorkshire. I had my liniage drilled into me. As to whom the Russians suposedly found and buried I have my thoughts on that. I tried to keep all the children in one place both Russian & German. Yes I knew who your sisters was. The school its self had no idea it had the children and grand children of Russian & German Royal Refugees attending. I instructed my elder daughter on the importance of branding and where to do it. Anastasia was fuming when she discovered her daughter had been branded on my instructions & until today has never spoke to her sister Tatiania since.

“Well because of your daughters actions. The family will be reunited. I must inform you though my husband Sigfried has ordered the exhumation of your mother & her siblings along with Robert Battenberg. The new queen of Northumbria has ordered their interment in the Great Minster of York after DNA tests have been done to confirm who they are.”

Throughout the night police teams exhumed several bodies and these were taken to the forensic science labs near Leeds. There a team of scientists examined the remains. From each they managed to extract DNA and mitrocondrial DNA. It would be a few days though before the results would be known. Copies of the results had to be sent to the British, German & Russian goverments. The scientists had to drop what they were doing and concentrate on the bodies.

Meanwhile Anastasia for the first time in ages telephoned her sister. “Hello. Anastasia if you are ringing then something must be wrong.”

“Tatiania you and your family have to pack your bags and go directly to the Royal hotel in Scarborough. I know it is late but we have not to wait until the morning. This message is as a direct result of you branding Drew Bond with Aunts mark. All our family are being summoned to the same place. I also have been informed our Granny and our aunts are being exhumed as we speak. Sorry we are going to have to go. We have a longer drive than you. See you shortly.”

Titania went to the girls bedroom and told them to pack as they were going to the seaside. “Mum what is the hurry we can go in the morning?”

“Girls just do as I say and pack and take your cases to the car. Take everything you might need as I am not sure how long we will be away. I will have to leave a note for the milkman and cancel until further notice.” The girls packed what they thought they might need and took their cases to the car. Their mother came and double checked they had all they needed. She put additional dresses in a case she had brought in.

“Mum why are we taking our special party dresses?”

“Girls I think you might need them and the shoes that go with them.”

“In that case mum we will need the lacy underwear as well.”

Right girls. That is another case for the car. Now all I have to do is take my cases down and switch the alarm on.” With that Tatiania, Holly & Ivy set off in the car.

Holly, “Mum is this because Em noticed our marks in Halifax. I nearly told her the truth when she said she had a friend with a similar mark.”

“No girls it is because your cousin Kim also has a mark as do two of her friends. You have never met her as I fell out with your aunt some time ago although she sends you both presents.”

“Mum when Holly and I fall out you tell us to kiss and hug each other to make up. Why not kiss and hug aunt to make up when you meet.”

“Yes I think I will do that. As the road is quiet we should make good time and could be there in an hour. Granny & Your aunt have already set off and will be well on there way now. Holly will you ring the mobile number I have for Nana?”

“Hi Nana mum is driving and are at a place called Pickering mum thinks we should be there in half an hour or so.”

“Hello this is your cousin Kim. We must be in the same area as there is only one car behind us. Tell your mum to flash her lights if it is you behind us. Well cousin it appears we are the only ones on the road. What sort of music do you like?”

“Well we both take ballet and like Disco. We both are also into the folk scene.“

“The Tom Tom is telling us we have to turn down here to get to the Royal.”

Both cars pulled up outside the Royal hotel there was two soldiers on duty. They saluted both lots of ocupants. They took the cases out of the cars and the soldiers then asked for the keys so they could park the cars up.

The night manager, “These are your room keys. Her majesty has gone to bed and will see you all in the morning.”

“Is it possable for us all to have a cocoa and biscuits as we all have had a long drive?

“Yes madam if you return here to the lounge after been shown your rooms the refreshments will be served.”

The soldiers returned with the car keys and then the outer door was locked. They followed the bellboy to their rooms. The cases were placed on the floor and the respective mothers were going to get the night wear. The girls giggled, “Mum we still have ours on under all this outer clothing.”

“Ok just put on your dressing gowns and slippers and we will go for our cocoa.”

When they got back downstairs they found Kim hugging a girl. “Hi Holly & Ivy nice to see you again. I thought it might be you two and I could not wait untill morning. Also I had all sorts to tell Kim.”

“The manager said, We would meet her majesty in the morning. Have you met her yet?”

Kim was laughing away. “Cousins I have previously met her and consider her a friend. I take it you both are like Em in that you were both born boys.”

Holly burst into tears. "Granny knew as soon as we were born and gave us girls names. I was 8 and Ivy was 10 when we transformed fully. We still go to the club meetings as it was the only place we could talk to others who were similar to us.”

“Well Em has the same gene as you two. It appears rife in the German side of the family.”

Kims mother, “Girls it is time you all went to bed. I will be up in a minute, but your mother and I have something to do.” With that they hugged each other.

“I am glad to see you two have finally made up. Now as you told  us girls it is time for bed.”


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