Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 12


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 12

Day 10 Tuesday

Draconaris Diablo makes an entrance.

Draconaris Diablo was resting in his castle in Moldavia when the message arrived from Mr Petrova. He was fuming when he heard the news and then calmed down quite quickly. His valet said, “Sir they would have only called you with this information if they considered it totally outside their scope to cope.”

“Yes Egor you are correct as always. I will need to go and check the facts myself. I do not want anybody to be going after the wrong person. You know how restless the natives get if they realise I still exist. I will not have a princess injured like she has been and somebody will pay for that regardless of who carries out the punishment. I want the team ready to do my bidding once I give the word to go into action.” With that he flew through the night and arrived at the St Petersburg in Scarborough harbour around 02.00. He rested for a while and then made his way to the Royal hotel. He carried a black bag with him like any doctor would. A guard took him to the room where Lucinda was resting. He knocked on the door and Tiny opened it.

“Hello Mr Petrova called me saying my help was needed and I flew through the night to get here. Mr Petrova wanted me to inspect the wounds on your mummy and do what I can for her. You may call me Dr Draconaris.”

“Well you may call me Tiny everybody does. After you have made mummy better will you stay and have breakfast with us?” As she spoke he noticed the mark on Tiny's wrist.

“Who marked you child as I doubt your mummy did that to you.”

Baby had awaked and replied, “The same person who did mine. Nana Princess Alice Lavinia. Yesterday she showed all the senior ladies how to do it and we who had not a mark were marked. We are going back to Whitby today. We are going on the Dracula trail. Have you heard of Dracula?”

“In that case I might come with you as I would be interested to see Whitby and the trail myself. For it is quite a while since I last visited there. First though we need to sort your mummy out.”

Dr Helga entered the room. “Sorry I did not realise another Doctor had been called in. I believe Lucinda she is putting herself in a trance to stop the pain. She is far worse on her front than the back and that is bad enough. It looks like she has been whipped, beaten and carved with a knife.”

“I would like to see all the injuries myself. However I am glad there is a professional here to help me and act as a chaperone. First we will clean up all the scars and wounds on her back I have brought a special skin to cover the wounds with me.”

Both Tiny & Baby watched as the wounds were cleaned with surgical spirit and then a layer of skin was placed on the wounds.

Then Lucinda was turned over. “See what I mean Dr it is as if somebody has done the same to her on the front and then carved a cross on her with a knife.”

“We clean her and then treat them all the same. The person who did this though will pay for what they have done, you can be sure of that. For now though I am needed here and retribution can wait for another time once Lucinda is better. For now though we need to clean these wounds each morning and they should heal with the minimal of scaring. However I will stay nearby to ensure she comes to no more harm. That is the least I can do for her.”

Baby & Tiny had got dressed. “Sir we have to take you to the dining room with us. All the others are already there”

Tiny, “Mummy we need to go for breakfast.”

Lucinda responded immediately and then noticed the stranger. “Sorry if I startled you Lucinda. Lucinda you have had Dr Helga & I looking after you. I have painted plastic skin over the scars. I need you to have a high protein diet to ensure that healing takes place. Now who did this to you?”

Tiny, “That is easy it is the same person who caused me to be. Mum was raped at the age of 16. The person who did this has powerful connections in the Russian mafia. We thought we had seen the last of him when mum got a job with Mr Petrova, but it was not to be. He has not been around since I was born until recently when he turned up like a bad penny. He wanted money off mummy or he would tell the authorities what she hides under her wrist & that she is a daughter of the Prince of Darkness. Mummy could not give him anything, as we had no money. As for mummy being a daughter of the Prince of Darkness I do not think so. For he would not allow Vladimir to do what he did to mummy. If mummy had been as he said, one look from her would have sent him to his final resting place. I certainly would not of allowed it if I was a Prince of Darkness. Vladimir gave mummy a beating as a reminder of what he could do to her if he wanted to, if she does not come up with money for him. He then carved a cross on the front of mummy & went away laughing and saying even he will not want you now that you have that on you. You will soon be my slut and so will your child. I helped mummy dress the wounds as best I could. I was glad Mr Petrova offered her this trip because it got us away from him. Mummy might be a lost princess but there is certainly nothing evil about her. Vladimir on the other hand is evil. If the Prince of Darkness exists I hope he takes him and does to him what he has done to mummy & the other ladies”

“Thank you Tiny Mr Petrova suspected it was the same person who had previously harmed your mummy. I am here to ensure no more harm ever comes to you or your mummy. I need to make a call to my associates and then they will ensure your wishes are carried out.” The doctor rang a number and said, “It is confirmed. She has been badly carved and whipped and beaten. The team may take him and have a free hand in his punishment. Apparently he also raped her at the age of 16 giving her a child that is a Tiny. So we can be certain that she is my grand daughter.”

Baby, “I was going to ask cousin Gabriel if she would send her troops to hunt down Vladimir and then he could be punished appropriately.”

Lucinda, “Doctor Tiny my daughter is correct. Vlad he will come looking for Tiny and me. His friends are all very powerful in the under world. They will find out where I am and then inform him of my whereabouts. So being here I could put others of my family in mortal danger. Perhaps it would be better if I left and returned to my home.”

“Lucinda your tormentor is being taken care of as we speak. He may think he is a big man with the Russian Mafia. But there are those that even they fear. I have just turned them loose on him and his friends. I will stay here for a while to ensure you recover correctly. Also I have promised Tiny and Baby I would accompany them to Whitby. There is much there for me to see apparently.”

In Estonia Lucinda's attacker was picked up.


After receiving the order from Draconaris a group had set out to capture Vladimir. “The boss wants this one collecting and then we can get to play with him. The boss though wants to see his face when he realises what we are. I have never seen Lord Draconaris so wound up about anything before when he realised his grand daughter had been harmed I thought he would blow a fuse. Our guest will be very lucky if he survives. If the boss does not want our guest I know a few others that might like him as entertainment.”

Vladimir had gone out to a bar when he found Lucinda and her brat were not at home and he thought his luck was in. The two of them approached him at the table and started to chat to him. They even had bought him a drink each from the bar he was frequenting. They introduced themselves as the Gemini sisters. (Twin Sisters). He left the bar with one on each arm thinking he had scored and then broke his own rule and took them back to his apartment. He very soon discovered the twins were very strong as he was overpowered once they got into the apartment. He also was to find he was trussed up like a turkey ready for the Christmas dinner just before it was put in the oven. Somebody came to the door carrying some items and he was placed in a sack.

He heard one of the Gemini speak, “You may empty this apartment of everything as he will not need it ever again.” He was carried out by the twins and thrown into the back of a van. He could feel they were on a very bumpy road. The journey seamed to take a very long time. The next thing he was aware of was being lifted out of the van and taken to a room. There he was released from the sack his ankles were attached to shackles bolted to the floor. Then his arms hoisted above his head and also attached to shackles. The Gemini proceeded to cut off all his clothing.

One of the Gemini, “You have hurt somebody very dear to us. We want some information off you and we could do it the easy way. We could just kill you outright. Or we can do it the way we much prefer by taking your life bit by bit.”

“Get stuffed I have important friends and they will hunt you down and kill you if you harm me. They are all powerful for they run the Russian Mafia.”

“Good at least you are cooperating. I thought I might have to thump you like this. My Twin is an expert with a whip. Perhaps a few friendly strokes of her whip might remind you what might happen if you lie to us. I understand you like carving on girls in fact I have a few friends of yours here who wish to say hello and to show you their appreciation of your skill in carving.”

His eyes opened wide as a group of girls entered the room. He started to scream. “You can do that all you want nobody will hear you in here as it is sound proofed. We decided to come and play with you. Now what do we do first. I know you are a sculptor & like to carve girls. So that is where we will start. As the Gemini told you we want some information about all your associates.”

Dr Draconaris went into the dining room and sat at the table with the two tiny girls. Princess Alice looked across. “Who is that sat with the girls and chatting to them?”

Dr Helga, “Somebody called a specialist in from abroad when they saw the scaring on Princess Lucinda. Dr Draconaris helped me clean the wounds and covered them with plastic skin. He promised Tiny & Baby he would accompany them today when they go to Whitby. In fact he was quite taken on with the two of them. He was saying one day he would like to introduce his daughters to them for they have a lot in common.”

Princess Alice opened a locket that was around her neck and looked at it. “Gabriel would you mind pushing me over to the table where Baby and Tiny are?” Gaby did as requested.

As they got across Tiny spoke, “Nana Alice and Gabriel we hope you do not mind we brought mummy's new doctor for his breakfast. He told us he flew through the night to get here to attend to my mummy. Dr Draconaris has cleaned and covered all mummies' wounds to make them better. As he says he has to stay until mummy is well. I have invited him to accompany us to Whitby.”

“Princess Alice nice to meet you again. I was surprised to see you here. I thought you were living in Germany these days. I take it these two little ones are your family as they both called you Nana. Now whom is this pushing you? Oh no wonder you Alice are here. Are you looking after the New Queen? I presume all the others are related to you in some way? I heard Tiny call you Gabriel so I presume you are called Queen Gabriel. That mark on your arm tells me something else though. Tiny has already told me you are going to Whitby on the Dracula trail and invited me join her is that ok with you?”

Alice spluttered, “Do you think that is a good idea Doctor?”

Gaby, “Princess Alice the Dracula trail is only visiting the sights Bram Stoker wrote about in his book. There is no danger in that. If you are scared we can find you silver cross or Garlic. Also we will have Dr Draconaris with us.”

Lucinda, “Well I am coming with my new found sister. Nothing could be as scary as Vladimir Jankosky was. If I had a wish it would be that Vladimir was eternally consigned to the hell I went through with him. Oh I have just had a tingle run through my whole body. As if my wish was granted. Dr Draconaris you will be with us so I am sure I will be in safe hands.”

Alice, “Dr Draconaris is it? The last time we met you escorted my sisters and me to safety from the Red horde. I remembered then you used a different name. Do you still live in a castle?”

“Queen Gabriel, Dr Draconaris is my correct name and title. I am a fully qualified doctor. What I omitted to say was, also I am a Prince of Moldavia. Or at least these days I live in my castle in Moldavia and have a quiet life. My daughters tend to ensure I remain having a peaceful retirement. They tend to get fed up with me being at home and keep wanting to visit their cousins in Europe. They though hardly ever leave the castle. While I still visit the locals and treat them for their sickness.”

“Dr Draconaris, You are still welcome as are your daughters. As a prince of Moldavia and apparently one who saved Princess Alice and other Russian Princesses. Now you come out of retirement to treat Princess Lucinda. Tiny & Baby are two of my dearest friends and companions. They will still be children when others change to adults. I already have ordered Princess Alice Lavinia is treated with the utmost respect as the senior princess and the only surviving daughter of Tsar Nicholas. If you helped rescue Alice and her sisters then you shall as senior Prince receive similar respect. You must have a gene that lets you age slowly like my two companions. Now that I know what has happened to Lucinda I will have to place a bounty on her attacker. He will have to be caught and taught a lesson.”

Granny Peters, “Draconaris It appears you turn up when princesses are in danger or need help. You escorted my sisters and me to the Submarine that took us to England and safety. At that time you told me you lived in Romania. You told me you were the Black sheep of your family. Black sheep or not you were there for me and my sisters, and as Gaby is my grandchild you where there for her as well.”

“Prince Draconaris. It appears you also like Gunther deserve a medal from me. I am to make presentations at the Great Yorkshire show in Harrogate on Thursday. You will attend with the others. I would like your daughters to be here with us. I did not realise Moldavia had a prince though. Would you like to me to arrange a flight for your daughters?”

“No Queen Gabriel they already are on their way here. Apparently they wished to see Tiny & Baby as they all have something in common. Also they have discovered they need to be close to me, or they get quite distressed.”

Princess Alice started to laugh as a group of tiny girls entered the room and said, “Is our daddy here we missed him?”

Alice, “ Now I know where the gene has come from that my grand daughters carry.”

Lucinda, “I feel silly calling you aunts. I suppose you are mums sisters or at least half sisters? Also Tiny & Baby will want you all to join the Tiny club. Grandpa thank you for coming to my aid.”

“Father the Gemini took care of the problem and left the problem in a nice warm place with Lucy and some old friends of his are taking an interest in him. She said to tell Lucinda that she can sleep in peace in future. She also says we have to stay with and protect the Queen who rides. We have to protect her from one who has tried to kill her several times already.”

Gaby, “The person Lucy was talking about has killed at least one person to my knowledge. In fact he killed the person in front of me by running them down. The person who died was one of his drug dealers who was also a racer like me? I helped the police catch him and then somehow he escaped and burnt down my parents' home. He is a drug dealer among other things and a nasty piece of work. Girls I do not know how you can help me, but Maddy is at much at risk as me as we look alike. With the recent media interest in me, he by now will realise where I am and come after us again. However this time I have lots of protection. So I doubt he will get near.”

Tiny, “Gaby Baby and I promised we would be there for you. My baby sisters are shocked that this fiend has repeatedly tried to kill you. They say they left one set of Gemini behind and now they are here they find another much younger set that they have been instructed they must protect. They apparently can speak to us two without speaking as I can receive messages in my head from them.”

Dr Draconaris, “I believe they are referring to you and Maddy Queen Gabriel. There is only one difference between the two of you and that is the mark on your arm. Please show my daughters so they know which of you is which. Lucinda & sister I am surprised my gene skipped a couple of generations. You two and your mothers must be carriers or Tiny & Baby would not have been created. Whilst we are here it might be better if you Lucinda and sister are mothers to all this lot. I know the relationship is different but who would believe it.”

Cardinal Waibel stared at Dr Draconaris. He then holds his hand out. “Pleased to meet you Doctor. For a moment you reminded me of somebody from long ago when I was a young priest in Germany. I was told the person was bad yet he helped me and countless others without payment.”

“My old friend I see you are now a cardinal. The last time we met you were a novice priest. There are certain advantages if people believe you are bad. They leave you alone, that is apart from the odd villager who will send their daughter to work in my kitchen in the hope I will take them as my wife. I usually let them work for me for a year or so and then send them back home with a bag of gold. Occasionally one cannot return home. This is because something happened to them and they would not be recognised by their families. Alice I must apologise. I did not know about your daughters. Had I known I would have been there for them. Judging by your age I must have infected you but in a different way. With you the infection must have very slowly infected you. I never ever took a wife, as you were the only contender. Occasionally one of the girls would sneak into my bed while I slept. They all wanted to be the lady of the manor. At first I did not realise the maid had been in my bed. She then started to be very sick and was losing weight fast. I had her parents brought to see her. The father said, “May we stay till she goes?” Well I realised what was happening and I had to fake her death. I gave the parents a small pension and they cremated their daughter, or at least the coffin they thought contained their daughters body was cremated. As I say most of the girls return home with a purse of gold. She may have been the first but certainly not the last. In fact it still happens occasionally certain little people encourage some of the girls to creep to my bed. They are told before hand to say their goodbye to their friends and family. Most girls though these days come from the orphanage. They are told to stay in my bed and kiss me when I awake.”

Alice started to laugh. “They all were normal adults who became your children.”

“I was the first of the tinys. We sort of know who is suitable. It appears that only teenage girls are affected and become tinys' like us. We did try an older female once. She did become a bit younger and she decided to play the part of our nurse. The Doctor did tests on us and apparently our DNA had changed to match that of the Prince. With the exception of me and one more all the others were orphans. I did contact my parents when they sent my remaining sister to the castle. At first they did not believe me then papa asked me something I only knew. They were happy I was still alive if somewhat smaller. My blood sister with my parent's permission did what I did. Mum & dad cremated another daughter and there was much sadness. Or at least a coffin that was full of waste food. Mum and dad asked if they could work at the castle to be near us. My original father is now Egor my daddies valet and my mother is the nurse.”

The group departed from the Royal hotel in Scarborough in the fleet of coaches for Whitby. Nena spoke, “Welcome to the Tiny group it appears Julia & I will be getting more flower girls at this rate we will be having more bridesmaids & flower girls than guests. Our journey today is only 20 miles to Whitby. So even going at 30 mph we should do the journey in about 40 minutes. We are now going over part of the North Yorkshire moors. The last time we did this we went to Pickering and then caught the train to Whitby. This time it is the more direct route we are going on. In fact we might even see part of the old railway line from Scarborough to Whitby. We are now going through Sandsend. It is very quiet resort and has a nice clean beach even if it gets windy here. There though are only a couple of shops.” They then saw Whitby open up before them and the coaches dropped down a steep hill into the town and Den parked the coach in the coach park at the side of the railway station. John & Arthur followed with the other coaches and parked alongside.

“Now we need the old part of the town first. As we have lots of tiny ones with us will one or two of the older ones help look after them?”

This brought a giggle from the tiny ones. “Now girls first we are going to see the Dracula exhibition. I have been reading the book so I have an idea what to expect. Do not be scared as it is only wax figures made to look like the illustrations in the book.” In side the exhibition the tiny girls & Dr Draconaris all burst out laughing at the wax figures of Dracula & his victims.

Dr Draconaris, “Nena I think we might like to read your book and see how the story varies from those that are told back home.”

The lady at the till, “You come from Transylvania? Are the stories there as scary as what we have?”

One of the Tinys', “Sorry we laughed. We come from Moldavia. Bach home Prince Dracula was a hero although he at times had to do some nasty things to certain people. He kept his enemies at bay because he was very strong. I think this Bram Stoker might have visited our country at some time and taken the bad bits and added to them.”

The lady laughed, “It maybe a story. He certainly wrote it while staying in the town and it brings us a lot of trade. Without it we would be just another sleepy east coast fishing town. The other famous person we have is Captain James Cook. He also has a museum. As it is you will see every shop selling Dracula items. I for one am glad the story was printed it gives me my living. A few miles down the road Robin Hood was supposed to have saved fishermen from pirates. We used to be a whaling port and Richard the Lionheart set off for the crusades from Whitby.”

They went up the 99 steps to the abbey to see where Dracula was reputed to have been buried. Then they came back down the steps and stopped off at the Whitby Jet shop. They looked round and bought some jet items. One of the tinys' spoke. “Is a necklace made of this valuable? The assistant went and called an old man from the back.

“Have you it with you now? If you have I maybe able to value it for you.”

“I have it with me here. I know where there are several more that are similar to this. They all came from a relative who visited Whitby in the past.”

The man looked at the necklace and then went to some old files. “Yes the necklace is made from real Whitby Jet. I can even tell you who it was made for as I have the original sales ledger here. It was sold by my great grand father to a prince from Eastern Europe. There should be several more necklaces though. Every one of them is very valuable. I have two here similar to them that I cannot sell because most people do not want items so big these days. I had considered breaking them up but father told me we must always have a set or two in case the person who bought the original sets ever returned. I take it you are the grandson of the person who bought the sets.”

Dr Dracoanaris, “ Well I am related to him as are the girls. I will take those two off you, as only two of the little ones do not have a set. All the other little ones got a set each some time ago as a present.”

The shopkeeper boxed the two sets up. “Now I have to look for big enough pieces for another two sets. If your grandson comes here they will be waiting for him.” Doctor Draconaris signed the sales receipt and they left. It was not till they were long gone the woman assistant noticed the signature was the same as on the original ledger.”

From there they went to the market hall there they found a shop selling velvet dresses in a medieval style. Tiny spoke to the woman. “Do you have any in our sizes?”

“Yes the children's ones are in considerable demand. I might not have enough in one colour though. The adult ones we can make to order if we are out of stock in your size.”

After the visit to the gothic shop they noticed the tall ships in the harbour. Among them was the Bark Endeavour that was a replica of Captain Cooks ship. The replica had recently sailed all the way to Australia and back now it was moored in the harbour. Other famous ships were in the harbour for the tall ship race. The girls had a look round some of the ships. Then they went to the amusement area near the beach. Soon it was getting near lunch. They got a message from Princess Alice, “Have you had lunch yet? If not I have the perfect place for you all. It is next door to the Dracula museum.

Soon they arrived back. Tiny and the others went in. The doctor said, “What is this?

The waitress laughed, “If it has with blood it means tomato sauce the children love it. A glass of blood is red wine for the adults and Blackcurrant juice for the children.”

“Ok I get the idea. Are all your meals seafood?”

“No sir we also cater for vegetarians and Vegans' here. Most men though go for our seafood platter which is a selection of sea foods and chips with no vegetables.”

“I will have that then, but can I have white wine & not red please. Red does not go fish it should be white.”

“I take it sir you are not too enamoured with the Dracula theme.”

Tiny, “Actually for children the idea is great. I noticed the two shops next door are empty. Will you be extending into them?”

“I had thought about it as we do get rather busy. However because of the credit crunch my bank will not loan me the money I require. If I want to expand I will have to look for a partner. Who though would be daft enough to buy into an expanded Dracula café? Next door has a Dracula exhibition. I had thought about an exhibition on the real Dracula. Not the rubbish they have next door.”

Tiny, “What time do you close? As I might know an investor or two who might be interested in helping you. I am being serious so will you come to this address tonight in Scarborough and be prepared for a late night. If you were serious about it that is.” With that the group left.

“Tiny why did you say that you know nothing about her.”

“True, but she does not know about her future partners. Does she? I wonder if she knows about the eternally young daughters and grand daughters of the real Dracula. Well I for one would like to put the record straight about grandpa and I liked the idea of the real story and so do all my tiny sisters.”

Alice clapped her hands, “Well said Tiny. I for one would be interested if it was done properly. What I am surprised at is that lady being so pro Dracula. You have not kissed her previously have you Doctor?”

“No there was only one other and that was an emergency and I had to give her the kiss of life.”

Gaby, “Aunt Alice I know you married a German aristocrat and had children to him. He alas is departed. I feel you should perhaps get married to your first love. If what the girls say is true then you will be almost immune to the small changes. Now though I want to go to the Captain Cook museum.”

Inside the museum they looked around and then the attendant spoke. “Have you any family in these parts?”

Gaby was about to say no then remembered, “Well there was one person I know of who lived in this area, but I do not know where and he could have used three different surnames. The first surnames you could try are either Bond or Peters.

A few minutes later the man spoke, “I have census returns here for 1881, 1891 & 1901. I can find one address with both those names shown as living in Robin Hoods Bay. The main person though is shown as being born in Hanover. Would you like me to print off the pages? According to this some of the family are buried at Fylingdales Parish Church, which is the parish church for Robin Hoods Bay. I could get that information if you wish.”

“Yes please I would like to know who was buried there.”

Outside the museum Prince Draconaris spoke, “I thought it was me who was supposed to like graves. What is the interest in those at Fylingdales?”

Alice, “Would the name Robert Battenberg mean anything to you?”

“Well if we are talking about the same person he went missing. He was supposed to be in England but was never found.”

Gaby, “He married Victoria on the quiet and they had a child. Later he was to take another wife and had many children to her. I am from the Victoria line.”

“No wonder Alice was eager to get over here. Not only do you carry the line of Nicholas that I noticed you sported on your arm, but also Victoria & Robert. Had that union become known it could have changed history? I presume the British government know of your history?”

“For some reason they were eager to have both me and Maddy engaged to William & Harry. I understand the Prime minister nearly had a heart attack when he discovered as Roberts's descendant I was able to make a claim on certain estates in the North. At the same time the Parliament in Scotland was asking for the boundary between the two countries to be altered. They did not expect what happened. Glasgow across to Edinburgh got transferred to the new country of Northumbria. Apparently I am the ruler of it. I also inherited certain other crowns from Grandma as her descendant. From Robert I got the crowns of the Three Germanys, Bavaria, Hanover & Prussia. Since then Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine & Georgia have all recognised me as their monarch. Even Russia has decided to accept me although it was people power that made them decide. Currently they are bringing a harbour as a present for me into Scarborough. This once constructed will ensure all my fleet can in future all sail into the harbour.”

Prince Draconaris, “In that case we had better look at this church on our return journey. I was hoping the tinys could spend a little time on the beach as it is not often I get to the beach with them.”

“I know my father was wanting to look on the beach at Robin Hoods Bay for fossils. If we set off sooner than planned we could please everybody. That is settled Den says the tide will be out and he knows of somewhere that we can have refreshments. Princess Alice will need her chair as will several others and we have a steep hill to negotiate.”

They departed from Whitby sooner than intended and soon found their way to Fylingdales Parish Church. There was a tent over one grave. In the churchyard was the Rector he was looking at a tent over a grave. Gaby spoke, “Hello we are looking to see if any of these people are buried here?”

“I can take you inside and get the register out and then tell you if they are here or not? Oh that grave has recently been opened for an exhumation. The coffin was taken away for the corpse to be inspected. The rest of the coffins have not been touched. The gravestone is currently in the church for safekeeping. I have had it cleaned and restored while it is in here.”

Prince Draconaris, “Wow no half measures here. Victoria is mentioned, as is her child. The second wife is as interesting he took Tsar Nicholas sister as his wife. It appears they had lots of children.”

Alice looked at the stone, “Rector thank you for repairing the grave marker of my sisters. As a Princess of Russia & Germany I will see you are reimbursed your costs. However my aunt and cousins should lie with their father & husband in York Minster.”

The rector placed the birth, marriages and death registers on a photocopier machine. I also have a copy of the inscription for you and a copy of the grave book. Some of the villagers are rather upset that Roberts grave has been touched.”

Gaby, “All here are family of those who rest here. I have to ask a favour. Princess Alice is deeply religious and Sunday because of certain reasons could not go to Mass.”

“Now you young lady I do recognise. I saw you cycle on Saturday. The Vatican channel also showed you up in Durham & Northumberland. I see that surprised you. Both Anglicans and Catholics use this church. The Catholic Church went down into the sea some time ago and has not been replaced. The father and I came to an understanding and shared this church. I know it is only a small thing but it works. Currently I am also the pastor to the Catholics as their priest recently died and was buried here. So far he has not been replaced by Rome. It also looks like his former home will be the next to fall into the sea.

Cardinal Waibel was listening to this. “I take it your parishioners do not mind sharing?”

“No sir and my bishop has given his permission for the church sharing scheme. In fact this would have been the original church till the split with Rome. As for the parishioners they all work together in the surrounding villages regardless of denomination.”

Cardinal Waibel got out his telephone and rang a number. “I am in Fylingdales at the moment and have discovered Catholics and Anglicans have been church sharing for some time. When is the late father due to be replaced?

“Oh we have a problem there the priests home is in danger of falling into the sea and we have not found anywhere suitable. We were quite aware of the church sharing scheme. We were hoping the Anglican priest would also continue to look after our people. but have not formally asked him.”

“In that case please inform the bishop that Cardinal Waibel has decided to appoint the current Rector as joint priest to both communities. He is after all doing that job and should be paid for it. Now Rector you heard that you are officially appointed as joint priest. To formalise it I will return on Sunday to officially appoint you in front of your congregations.”

“I have most of the furniture from the fathers house in my garage. All his vestments are in the vestry. Who do I hand the items to. Some of the furniture could be quite valuable. I also have various church furniture and items that were saved from the Old Catholic church. We were discussing placing most of those items in here. I will need to apply for a bishops licence to do that.”

Cardinal Waibel telephoned Bishop Richard in Durham to find out if he was allowed to issue the required permit. Richard laughed, “We both got appointed as joint bishops and you can certainly sign the required form for both denominations. Tell the Rector that Bishop Seed from Durham will come on Sunday to see him made first Anglican-Catholic priest.”

“Right Rector have you a contractor who can install these before Sunday? If you have asked him to get here now as I want to speak to him about another job.”

The rector did as requested. In the meantime the rest of the group went down to Robin Hoods Bay. There the first stop was the ice-cream van on the beach. The children went to play on the beach. Nena spotted a rather large café and went inside. “Hello do you cater for coach parties? There is rather a large group of us and some of the party wished to come here for refreshments.” Nena noticed the photos on the wall and looked at them.

“I see you are interested in Robert. He had this place built. I am only the manager. This place is owned by his heirs. Where they are I do not know. Nobody has told me to close down so I just continue as my mother did before me. Paying the money into the bank and taking a wage. I have to send all bills to the bank and they pay them. I can provide food for the entire group. Although it will be a little slow as I am on my own today.”

Princess Alice was being pushed by Prince Draconaris. He left her at the cafe to go to the beach “Young lady I heard that. I think I have the solution. My daughters do not wish to go on the beach. So they can help you. I noticed you have some baskets of fish are they fresh?”

My husband landed them not long ago. I was going to close for the day and start cleaning them.”

Nena, “I think we will need them and more for all the group.”

The woman telephoned a number and shortly a very weather beaten man appeared. “Hi you asked for all the catch. The children have just finished this lot. Are you sure you need it all.”

“Mum can we go to the beach and play there are lots of little children there today?”

“Just as soon as you have helped me clean these and then I can start preparing a meal for lots of guests.”

“Children go and play I will help your mother. Had she said so I would have taken all the trays home to sort and clean. Sorry about the children miss. They spotted other children just like them and wanted to go and play with them.”

Nena looked at the children and said, “You have all tinys?”

The woman, “Regular as clockwork they are. Each one comes along exactly nine months after the last. I tried precautions but it made no difference. They still pop out. The doctors tell me they will never get any older and will eventually die looking like children.”

Alice, “The tinys your children spotted are my great grand children. My grand daughters have the same worry as you.” As she was speaking Prince Draconaris came in carrying a child. I believe this one belongs here she got excited when she saw the others and used up too much energy. I had to carry her back here.” He looked at the photographs on the wall he gasped. “Oh my who is this lady”?

“Sir that is my grandmother she was manager here like my mother was before I became the manager. She is still very much alive. That was taken shortly after a visitor dragged her out of the sea when she was swept off her feet and dragged into the sea. She never knew his real name only that he was a friend or guest of her boss Robert.”

Alice grinned, “I presume he ended up giving her the kiss of life?”

“He did save her life. Some of the men from our village said he must have been immensely strong to fight the sea like he did that wild night.”

“Your granny and I have lots in common. My sisters & I were saved from certain death in a similar way. My grand daughters also have produced Tinys. So we have lots in common. I would like to meet your granny I am sure we would find we have lots more in common.”

The woman went to the telephone. The fisherman spoke, “I thought I could not have children. Then they started coming every nine months. At first I thought my wife was seeing somebody else, but when we both took precautions the children still came along. We went to the doctors and found something remarkable. Apparently my wife is capable of impregnating herself. We just now just look on it as a blessing. I presume before long she will no longer have children.”

As he was speaking Sonja arrived. “We got your message. We suddenly found there was lots more tinys. Have we found another family member or daughters of Lord Draconaris?”

“Did I here you say Lord Draconaris? That was the same name granny told me the man who saved her from the sea was called. Did you know him? He must be very brave or very fool hardy. He was a friend of Robert although I thought granny said he was a doctor and not a lord.”

Alice, “As I said before your granny & I have much to talk about.”

“Hello I am Octavia my grand daughter May said we had lots of guests. I see you are looking at me in my younger days when I was manager for Robert. This is April my only daughter.

Nena arrived with Julia and the Tinys', “Sorry but while they wanted to be on the beach and play there. They all need to check up on daddy as he did not come down to play with them.”

The Fisherman, “They are the same with me and worry all the time I am at sea. Sometimes I wished I did not have to go to sea. I though need to find some income. May here is the only one to have lots of children. May is still drawing the same wage her grand mother did. I told her to ask at the bank about a rise in wages. She though is scared that this place will be closed down and then we would have problems.”

Tiny & Baby came running in “Grandpa we have lots more tinys here. They also can talk to us and they wanted to meet you?”

Octavia looked at him and said, “I know it is impossible but you look like the gentleman who saved me years ago. Are you a Draconaris?”

“To answer your question my name is Prince Draconaris Diablo I come from Eastern Europe. I am also related to the person who saved you all those years ago. He was visiting family he had here. Now to what I just overheard about wages. I believe you Madame looked after Robert's family?”

“I still am as I objected to his grave being disturbed. At least the children who rest there have not been disturbed.”

“Well from what I understand Robert thought highly of you. You sir are quite correct. The wages of May should have increased long ago. Now I have a proposition for you sir. The sea life centre in Scarborough is looking for somebody part-time to talk about fishing. In addition I have noticed a need for a mini bus service from the car park at the top of the village to the bottom and return.”

One of the tinys, “Daddy just do as grandpa Draconaris says. We have lots of sisters who need us.”

The fisherman started to laugh. “Octavia, Bram Stoker had the stories all wrong. Part of it was correct though Lord Dracula existed and still does. He though gives life and does not take it. He will remained as young as when you first met him Octavia. That is why you thought he was related to the man who saved you. Once he gave you the kiss of life it meant he had shared his life with you.”

“Do not be silly. You are insulting our guests.”

Gaby, “I am a direct descendant of Robert and the error over your wages will be corrected. You Octavia did you only have one child?”

“I now this sound silly but it is the truth. I never married and never went with a man yet I found I got a swollen belly. Only Robert though believed me all those years ago. Twins popped out and one was still born. Robert had the child buried along with his children that did not survive. I was one of the few who knew Robert's true name. Not the name he lies buried under on the tombstone. He had few secrets from me.”

“You young lady have been marked the way the Russian Royals are. You also are wearing German rings I recognise. My late mistress told me about those marks. You are marked as the heir to the Russian throne. The rings tell me you also inherited the Three German crowns of Bavaria, Hanover & Prussia. So both Nicholas & Roberts blood runs in you.”

Granny Peters, “Hello Octavia. The last time we met my sisters and I had just being landed here at night and you brought us food and then provided us with shelter till we could move on. Gabriel is one of my grandchildren.”

Nena looked at the women. “We are going to have to arrange additional transport for all of these and extra tickets. All the tinys should be there on Thursday.”

Prince Marcus, “If you do not mind Gabriel I could land a helicopter here and transport them all to the show ground.”

Draconaris thought and then spoke, “Lucinda would you mind if I accompanied Marcus as it will be the first time these Tinys have flown?”

Baby, “Grandpa you will still be with one of your daughters. You know we are all tuned to each other. With practise your daughters will be able to communicate like we can. We know you also want to spend a little time with your other family. We also have to be here on Sunday as Cardinal Waibel promised the Rector we would be.”

Octavia, “You brought a Cardinal with you?”

Nena, “He was ordered by the Holy Father to join us and attend to our needs. We also have the Bishop of Durham on our staff. Alice tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day. I was wondering if you and your daughters wanted to come here and spend the day with Octavia. I know it is not on the list to go to but some of the younger ones want to go to escape at Castleford. It is an indoor ski run and toboggan run. There also is a shopping area across the road.”

Gaby noticed May look across at her husband. “Well some of my friends wanted to go there and have some fun. I though cannot go without all my Tinys, I know my mother and her ladies are wanting to look for bargains across the road. I have been there previously and know there is also a roller rink and a rock-climbing wall. For people who like bikes there is also a specialist shop.”

May, “Gabriel as a descendant of Robert I presume you are an owner of this place. Can I assume this trip is a job bonding exercise and that all of us should attend as a job training exercise? Have I permission to close the café until further notice?”

Renate, “Yes you are correct. When this trip was first envisaged it was as team bonding. I did not realise our team captain & daughter were related. Now I noticed your glances. You already have stated financially you are hard up. Octavia you like Alice became a partner of Draconaris with that kiss when he dragged you from the sea. I think it is high time he took responsibility for you and all his grand children.”

Baby, “All you tinys are going to have to pack your bags and come back with us.”

One Tiny, “Papa John may we go with our tiny sisters.”

“Yes and take them with you via the lift as I doubt they will manage the steep hill.”

Sonja, “We will also be making our way back. I noticed a shop or two we wanted to visit. So we will take the long way back.”

This left May, John and the senior ladies. The telephone rang, “Aunt May I have something to tell you. I might have investors to help me extend my café. You will never guess what I had in the café today. Sorry I will be with you soon tell the tinys to be ready I am taking you all across to Scarborough to meet my investors. I think they might be surprised at what we have.”

May put the telephone down. “Sorry that was John's very excited niece. I presume one of you has said something about investing in her café.”

Fisherman John, “I think we had better go the quick way as she will be heading home now. I also need to speak with her mother.”

May secured the café and they departed. The group found themselves in a hotel. John spoke to an older lady at the desk and said, “Can you arrange for somebody to cover the café as we have to go away for a while.”

Alice, “I presume it is your daughter with the café in Whitby? Have you any more children?”

“I wanted her to take over from me here as May did with her mother. She though wanted her own place. No other than my much younger brother there is nobody else.”

John looked at his watch. “Sister I think you had better go and pack a bag for your self and daughter. May has gone to pack ours. Now you sir can I offer you a drink from the bar? John looked at the barman and said, “This is May's grand father he has decided to pay us a visit.”

“Yes sir, I will also bring some wine for the ladies.”

As they sat down to wait the door burst open and a young woman came flying through it like a dervish. John spoke, “Steady on we are here waiting for you. I believe you have already met May's grandfather earlier today.”

“The tinys from earlier today. They are all your grand children?”

“Well actually they are my grand daughters children just like your little cousins all are. I think perhaps their grandpa should provide the funding for their cousin to enlarge her cafe. I also think you should come and spend some time with your cousins. Your café will still be there for you although from tomorrow the workmen are due to rip all three shops apart. So it would not be a good idea to be around until it is finished. Now young lady I would like a few questions answered. The first is I take it you or somebody you know has visited Romania or Moldavia?”

John, “Actually it was my sister and my self sometime ago before either of us got married and had children. We went on a tour of Eastern Europe with Global. Have you heard of that company they went into liquidation recently?”

Nena, “Yes some of us used to work for them.”

Cardinal Waibel came in and spoke, “The others are already on their respective coaches. I have just had an interesting time with Rector Bird. Apparently there was two of Tsar Nicholas Sisters living here one married Robert. The other lived with them.“

Alice, “That explains a few things I could not understand. Child come here and tell all these what you see on my wrist.”

The young woman, “You are a daughter of Tsar Nicholas. Mother & Aunt taught me the signs but grandma would not permit us to be marked as children & grand children of his sisters. They said it could bring about our death.”

Gaby who had come looking to see what the hold up was spoke, “You talked to me earlier. The Tinys insisted you were given help. You must have seen my arm but yet you said nothing.”

“Sorry I did not notice it. I was taken on with there being so many Tinys. They made me think of my little cousins and if I could use them as waitresses in the café.” She has a look at the mark. “Oh, Oh, Earlier I thought you were just a teenage girl with her friends. Mum we will have to collect the other three.”

Gaby,”Other three I thought we had you all here?”

“No there is mums sister who never married and looks like my twin and then our grannies who are old ladies and live at 39 Valley Road in Scarborough.”

Gaby spoke into the telephone and got security. “I want somebody to go to 39 Valley road and collect three ladies. Two of them will be elderly so help might be needed. We will meet you back at the Royal.”

The young woman, “As my little cousins are all calling you Grandpa is it ok if I do the same?”

“I suppose you might as well do so as even Gabriel is calling me that.”

She launches her self at Draconaris and kisses him on the lips. “Thanks I never knew my real grandpa.”

Alice looked at Octavia. “Octavia it appears we are cousins and both fell for the same person. I think we are going to have to keep a tight hold of him or we might accidentally have lots more tinys. It also appears that Prince Draconaris puts in an appearance when a princess is in danger or has been harmed by somebody.”

Granny Peters, “When we were here years ago I did not realise that you were family. Had I and my sisters realised that, We might never have moved away. As it was we moved to an area where I knew some family lived. I think perhaps the café should be called The Princess rest or something similar as it has provided for many Princesses of Europe in times of trouble. Now to you Constance, Yes I know your name. Your cousins have a remarkable ability and could read your mind. Providing the builder has done as promised then work should have started on ripping all three shops apart. We had intended to talk to you about it tonight. However after calling at Fylingdales church we got a builder who could start immediately. He also has a few alterations to do at the Parish Church. Now Octavia there is something that I should tell you. The remainder of the bodies in the grave will be exhumed and reinterred at St Peter's in York with the rest of the family who have died in this country.”

“I expected that to happen when Robert was exhumed. Does the Rector know?”

“Yes and the grave marker will still remain. It will be altered slightly to say the above remains have been transferred to York Minster.”


Gaby, “Come on all the others are waiting. Constance it will be a tight squeeze but the Tinys want you with them. So that means my coach. Octavia and the rest will find it better on one of the adult coaches. I understand your bags have already been placed on them.”

The return to Scarborough was uneventful. John the fisherman . This trip tomorrow do you mind if I do not go. I would like to have a look round Scarborough and have a chat with some of my fishing colleagues in the town.”

May, “Well I would like to look round Freeport. I am not bothered about looking around the Escape part.”

Gaby, “We will be one coach down as Den tells me his coach has to go in for a service. So we will be taking one of the Helicopters instead. That will get us there sooner. I presume the rest of you do not mind much slower coach ride. John & Arthur will let me know when you arrive. Now we are back here I for one intend go back down on to the front.”

Constance, “Do you mind if I come along. First though I need to find my room.”

Baby, “Actually you will have to share with some of us. We are getting rather full. So the smaller ones of us are doubling up or even trebling up. Not that we mind as it is warmer for us that way.”

Constance started to giggle, “Well it is a while since I have had to do that. If the hotel was very busy then I had to share with some of my tiny cousins and my room was let off. If you do not mind I will take you two as I do not know you and it will give me chance to see what I have let my self in for.”

Tiny, “I am Tiny and still the smallest of the tinys. This is my cousin Baby & all your cousins are sort of our cousins. You do not need to find your room we will show you it later. I need somebody to lift me up to play the slot machines. Your cases will be taken to our room.”

As they were speaking they heard a “Oh my we have been invaded by tinys.”

Tiny went across to the three ladies, “I will have you know I am Tiny the daughter of Princess Lucinda & great grand daughter of Princess Alice of Russia & Germany. This is my cousin Baby who is from the same line as me. Now whom may you ladies be?”

“Well Tiny & Baby it is nice to meet you. “So our niece Alice Lavinia is also here. We are of similar age to her & I believe you have met our Tinys already?”

“Oh I think they are expecting far older ladies than you two appear to be. Nana Alice looked after me on the ship coming over and then we found Tiny. We need some adults to take us down on to the front. Constance came across and did a curtsey.

“Sorry I cannot stop to talk I have been detailed to look after these two Tinys. Somebody thinks I did not spend enough time with them.”

“So Constance we understand from your mother you branched out and started your own café how is it doing?”

“You need ask. It was going fine and I wanted to expand but the bank would not lend me the money. Then earlier today in Whitby my cafe was invaded by Tinys and their friends. I now have discovered that they are my little cousins and that their great grandpa has decided to help me expand. In fact he already had booked the builders to do the job before I even got home. He also has stated I and my cousins should be marked to denote who we are and that was not negotiable.”

“Yes Constance when the young men arrived at our house it was obvious they expected elderly ladies. Apparently we two are together. Your aunt though got waylaid by a group of tinys who told her she was sharing with them. They were calling her Constance so it was apparent to us they must be new tinys.”

Tiny, “Oh in that case she is with the daughters of Lord Draconaris. To strangers they say they are our sisters. The reason why is obvious. Baby & I are cousins.”

“Well girls we do watch the news. For what recently has happened the descendant of Robert has been accepted.”

Baby, “I came across the sea with Nana Alice and the White Russians loyal to her. We all travelled on the St Petersburg to Northumbria to greet the new Queen.”

As Baby was talking Gabriel & Nena approached the group. “Hi Baby I thought you might have already gone with the other Tinys. Nena and I are waiting for the guard to appear with the three elderly ladies. We decided we would push them. Granny has gone to ensure the Whites are ready to be reviewed by the two Princesses and Alice. Sorry Constance I understood you had already gone down to the front with the horde of tinys.”

One of the ladies, “Actually it was not Constance who went with the Tinys. She is here chatting to us. We are the old ladies you are looking for.”

Nena, “Oh it is not just Draconaris that has the long life gene. He was going to take responsibility for all the tinys.”

Both ladies glanced at Gaby's arm and then did a curtsy. “So you both recognise me. As neither of you are as infirm as I expected would you both carry my little friends. They soon get tired if walking. Nena & I had intended giving them a piggyback down to the front.”

Both Tiny and Baby put their hands up to be lifted up. One of the ladies spoke; it is quite a while since either of us carried a child. You two though look light enough. Empress Gabriel we the sisters of Nicholas would be pleased to agree to your request. It is a long time since either of us reviewed any troops.”

With that they left to go down to the front via the sea lift. Before they got out Gabriel placed the crown on her head. Both ladies grinned, “There is no mistaking the crown of Catherine the Great. You wear it as if it was made for you.”

Gabriel handed the ladies a tiara each and said, “I believe these were made for you two. They recently turned up.” As they got out of the lift they noticed sections of the new harbour were already being fitted into place. Gaby also noticed another tent had gone up on the front.

Gaby, Nena, Constance and the two ladies inspected the lines of troops they smiled when they got to the front. There holding a banner was the other Constance and the remainder of the tinys. “They told me they are the most important troops as they are the Royal body guard. Constance how do you cope with all these they have just about worn me out in such a short time?”

“Well it is a bit of a struggle so I had to called in for help to deal with the smallest two.”

“Hi I am Tiny and that is Baby my cousin. We have the job of looking after these ladies. They will have to put Constance to bed with us. You are so lucky having lots of tinys to keep you warm. Now we are going to explore the new tent are you coming?”

Gaby picked up the smallest of the group still standing. “I am Gabriel or Gaby to my friends. I did not get time to learn all your sisters names so perhaps you can help me if I place you on my shoulders.”

“I am called Elizabeth but my sisters all call me Wee. They sometimes do it to confuse mum by saying we want Wee Wee. I am the one Grandpa had to carry as I ran out of energy.”

Constance lifted Elizabeth off Gaby's shoulders. “I think little cousin I should carry you. I hope my bed is big enough for you to join Tiny & Baby. Would you like to sleep again with me.”

Tiny, “We have decided that mummy Constance should have her baby Wee Wee in bed with us. Wee Wee tells us she cannot sleep unless she is cuddled up to Constance.”

Constance. “Even if she does not start out in my bed she somehow manages to get in during the night as when I awake Elizabeth is always there. Today was the first day she had not pestered me to take her to the café in Whitby. I asked if she was ok and got told my sisters need me today.”

Baby, “So it was you we locked on to. We knew we had another tiny as she could talk to us. We told her about Grandpa & he just happened to pick Wee Wee up and carry her back to the café. So Constance must be the breakfast bar you told us about.”

Nena & Gaby looked puzzled. Constance, “So you finally admitted to somebody what you have been doing. You always awoke with white around your mouth so I knew. If you have not already guessed I am permanently lactating and could do with this ones help. I went to the doctors and they gave me something to dry me up but it did not work. So when this one started to relieve me it was a great help.”

Holly & Ivy came across. “Hello are we allowed to call you ladies Aunty?”

Both ladies thought for a moment and then said, “May we see your wrist? Gabriel showed her arm and Holly & Ivy their arms. “Apparently you all are entitled to call us that.”

Gabriel, “Constance yesterday all those not marked decided to get marked. I even had one placed on my wrist so I know what it feels like. Certain princesses in your line took a decision not to mark you. I can ask Alice to mark you although it should be done by the senior female in your line.”

The two ladies look at each other. “Is that a request or an order Empress Gabriel?”

Gaby thought for a moment and said, “I would prefer it if all your family was marked. Renate thought it was barbaric and yet all her family asked for her to mark them. So even she gave way and did as asked. Some of the British Royals also have been marked with Elizabeth's sign.”

Holly, “Our mummy fell out with her sister because of the marking. Yet it has brought us all together. I would tell all the tinys to have it done.”

Wee Wee lifted her head up and with a milk covered face spoke, “If granny dos not want to do it then we will ask Granny Alice to mark us. My sisters all want to be marked like their tiny sisters. They told us it only tickles. Can somebody wipe my face please? Constance will you take me to the slot machines an we will see if we can win anything.”

Gaby's father David had been stood watching the floating harbour that was been locked into place. As soon as they were locked into place a ship would pull up on the harbour side and men started to unload concrete blocks that were placed on the seaward side of the harbour and then more ships came unloading rocks. Other ships came with prefabricated buildings that were being hoisted on to the new harbour. He turned to Sigfried who was also watching. “All it will need is the services connecting and then it will be ready for use.”

Soon ship after ship from all the different countries was entering the harbour and tying up. Dave realised the harbour had been designed to cope with the severest of storms. Even with all the ships in it the harbour was massive. As they watched the lights went on in the buildings. In addition a new lighthouse was incorporated into the harbour. As they watched the last of the Russian ships sailed into the harbour and tied up.

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