Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 3


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both Gaby and Nena!

Part 3

Jenny Bond and the adult team went to the garage. “We understand you needed some help.”

“Sorry mum we have already moved what was needed.”

Jenny looked round, “We appear to have both teams here so I might as well tell everybody. Twice a day we will be taking the teams out we will cycle from the spa along the front to the roundabout in the North Bay. We will do this circuit a couple of times in the morning. Gaby your team for now has mountain bikes rather than racing bikes. Apolonaris would like you all to get used to riding these bikes. Especially as all six riders have been entered in the open Tri peak race. Nena welcome as the chaperone to our junior team. I understand you will join the girls in the race so you also need to practise.

Nena, “When I went into work and Bill offered us this job I was hoping I might get chance to ride my bike. I did not envisage actually working for team Apolonaris. Neither did I think I would be riding with two champions. What I would like to do is to take the bike out now.”

Godfrid “Not just now you need other equipment first then you can ride.” Each of the juniors was handed a package included Nena. “You go and change. Mama Bond you get the seniors ready.”

15 minutes later both teams where back at the garage. Julia looked at the skintight Lycra suit Nena was wearing. “Wow that makes you look good. I want one.”

Bill, “We have spare suits but no extra bikes unless you wish to borrow Nena's bike.”

Drew's sister, “Mum if I can borrow Drew's bike I could keep Julia company?”

Gaby, “Sure sister if you wish to come then you are welcome to use my bike.”

Bill handed both girls a package each. Some of the others surrounded them while they changed in the garage.

Nena, “I better show the way to the start.”

Godfrid brought out two motorbikes that had flashing lights on. “Bill und I also come for ride.” Godfrid handed Bill a crash helmet. Bill gave a sigh of relief.

“For a moment I thought I was going to have to wear one of those pink suits.”

Godfrid laughed, “Not when you are support like us.”

With that the group followed Nena down to the Spa. Down at the Spa Drew noticed rather a lot of motorbike riders they had collecting buckets and kept approaching people. “Mum have you seen that van it is advertising Lampkins of Silsden.”

“Yes Drew I noticed they are probably here for the Motorbike racing on Oliver's mount.”

At the same time the motorbikers has noticed the cyclists. One of the men approached Jenny Bond as she was wearing her yellow top. He held his hand out. “Champion Bond I presume what are you doing here?”

Jenny laughed, “Champion Bonds actually Gaby here holds the junior title.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Martin Lampkin former world champion. I am here with my family for the racing. These days I leave the racing to my son Dougie and the younger family members. We come down here each evening to collect for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as that is our agreed charity. Are you coming to watch the races. On Saturday we even have an event for pedal powered cycles.”

George who had been listening spoke. “I think they will all be entering on Saturday. For now though they are going to do a couple of circuits to the Corner Café and return here. They will be doing that each morning and each evening while here.”

“In that case you will need some more outriders to ensure you are all safe.” Martin spoke into a mobile phone. A few seconds later the sound of motorbikes reverberated around the Spa as loads of motorbikes arrived.

Gaby recognised John, “John I did not expect to see you here. I thought your only interest was bikes. We have both teams & I and my friends have to get ready for the Tri peaks race.”

“Cool” said a rider wearing a yellow tabard. “I am the latest Lampkin champion. Grandpa will you get me Your Lampkin special out and I will ride with the champions? Grandpa makes all my bikes for me. They put the bike ride on at the Oliver's mount at my request.”

Maria looked at her, “Those leathers will be a bit hot for you. I think if you are to ride with us then it should be in our colours. I will expect you here every morning and evening to train with the others.”

Martin Lampkin chuckled, As his grand daughter went to change in the van. Within a few minutes Jennifer was out again and ready for the off.

Gaby, “You forgot your yellow tabard.”

Back into the van to retrieve the tabard she went. Then the group set off with an escort of Motorbikes. The first lap the senior team led the way. Then on the second lap Gaby got to the Pier and signalled to the others she intended to make a break. Kat, Nena & Jennifer also followed Gaby. The four of them raced past the out riders. The four of them raced to the finishing post where many photographs were taken.

It transpired there was a reporter and photographer from the Scarborough Evening News. He approached the four girls who had come in ahead of the others. “I got a report of an event taking place and came to find out what was happening. I notice two of you are wearing champions colours whom may you be?”

George stepped forward, “The junior and senior teams of Apolonaris have been having a training run as they will twice a week for the next two weeks. The young lady who came first has an impeccable pedigree as her mother is World champion. Gaby herself is Junior World champion. As to the young lady who came second she also is a champion in her own right and comes from a Yorkshire family who delight in giving us Champions in the world of Motorbikes. Gaby Bond and Jennifer Lampkin along with the other youngsters you see here have all signed up with Apolonaris junior team. Some will just do racing while others also want to enter cross-country events like the Tri peaks race.

The reporter turned to Jenny Bond. “How do you feel at getting beaten by these youngsters.”?

“I am happy they saw a chance and took it. This is a training ride and the girls did what they where supposed to.”

“Now Martin I see the Lampkin clan are out in force. How do you feel about your Grand daughter coming second?”

“Well we came here for the motorbike racing on Oliver's mount. None of the family expected Jennifer to get signed up by Apolonaris. I hope she will also continue with her other commitments. Regardless of that she will be joining her teammates in all the practice runs. Also her family and friends will be collecting for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

Gaby, “On Saturday when the racing on Oliver's Mount finishes my new team mate Jennifer has suggested we have the ride of the Champions. That is Bikes and motorbikes, present champions and retired ones. If anybody wishes to join us there is a £1 fee that will go to the Air Ambulance fund. I must emphasise this is not a race but a fund raising event for the Air Ambulance. All members of the biking world are welcome so long as they pay the entry fee.”

The reporter e-mailed the pictures to the editor who decided it should go in the Morning Edition. In addition the details where sent to other papers in the same group. Because of the publicity many present and former champions telephoned George to say they would turn up on Saturday.

Maria approached Martin, “Mr Lampkin we at Apolonaris would like Jennifer to join our junior team. We also realise she as a junior bike champion will have other commitments but we can work around them. Also I noticed your van is done out as a mobile workshop. There are times when the teams will have to be in different places. We would like to hire you for those events.”

Jennifer's father Dougie, “Miss Apolonaris I should make something clear. As Jennifer's father the family are pleased that she has been selected to be in your junior team. I know there are some of her cousins who are envious of her, but you should know we will all support her. If Jennifer is racing then team Lampkin will be there to offer our support as we do for all family members. Would Apolonaris object if we alter our sign on the van to Jennifer Lampkin world champion at Apolonaris.”

Maria, “Actually I am called Maria but as I did not introduce myself correctly I accept the name Miss Apolonaris. As for the request “Your family are champions past and present. Your father I have asked to provide maintenance facilities. So no we have no objection. ”

Martin spoke, “We can all extend our stay here to be with Jennifer. Then we have to go to Harrogate as we have taken stand 31 at the International Bike exhibition in Harrogate.”

George pulled some documents out and started to laugh. “The gods must have planned our meeting as we have stand 32.”

Jennifer, “Grandpa Martin what is funny?”

“It appears you are going to have a month of your new friends as we have adjoining stands in Harrogate.”

George took a phone call from Denise Burton daughter of the famous Beryl Burton from Morley, Leeds. “Hello is it true you are having a parade of past and present champions. If it is then I would like to be entered. Mum if she was still alive also would have wanted to be there. My daughter wishes to wear her grandmother's medals and shirt. She also bears the name Beryl.”

Denise, “Beryl the younger wishes to speak to you George.”

“Hello I am Beryl and I am allowed to bring Grandma Beryl and her medals. Is the current junior champion going to be there as she comes from a famous cycling family like mine?”

“Yes Beryl she is already here along with Jennifer Lampkin.”

“Oh are you collecting all the Yorkshire Cycling families? I prefer cross-country hill climbs, mountain biking and the like. Mum has difficulty getting me to events since dad was killed an accident.”

“Tell your mum George says he is booking the two of you into the Royal Hotel and he would like you to try out for the Junior Apolonaris team. If you have inherited your grandma's genes then we would be remiss in not considering you.”

“Mum the man wants to talk to you and give you some instructions.”

After listening to George she said, “Beryl can you go and get the bikes ready. I will go and pack our cases. Then we will have to ring our friends and say we are away for a month. It is a good job the youth centre is closed for the next nine weeks”

“Mum I have put the bikes on the back of the car. I am going to ring Sarah to tell her I cannot go on Saturday.”

Beryl rang her friend Sarah who then “My mum wishes to speak to yours.”

“Sure Sarah”

“Hi yes its true Beryl and I are riding in the Charity ride with the champions past and present.”

Beryl and her mother set off from the village of Goldborough near Knaresborough to Scarborough. Meanwhile Sarah's mother who was secretary for the Knaresborough cycling club was telephoning the other secretaries in the Yorkshire federation.

Arriving at the Hotel Denise entered with Beryl and approached the reception. She gave their names to the receptionist and said, “George from Apolonaris had reserved places for them. Could you tell me where we can put our car as we have some rather valuable bikes with us?”

“If madam takes the car round the corner to our garage there is storage facilities for the bikes. Also I will call for the porters to meet you there and then they can take your cases to the room.”

“Beryl will you wait here till I return?”

“Ok mum”

After Denise had gone Beryl noticed a teenage girl reading a magazine. “Is your magazine interesting?”

“Hello, I am Julia Bond and who might you be?”

“Well Julia I am called Beryl Burton?”

Julia looked at her and said, “I thought Beryl Burton was a lot older.”

“That was my late grandmother whom I am named after. I am here for the champions ride.”

“In that case I better take you to meet my sister Gaby and get you inducted into the Yorkshire section of Apolonaris.”

“Gaby Bond as in junior Champion daughter of the world champion Jenny? Your mum is good but grandma still holds four records.”

“Yes that is my sister and mum. I am sort of in the team but it is only so I can keep my eye on Gaby. I better take you to meet the others.” Julia spoke to the lady at the reception. “Will you inform Mrs Burton her daughter Beryl has had to go and meet the Apolonaris team Captain?”

Julia took hold of Beryl's hand, “Come on she will not bite.”

“Gaby you will never guess what I have just found. In fact I think she should be immediately inducted in the Yorkshire section of Apolonaris. In fact I insist.”

Gaby looked at the young girl and started to laugh. “My sister must know something I do not. I do though remember you on an old mountain bike and you might have won if you had not had a puncture. I did not get your name though.”

“Beryl Burton is pleased to meet Gaby Bond. I am supposed to meet somebody called George to see if I will qualify for a place in the junior team.”

Kat, “Welcome to the team from the German section. If Gaby accepts you then you are in. Of course we need to get you into our colours and get you out on a bike.”

Maria, “Welcome Beryl we are having additional bikes sent over from Germany in the meantime do you mind using your own. I will get our maintenance men to look at your bikes and make sure they are ok. I have this for you and your Mama should be changing into hers as shortly we are all going on a training ride.”

George appeared with Jenny Bond on one arm and Denise Burton on the other. “Denise here has agreed to help pass on her expertise to the younger ones. She like her mother is a champion in her own right although not quite as famous as her mother.”

Jenny Bond. “Your mum Beryl was my inspiration. To hold the British Title for 25 years takes some doing. I certainly will not beat that although there are those here who might have a good crack at it.”

Beryl, “Grandma came to me in my sleep last night and told me I had to support the future world champion as she would be the only one to beat her records and like her beat the men.”

“Ladies we will join you in the garage shortly first though I need to know my team. Right girls as you may have guessed I have been out of competitive cycling for a while. I still though remember all my mother taught me. For today the codeword is Burton that means all of us even the weakest finds that extra ounce of strength and makes a break. Over the next few days we will learn different codeword. Some of you I already know what you are capable of and others I do not. Regardless this is about how we can help each other. A general is only as good as the foot soldiers he has to back him up. To the young lady that thought she could sit down in the lounge and read. I know how hard it must be on you to have a famous mum and an equally famous sister. Your sister still needs your help even if you are a foot soldier. Mum and I did not have the backing of a major manufacturer. We had to work together & that usually meant me coming second although occasionally I took first place.”

With that they went to the Garage where Jennifer noticed her grandfather with two bikes. “I was asked to look these over and I made a few alteration they should not let either of you down now. I also have to escort you to the start.” Down to the spa they cycled. John was waiting to set them all off and there appeared to be quite a crowd of onlookers. The first circuit was leisurely on the final lap Denise called a Burton by the coast guard station. The entire junior section swept past the senior ladies who then realised the juniors were going flat out. Jenny responded and caught up with Denise.

Jenny and Denise came in fourth after Gaby, Jennifer and Beryl. Jenny spoke, “I think George has made a mistake you should be in the senior team as a rider. I had to give my all to catch up with you.”

The girls started to laugh. Gaby said, “Mum that is called doing a Burton.”

Jennifer, “I think the senior team could also do with your coaching perhaps we should all take lessons off you.”

George, “Actually I want you all in the theatre as I have some film to show you. As this is black & white Denise will you give the commentary on the film? The title of the film was the Burtons do it again.

Denise, “Actually It might be better if we all watch the film and then I can answer some questions.”

They all watched the film. After it had finished Jennifer spoke. “Grandpa said your mum was only 59 when she died is that true?”

“Yes Jennifer she was on a training run when she died. Unlike today when all athletes are monitored. Back in those days nobody picked up she had a heart problem. Had it been done then she might be here giving you all advice. What did you learn from that film?”

Kat, “Its teamwork that counts when you made that break it was obvious one or the other of you was going to win.”

“In those days we got called the Battling Burtons. These days I understand it is the Battling Bonds. There must be something in the Yorkshire Air or water that keeps giving us champions. I though am looking forward to Saturday for the ride of the champions. That practise run got my blood flowing and for a moment I thought I was again riding with mum.”

George, “Tomorrow you will all have breakfast after the training run and then we are driving to Lindisfarne there will be several stops on the way.”

Sharp 30.01.08 © 2008

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