Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 6



Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 6

Day four at Whitby a day of Shocks.

Gaby awoke to find Maddy cuddled up to him.

“Maddy are you awake are you coming on the morning bike ride?”


“Come on Gaby it's not daylight yet. No riding today.”

“No we have to get ready and by the time we are it will be time for the ride with the team.”

Gaby opened the door and walked out of the room along the passage there was a young soldier half asleep.

“Hi thought this was just a dream are you real.”

“I only just arrived and got posted here imediatly. The guard before me told me to watch out for some snotty nose princesses who take guards into their rooms and then they are never seen again. Personally I think he was teasing me to see how I react. Do you mind telling me what you are doing up at this hour.”

“Sure I am junior captain for Apollonaris Angels and I am going for my morning ride.”

“In that case I better accompany you.”

On the bottom floor the guard said, “I have to accompany the Angels captain on her morning ride.”

“OK I will send somebody else to the floor.”

They got to Gottfried's van and Gaby opened it with a key. “Now lets see you could use my spare bike. Those clothes are not going to be comfortable to ride in. I think we might have some spare in here if you care to change into them in the van and I will not looh.”

“Sure no problem.”

“I take it you are German? Soon I will have to go over there to race and train.”

“Actually I am Austrian from Innsbruck.”

“Been there and paid to go into the Royal Palace. Had great fun on skis in Upper Inn Valley stayed in a place called Ried. It was quite close to Switzerland and we went several times to a village called Samnaun.”

“I know Ried as I was born there. Did you see the water fountain and go bowling?”

“Sure the Bowling alley had one lane and my sister threw a ball badley and this elderly lady came and waved her finger at her. We also went to the night club that was a laugh all we could afford was the entrance fee which included one drink. The waitress at the hotel was funny. She would say ‘ you can pay me tonight' . What she actually wanted us to do was buy cigs in Switzerland for her. She was a good waitress so we did as she wanted. Come to think of it that holiday we went round in mini coaches and we always had the same driver. Fritz was his name he would say ‘ Only Yorkshire no English' . We had a great time with him, he would sing along with us.”

The guard went quiet and Gaby noticed tears in his eyes.”Sorry if something I said upset you although I have no idea what it is.”

“The Fritz you described was my grandpa he died in an aircraft accident at Holland the plane he was on went into a block of flats many people got killed. That is why I am sad. I am glad you have happy memories of him. Well how do Iook?”

“You will do fine. In fact you can shower in my room when we get back. I wonder were the others have got to. Oh well it looks like it is the two of us. You are not doing to bad with my bike. I take it you like riding?

“Used to but I do not get much chance now as I am in Austrian Army.”

“Do you mind if I tell you something your nipples are rather prominent and you should consider wearing a bra.”

The soldier stopped and again burst into tears. “Papa was pleased when I joined the Army. He said it would make a man of me. I started changing soon after signing on and wondered if I should go and see the doctor.”

“No need for that, when we get back I will call the team doctor while you shower.”

“Thanks I am called Stephan although soon I might be Stephanie. How do I explain what is happening to me. I am going to be the freak of my unit.”

“Actually Stephan it happens here quite often. I know it has happened to several grand daughters of Renate of Bavaria. and to two of her great nieces. I think though I will ask her to arrange youR transfer to the Angels.”

At this Stephanie said, “In that case I am in good company. Mum is one of Renata's older daughters. Some of my Aunts are the same age as me. By any chance do you know if my Aunt Sonja and my cousins Greta and Isolde are here. Sonja is in the ladies team so she should be. Isolde has been very ill and Greta is bike mad.”

“Yes all three are here once we get back to my room I will call her for you.”

They noticed another soldier was on the floor. “That is the one who teased me.”

Gaby spoke to the soldier, “It looks like the ghost got another victim. We found these clothing in the basement. All we found left of him was a pile of dust and these. It is the same every time she marks them and then chases them to the basement. I suppose we will have to notify somebody Stephan is no more.”

As Gaby spoke the lights went on and off then the soldier felt something hit him.

“Sorry it look like you must be the next victim. Sorry we have to go into our room.”

There was a ghostly wail and the light flickered again the soldier made his way to the end of the passage. Once again the lights went off. That was too much - he fled terrified!

Gaby was getting dressed when there was a knock at the door Beatrice and sister were there. “Hi the Royal practical jokers thought we better come across and say hello. We wondered what uniform was required for the day?“

“All casual we have a coach ride and a train ride. Then we sing in the Abbey at Whitby after that it is shopping and time on the beach. I take one of you was the lights and the other was the wailing?

“He took off like a bat out of hell. Imagine a German prince like him terrified. We intend to take it further and ask all the girls to say she as marked you as the next victim.”

Gaby rang Sonja and asked if she and her daughters would come to the room imediatly regardless of how they were dressed.

A minute or two later they appeared. “What is so urgent you require me here?”

Gaby with a straight face, “I have to break some sad news to you. Your nephew Stephan is no more he went to the basement earlier this morning and did not return. If you do not believe me I have his uniform all neatly folded here.”

“I suppose it was him who screamed as if a banshe was after him.”

“No that was us two scaring Prince William of the Rhine. If you see him say I see she has marked you and will come for you when the time is right.”

“Ok we will do that and pass the message on. Now what is the true reason I was summonds here.

Gaby, “Perhaps it would be better to introduce Princess Stephanie of the Tyrol.”

“There is no Princess Stephanie of the Tyrol.”

“Hi Aunt I beg to differ. As mum is not here I asked Gaby to call you and my cousins. I need clothing to fit me and I thought of you. Also can you break it to mum she now has a daughter and not a son.”

“I always said you were far to pretty to be a boy. I take it you have now been transfred to the Angels?”

“I am not sure Captain Gaby said sho would arrange it through Granny.” This brought a giggle from the other girls.

“I will have you know Captain Gaby has been a good friend to me unlike Willian of the Rhine who tried to scare me and got scared himself."

“William scared never. He always puts on a show that he is big and brave.”

Beatrice, "I can assure you as a Princess of York he ran like a fox being chased by a pack of hounds.”

Sonja laughed, “Before we go can I make a call to Austria?

Eventually she got through and spoke to her sister. Yes I understand and I am not suprised. I will have to break it to my husband. Also I will contact the remaining princesses and we will all come across as soon as we can.”

Sonja, “Well we had better get you back to our room and see what we can find for you. Your mother has told me to get you fitted out with all that was needed. So we will be shopping.”

There was a knock at the door it was a very nervous William. “I have to come and collect the uniform of the late Prince Stephan.”

Sonja handed him the uniform, “I would get that mark off your shoulder it looks like an hand print. If I was you I would do that before Uhlrich spots it.”

Beartice, “It looks like a shiny green hand print like a girls. You did not happen to be on duty on this level did you? Prehaps you have been playing kissy-Kissy with one of the girls. Was the temptation to much for you.”

“Er yes I was on this floor, but only for a short while.”

Sonja, “Well it does look like a green girls handprint to me. Have you been sneeking off with a girl rather than doing your duty.”

“No I have not been playing kissy-kissy nor sneaking off with any girl.”

As he departed Beatrice noticed He fled down the passage with the uniform like the previous time.

“I cannot believe he fell for that. I can see he is in for a lot of teasing from his cousins. Perhaps he should guard you all on the coach. Now back to our room and then we have our breakfast.”

In the dining room they noticed a very white prince William stood to attention.

After they had eaten Renate called him over, “I presume you heard about poor Stephan. I want you to bring all his things to my room. His father will be pleased to have his uniform. My daughter is comming to collect everything so make sure you have it all. Now what is this story about you deserting your post while on duty. Andrew what is the penalty in the British Army for deserting your post while on active service.”

“That is easy they get shot. It is the same with the German and Austrian forces.”

Beatrice, “Actually daddy there are exceptions if the person is a sissy or a Royal sissy otherwise there will be no reprieve and they are shot at dawn.

Renate, “Well of course you are not a sissy are you? And you certainly would not desert your post knowing the consequences would you? Now just as a demonstration as to the tretment of a Royal sissy will you lay across my knee. Yes this is fine now if you had been a sissy then the punishment is totally diferent. Girls pleas note the position Prince William is in I recomend a number two hair brush so please take note in case you come across a Royal sissy. They are simple minded creatures and cannot think for themselves. So even the forces give them special treatment. They may get a wife but she will have to be the strong one. Now note how I position the brush and bring it down hard. She gave William 10 spanks.”

Isolde, “Nana I missed some of the demonstration as Prince William is enjoying himself so could we all have a practise.

Sigfried asked Gaby what she thought. “Well I could not agree to any torture or anything but as he voulenteered perhaps two with the brush from every Princess present and five from those whos also hold the title Countess or above in their own right.

Andrew left laughing with Sigfried. “Even my daughters wanted a go.”

All too soon they were finished and tears were streaming down Williams face. “See girls even brave prince William can be brought to tears. Now as I understand he has to accompany you today as your protection. How ever it would be obvious he was your protection if he went in his uniform.”

Sonja, “Have we a couple of volunteers to find Willian something that will fit?”

Ellen, “We have something that will do for today but he will have to get his own things. However we will help him shop for what he needs.”

“Right girls take him to your room.”

In the room William was ready to run when he saw what they brought out. Ellen said, “This should be a good disguise for you and nobody will know you are a boy. Now remember it is beter to be a live sissy than a dead Prince so what is it to be. William Stripped down to his underware and put on the items. Ellen shook here head no something is wrong.

“Take the shorts off and put on these panties.”

William did as he was told.

“No it's still wrong. I know take the top off and lay on the bed.” Ellen glued some jelly like objects to his chest. “Now all you need is the bra and the top can go back on. Just pout your lips like this. That is better now we can go. When we get time we will paint your nails for you.”

Greta landed in with a bright red wig. “I thought he had better have this as we do not want anybody to think he is a sissy would we? After all William voulentary went on Grannys knee and agreed to be spanked. I also brought some barby pink nails they should not take long to attach.”

Ellen attached the wig with the same glue she had attached the breasts. “Right you will not look out of place on our coach now. We had better go there now.”

Nena checked them all onto the coach. “I thought there was to be a boy?”

Ellen, “He decided it would be safer if a female came instead so we brought Wilma with us. Prince William has stayed behind to see if he can find out more about the phantom girl.”

“Yes that is ok but a little fool hardy. You know she goes for young boys. Now if William was a sissy or wore a dress she would ignore him.” William stored this imformation in his head for use later.

The coaches set off for Pickering it is a market town in Ryedale and in the National park. The journey was about 20 miles west from the coast. The coaches pulled up outside the station.

They all went onto Pickering station. There was a sign that said Whitby platform 1 and on platform 2 it said To Leeds however the track no longer went in that direction it was a victim of the Beecham cuts of the 1960's. The line to Whitby had only recently been reopened. A British Railway's Stanier Black 5 engine brought the coaches into Pickering station. The coaches were in the colours of the now defunct Great Eastern Railway.

They all boarded the coaches and found there was individual compartments for about eight people and they could be seperated by closing the sliding door. There was a passage that ran the length of the coach. The Engine set off belching thick clouds of smoke into the air. The going was slow but that was due to regulations about private companies and how fast the engine was allowed to go. While on the train the girls decided to sort Wilma's hair and paint her toes. Nena called in to see if they were ok.

Ellen, “Wilma was a little late getting across to replace William we wondered if we could borrorw some makeup?”

“What I have would not be suitable. Perhaps it would be better if I sent the Royal Beautician, I will be back in a short time.

Ellen, “If she has time we would all like a make over. Does she use permanent?

A short time later Nena arrived back. The beutician looked at the nails and said I can do better than those plastic ones allow me to sort them out for you. My you are a quiet one are you always like this?”

Ellen, “She is just a little shy around strangers.”

The beautician did the faces of all the girls and then she said, “I will do your hair for you and then you will be as pretty as your sisters.”

After she had gone William said, “She did not suspect I was a boy.”

She reported back to Renate, “I did the same as you requested and gave him permanent makeup. He actually asked me to do his face and allowed me to replace the nails the girls had put on him with a full acrylic set.”

Renate spoke to the others in the same compartment. “We are not sure if the gene runs in his line or not. An experiance of what the others feel like should mellow him though. Sonja I will pay for his attire will you ensure though the girls help him choose appropriate clothing. I remember when his father acted pompus with some of his sisters, and they dressed him up and his father found him. He got a lecture and was told as you wished to dress like that you will do everything your sisters do and dress like them. After that I will review your punishment. After that month the threat was all that was needed to bring him into line.

Nena's mother, “Renate my child is happy either as male or female. Unfortunately he has the gene and will eventually turn fully female. I understand I am to be a Grandma. I am a little disapointed they did not wait. Then I can also understand if they had I might not be a grandmother.”

“Same here with my Julia and neither I nor Julia suspected she was engaged to her cousin."

Back in London.

The Royal college of Heralds perused over the documents brought from Granny Bonds house. The chief herald went to see the Queen.

”Your Majesty it is certain the child is who she is supposed to. We have double checked the witness signitures and they are surprising. John Brown, The Prince of Wales, Prime Minister and The Tzar. Whilst the general public did not know about the wedding the Royal family in several countries did. We also discovered an interesting document.

The document creates a dukedom of Northumbria and gives the holder all rights to minerals and levy taxes in the Ancient kingdom of Northumbris. There is an actual plan of the area concerned. In the South it runs from Linconshire in a straight line across country to the Welsh boarder, and encompasing all of Leicestershire, Derbyshire across to Cheshire along with bits of adjoining counties. In the North it runs from just above Glasgow in the west in a direct line to just above Edinburgh in the east and it includes all the land between the North and South boundary line.

The document gives this area to Robert Battenburg, King of the three Germany's. He is to be refered to in future documents as James Peters-Bond.

This action had been sanctioned by the parliment of the time and in effect created a new country of Northumbria with Robert as its king. What we have is a carbon copy of the original document. I was hoping to let this slide however the Germans and Russians have also discovered a similar document in their files.”

I need to see my grandsons William and Harry I have an important job for them both”

“Granny you wanted to see us?”

“Yes boys your country needs you to drop your current girlfriends. William you will marry a Queen and Harry you the sister. For neither of you will there be a get out clause like my three children. I am anouncing your engagement tonight. The Prime minister agrees with my decision as does your father. He has had to agree to you William being my heir. I must stress it is of the utmost importance the weddings take place if you do not wish to see your birthright torn asunder. If I am still alive when your Queen comes of age William then I will abdicate so you can rule jointly.”

Prince Phillip. “While currently they are too young to get married there is no reason why you both cannot become engaged. Phillip pulled a couple of photos out. “Boys look at your future wives. Your Uncle Andrew took the photos and left his daughters to be with the new Queen. You two will come next week to the Yorkshire show with us.”

In Yorkshire the Train had pulled into Whitby station.

Nena and the party arrived at Whitby station, the station was packed with train spotters that had come to see the Black 5. By chance there was a reporter from the Whitby Gazette he was a sports buff and recognised Gaby Bond.

“Gaby is it true that you like your mother have signed up with Apollonaris from Germany?”

Gaby stopped and spoke to the reporter. “Yes they are sponcering a junior team as well as a senior one as an experiment. So we all get to know each other we are all spending a month in England.”

At the Abbey they found Bishop Richard Seed had turned up he had with him additional cassocks in gold for the angels and black for the royals. Bishop Richard took the service jointly with Cardinal Waibel. Then it was time for some free time in the town

Stephanie was all excited while Wilma continued to be quiet as she did not want people to recognise her as a boy. Both of them were in for a shock as they found their mothers were waiting outside a department store. Nena noticed two coats of arm were being painted and the words by Appointment to Siegfred Regent of Bavaria and the other said by Appointmemt to Grand Dutchess Renate of Bavaria..

“Ah our daughters."

Stephanie grinned, “Mum I need absoloutly everything.” Wilma kept quiet. Poor William did not know what to answer when the lady asked her questions so she remained quiet.

“Oh you are a quiet one is this your first time being measured for your bra?”

Wilma nodded her head up and down. Ellen, “We loaned her one so she could here.”

The woman measured her, “My you are large I bet they hurt without support.”

The assistant made several recomendations to her mother who said, “We will take a selection of those you recomended in addition I woundered if she should wear a corset as she as been slouching a lot.”

“On in that case we have the latest lazer measuring device. The client has to go into that room and strip off completly then the device measures and recoments what corset is suitable. In fact it can fit one if you so desire. I would recomend the young lady holds the metal bars above her head.

Madam we have stores in all these towns and they all now have the same machine. It is suprising how many mothers want their daughters to have a suitable figure to attract a husband.. To many pretend they are boys. Why only the other day one girl had shaved her hair off and said she was a boy. The mother had us fasten a good wig on her. With the glue we used it should last six months. By then her own hair will have started to grow through it.

William did as he was told and stripped off and entered the machine. There were digital instructions so he followed them. Sex was shown as female, Age 16, Type casasian hair Red and eyes green. He put on the glasses and raised his hands as instructed. The machine seamed to close around him. He felt a warmth across his body.

Out side the woman was explaining the laser also removed all unwanted body hair. Most girls want this option and it only takes a few seconds . The woman presses a button.

Ellen spoke, “The machine will it recognise silicone enhancements. Wilma was upset she was so flat that I let her have mine and they were glued on.”

“Do not worry the silicone inserts will have been melted away by now and the machine will have enhanced her breasts for her. Eventually the machine stopped making a noise and it opened to reveiled Wilma wearing only a corset and pants. The woman looked at the printout. Her size has change slightly. She might need help until she gets more comfortable.

Stephanie, “Mummy I am so jellous of Wilma being fitterd for a corset can I have a try?

Yes dear every girl should try one at least once. I must admit she does look to have a great body now. I think though I will be a little too large to try it.”

Actually madam it will burn off excess weight and leave even the largest lady as a size 12. We have many ladies who have been told to diet by their doctors come to us and a short time later they are a whole new woman.”

The only three not present were Gaby, Nena and Julia all the other ladies went into the machine. Those three were on the beach trying to get a tan. The younger girls did not change much. Renate when she came out was a third the weight she previously had been. Needles to say the store again did a roaring trade.

Renate, “I have just remembered I negotiated a special discount with the management in Scarborough.

The woman smiled, “I will book it all to you and then you can sort it out with the others.”

William, “Mum when can I get out of this?”

“Well I have to keep mine on for a month and can only just have a wash so I presume you will be the same. Do not worry I can take you to another store to get another if you wish.”

“Actually madam the child will need to come into the store every week to see it is still fitting correctly. You on the other hand are no longer growing and so the corset will stay on longer. In a months time I recomend you cut the laces and take a bath then come for another fitting. The corset is self cleaning and does not need cleaning. Infact the manufacturers say you can take a bath with it on although I have never tried that.”

Wilma could not see her feet because of her breasts. She shook her head when she saw how excited Stephanie was. Wilma, “I need the toilet.”

Stephanie, “I will come with you Wilma us girls have to stick together.” In the toilet Stephanie said, “You have truly screwed yourself. You asked the beautician to do face and nails. Then you do not object when they fit you for a bra. Now that machine has removed your body hair and given you real breasts like you were a real girl. Now you will be in corsets for a long time I do not think your mother intends ever letting you out of them. As to wether willie has gone I do not know.”

Wilma started to cry,”No that can not be true you are teasing me,”

Wilma pulled her panties down and sat. She was startled to find there was nothing there. Then she started to scream Stephanie went and got Wilmas mother.

“Wilma dear what is the problem?”

“Mummy there is nothing there and I am bleeding.”

“Yes dear it happens to all us ladies. It is our way of preparing to make a baby. I will pass you through what you need Just put it into your pants.

Ellen, “I take it that Wilma has completely transformed and I can inform Grandpa there will be no Royal sissy after all. Now there is nothing stopping us from being friends. Perhaps she will be nicer to us in future.”

Nena's telephone went off. “Time girls we got back to the coaches and see how the others got on.” They made their way back to the railway station and found the coaches. They were the first three back.

Greta came into the room, “Nena can we come back next week as there was a lot of places we did not get too. Unfortunately we all got involved with Princess Stephanie and Wilma.”

Meanwhile the two princes went to see Andrew. “Uncle Andrew sir could you fly us up to Yorkshire. So we can check out what we are getting into.”

“I think boys we will have to get you a case each and you both better get in dress uniform. I have to collect some clothing for your cousins. I thought you might need these rings if you are to follows the Queens order. I have had a file prepared on each on so you know something about them.”

William read the file, “Harry we have met them before. It was when we went with the girls to a bike race. Beatrice followed the adventures of the race winner.”

“Oh I remember she was there with her twin.”

The coaches had made the short trip bacj to Scarborough. Shortly after they arrived the sound of an helicopter landing. Beatrice, “Daddy is back,”

The three entered the hotel Andrew called at reception. There are some bags in the helicopter can they be taken to the correct rooms. Because of security concerns North Yorkshire police had closed the road by the Royal.

Harry, “William they are both crackers this is one order I will enjoy.”

Gaby, “Welcome back Andrew. I see you have brought me two dishy princes. Are they also to be my protection?”

William, “Actually we are hopeful that you will allow us to be your permanent protection.”

“William Wales I am an old fashioned girl and you will have to ask permision off my father and then you must go down on one knee.”

Andrew brought out a camera as both boys turmed to Dave Bond and said “may we become engaged to your daughters?”

“Certainly boys.”

With that they both went down in front of Gaby and Maddy and proposed to them.

Renate, “Bravo, that is how it should be done. Your late mama would be pleased with you.”

William, “Grandma asks we all go to the ballroom and switch on the telivison at seven thirty, the broadcast will go on all channels."

Andrew, “Before we eat I need to contact the palace to say I will be staying on here."

The pictures Andrew took got sent to the palace.

Prince Phillip, “Well dear they wasted no time in proposing.”

“It makes the job I have to do tonight far easier and I think this should be shown after my apperance on the telivision.”

The group went in for their evening meal. Then they all went back to the ballroom where the broadcast was being shown on a massive widescreen television.

Queen Elizabeth appeared in front of a fire.

William,“That's in Buck' House.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe I apologise for disrupting your viewing however somthing that affects many of you has occured. A couple of gays ago I got a request from the German and Austrian goverments to use the Royal heralds. I gave my permission. I thought Bavaria had found the Royal seal and so could finally install Siegfried as King instead of him being their Regent. During the inspection a document was discovered that recreated the kingdom of Northumbria taking parts of England and parts of Scotland. As from midnight last night a new counrty was created with its capital in York.”

“The other thing that shocked me was that the Germans and Austrians have both agreed to accept Gabriel Battenberg as their new Queen. She will also be the new Queen of Northumbria.”

Finally as Queen I wish to anounce the formal engegement of my grandsons William and Harry to Gaby and Maddy Bond-Peters, Their mother is the ladies international champion. So you all may see the proposal I had Andrew film it and send it to me at the palace.”

The telephone system to the palace almost as soon as the broadcast stopped started to get people ringing with their congratulations. For the rest of the night normal service was forgotten as plans of the new country were shown. Then pictures of the happy couples were shown.

The Prime Minister went on air later with the senior Royal Herald. “Can you tell us why the Labour goverment has decided to give half the country away?” asked Domenic Littlewood.

The Prime minister took a deep breath and replied, “Actually there was nothing we could do the decision was taken by a previous queen and parliament who gifted the land to her husband. In effect we have been an occupying state for over 100 years. In addition to the document the Scottish Assembly had petitioned the English goverment to redraw the boundaries. When we saw this document we realised the boundaries had been redrawn a long time ago.”

The Herald spoke, “As you may have already guessed the Queen was Victoria and the husband was Robert Battenburg Kking of the three Germanies. This was part of the marriage settlement. Gabriel Battenberg is his direct decendant and was born and brought up in Britain, it is only recently she discovered her herritage. America and all the European states have already recognised the new country, and it will become a member of the EEC with immediate effect."

Nena noticed Gaby's elder sister was sat alone crying. “Has it got too much for you. Or are you feeling a little left out? You do realise it will not be a bed of roses for Gaby.”

“No it is not that. My tennis and badminton partner is German. He is so dishy and your heart just melts when you look into his eyes.”

Jools had not noticed the four elder ladies sit down and listen.

”He has blond hair and blue eyes and a tiny scar on his face. He told me he got that in a fight. I have been giving him hints now for some time that he should propose.”

Renate, “Quite right.”

“I asked him in the end and he said, “I have to do it correctly and ask permision before I speak with your papa. He then got called back to Germany on family buisiness..Whilst in Germany he got called up into the army and I do not know when I will see him again.” She started crying all over again. When she recovered she said, “The last message I got was he was hoping to get to Munich to ask permision.

Renate, “It is obvious to us all this boy has stolen your heart. What is his name and where in Germany does he live?

“He lives in Saxony with his older brother and family. The older brother is walking out with a girl called Maria Tech or something similar.”

Renate, “Is he this is interesting continue.”

“Markus von Bismark is his name I joked ‘you are named after a battleship that got sunk.' His brother is called Mannfrid and he brought Maria to watch us play a match or two. Maria is the same as me waiting for the boy to propose. I feel better now telling somebody. As for being jellous of Gaby no way. She can have her bikes and races. Once she marries William the press will be poking their cameras in their bedroom window. Give me my blond Saxon any day. I am going to bed now. I suppose it will be back to normal in the morning and we will have training runs again.”

Renate looked at her sisters, “I think it is time we went into the granny match making buisiness. First though I need to get Maria's granny over here.”

“Sister my Nena informed me Uhlrich had given instructions the remaining princess had to come here so I assume Maria will be with them."

“In that case Uhlrich is our next problem.” A message was sent that the matrons wished to speak with him.

Uhlrich appeared I got the message you wanted to discuss a private matter with me.”

Renate, “Well have you any information to tell us Uhlrich?”

“Sorry I have no idea what you want me to tell you.”

Gabys Grand mother Peter's. “In that case I will enlighten you. Mannfrid walking out with Maria and secondly Markus with my elder grand daughter.”

“Oh I did not realise it had got to that stage with either of them. I will have a word with them when I get back. I wondered why they doth appeared to be depressed.”

Renate, “You will not say a word to them. The girls are having a relaxing day in Scarborough tomorrow. While they are out we four plus Maria's grandmother wish to speak to both boys. I take it Maria should be here soon.”

“Yes they will get in about midnight. I have made all the arrangements.”

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