Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 11


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 11

Day 9 Monday.

Down in London the defence department are getting worried.

In London the Defence department the minister of defence was a very worried man. The minister of Defence was scared by the build up of navy ships on the East coast of Britain. There had not been such a build up of naval ships since the end of the second world war. He had messages sent to the British fleet already there to find out what was going on. At the same time he decided it might be advisable to order the fleet from their normal bases in Portsmouth. Devonport & Scotland to sail to Yorkshire just in case they were needed.

“Sir we have a message from the Invincable. Apparently they are all coming from far and wide to greet their Queen. Their ships are at anchor with their guns covered. Their helicopters have landed on the St Petersberg in the harbour. As we speak they are all ashore celebrating. At the moment both British & German ships are at full crew. The Germans though have just given permision for their crews to go ashore and join the celebrations.”

“I have ordered the fleet to join you. In the meantime you can allow one third of your crew ashore. Once the others join you the remainder of your crew may go ashore.”

In Russia premier Putain was in a meeting with the parliment. He was having to explain the recent deception to the parliment concerning the Tzar & family. One of the members spoke, “We all accept we have been decieved or at least not told the whole truth regarding that issue. My people are clamouring for me to ensure we accept Queen Gabriel. We have all seen the results of the DNA tests done by the British. They also sent the same results to Germany & Austria. Both those countries recognised the rings the child wore and Bavaria & Hannover recognised the child immediatly the rest of Germany followed quickly. Ukraine when she heard told the fleet to set sail she has already accepted Gabriel.”

After further discussion the members took a vote. All they had to do was press a button for yes or another one for no. The results were displayed immediatly a member had voted. It soon became obvious virtually all the representatives had voted to accept Gaby as Queen of Russia.

One representative. “We have to think of a suitable present for the Queen. I understand she has been given the St Petersberg as her personal heliport. We could provide her with a fleet of helicopters for it.”

“Sorry others have already done that. I have an idea though. Currently the harbour in Scarborough cannot accomodate all our ships. It is obvious to me the queen has decided to make it her base. Considering what happened in the past it is not surprising Well there is one thing we can give her. The British used floating harbours in the second world war to get their transport ashore. We already have some in stock in case they were ever needed. We will also need ships to carry lots of stone and quicksetting cement. We can give our Queen a harbour that will take all her ships regardless of what country they come from.

In Scarborough the town hall got a shock when they got a phone call from Russia checking if a new harbour would be acceptable to the new Queen. The clerk thought it was a joke and said, “Sure just make sure it is big enough as there are a lot of ships out there.” He went and reported the call to his superior.

“You told who ever was at the other end of the line to make sure it was big enough. Have you the number.”

“Yes sir I did not recognise it though.”

The superior looked at the number and double checked the code. He then rang the number and got the office of Premier Putain. “I was just telephoning to double check a telephone call recieved at my office about a new harbour.”

“Yes sir your collegues words were noted and we have increased the size of the harbour. The harbour will be with you in a few days along with the ships and barges that are transporting it. They have already set sail with it.”

He put the telephone down. And then decided to telephone London for advice. “Thank you for informing us. At least we know now the Russians are accepting her. It appears you have just accepted the gift of a new harbour on behalf of Queen Gabriel of Northumbria. Our sources have informed us that a massive fleet of ships is heading your way with the harbour and protective breakwater of stone. Virtually every ship in their merchant or navy has been brought into service. Currently we are monitoring them; But believe this is a friendly gesture.”

The Mayor called a meeting of the council. “Apparently we as the representatives of Queen Gabriel are being given a new harbour or at least an extended one.”

The representative for Scalby, “Do the people who are giving us this gift realise how stormy we can have the sea in Scarborough. On the other hand I would welcome an enlarged harbour if it would allow large ships to come in.” As luck would have it nobody objected. The mayor had brought a man with him who remained quiet during the discussion.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I have brought Ivan Brekova with me he is going to show us plans of the new harbour.”

Ivan brought out a computer and connected it up and projected an image of the proposed new harbour. After watching it the Representative for Cayton spoke, “This looks very similar to one that was proposed a year or two ago. Then it was decided while the idea was good we had not the required money to do it. How much is this gift going to cost us?”

Ivan spoke, “Like the St Petersburg that is being used as a heliport the harbour is a gift from the people of Russia for their Queen. It will in future allow cruise ships to dock here in Scarborough. It will also provide protection from the winter storms for all shipping. I do realise how wild and rough the sea can get here that is why one side is considerably higher than the other. The harbour comes in sections with hydraulic legs that will screw into the seabed and then we fill them with concrete. The seaward side we protect with massive stones that will protect it from the waves.”

The representatives all voted to accept the gift of the harbour. They also could see the benefits of increased shipping coming to the town. Cruise ships stopping would put money into the local economy.

Back at the Royal Nena went to see Renate. “I was wanting to know if we still are sticking to the list you gave me? Some of the younger ones want to go to Peasholm Park and the Sea life centre. I also know some of the senior ladies would like to do some shopping. Do we have a free day today and let everybody do their own thing?”


Gaby & the girls go to Peasholme Park.

“Nena after a hectic few days I for one would like to relax. I and some of the senior ladies intend to go down to the Spa and listen to the Band concert. If the younger ones wish to do that then that is ok with me.”

“It might be a good idea to take them in a coach though to Peasholme park and then it can go and park up at the Sea life centre.”

Den brought the coach round and the girls all boarded it then they set off for the short journey to the park. At the park the first thing they did was to go on the Swan & dragon boats. Those that got them found they were pedal powered. Others had to make do with the rowing boats. For most of them it took about a half an hour to 45 minutes to get round the island. After that they went on the putting green and the crazy golf. Soon it was lunchtime & they decided to stay and have lunch at the café just above the seating.

Gaby noticed that some barriers were going up in the park and asked the man what was going on. “Three times a week we have a naval battle here in the park and we are getting ready for it. I can sell you tickets now if you wish. The show starts at 2.00pm but people come and get their seats long before that. ”

Gaby & friends decided to sit outside at the café and watch the battle from there. She also noticed some of the disabled children she had given rides to on the previous day was there also. They had a good view. One child propelled himself across to the table Gaby was sat at.

“Hi I am Michael Baxter. I thought it was you and your friends we rode with you at the weekend.”

“Tell your friends to come here and join us they will have a better view.”

“We would but other than me none of the others can cope with the slope so we are stuck. I was wondering if I could get to the café and order some food for them.”

Nena and several of the others went and collected the children. Nena spoke, “Is there not an adult with you?”

“Yes and no she has had to go back to the Cumberland Hotel where we are staying one of the group forgot something.”

“In that case we need an extra chair for when she returns. Now we had intended to order some food ourselves would you like us to order yours or would you rather wait?”

One of the children brought out a lot of vouchers. “We bought a paper and it had all these in. They allow you to buy one meal and get another free. We also have ones for the sea life centre that will allow us in with a friend.”

Nena went and placed the order and asked, “Would the vouchers would be accepted here.”

“Yes it is a promotion by the council if you wish I can give you a stack of them for your friends.”

Before long the entire group was eating Chicken and chips followed by ice cream and cola. Soon the seating was taken and the battle started. There was a commentator's voice. Planes screeched down on wires dropping bombs on some of the shipping then a submarine opened fire on a ship and it was left sinking. Then the navy came and took out the submarine and fired on the naval base. One flag was taken down and another was put up.”

Michael, “We wanted to go on the island and look round but we need somebody to push us there. Most of us are ok on the flat but cannot cope with steep hills.”

A woman joined them. I will get you all lunch now I have the rest of the money.”

Gaby, “They have eaten and paid with these tickets. Or at least we paid & they got a meal free. After you have eaten we intend to push them round the island and then go to the Sea life centre. If we still have time then we will go on the beach and play with the children. ”

The woman had her lunch and then they all set off for the island. They had to cross a wooden bridge and then they were on the island. Some of the slopes were steep and others gentle. There were Chinese lanterns all the way round the island. While on their way round the island they also spotted the men getting out of the model ships. Eventually they got to the top of the island. There was a massive waterfall and a Chinese pagoda at the top of the island. The woman told the children it looked fantastic at night when it was lit up. After that Gaby & friends pushed the children to the sea life centre.

The woman at the counter was rather stuck up and said, “Oh we can not possibly allow so many children in with only one Adult.”

Nena, “There is more than one adult here and I would like to speak to the manager.”

The woman called the manager, “It will not do you any good.”

The man smiled and said, “Well ladies what can I go for you?

Gaby who was fuming blurted out, “She will not let us in and says we need more adults than we have. I have a good mind to say you cannot have the submarine and ship after all. I under stood this was a child friendly place. It does not appear so to me.”

The manager motioned to the security guard not to let any more people in. “There is no need for that we would welcome a visit by you and your friends. I will personally give you a tour of our facilities.”

Gaby and friends followed the man while the woman was still sat at the till fuming. “I am going to have words with him later. He has just let that group in for free when I told them they could not come in.”

The security guard, “Obviously you did not hear what the younger one said to the Manager. If you had you would be in the toilet by now with a bad case of tummy ache. Of all the people to refuse admission to it had to be her. You did not bother the other week when those thugs that are friends with your son turned up. You should have refused them but you did not and what a lot of trouble that caused. Then you go and refuse teenage girls who are pushing disabled children. You will be lucky if you still have a job by the end of the day. Certainly if the papers get hold of the story you refused disabled children entry they would make the most of it.”

As they were speaking Gunther turned up in uniform along with his son. “Hi we got told to come to the side door as we are to talk about the trawler and Submarine.”

“Oh you need the manager he is with some young tarts through there.”

The security guard cringed, “Do you have a death wish, what is wrong with you today. If he reports what you said then you can kiss your job goodbye.”

Gunther noticed the girls, “Hi we are looking for the manager, and the dragon out front said he was this way with some tarts.”

“That will be us Gunther she took an instant dislike to us and refused us admission.”

“I will be back in a minute Gabriel first there is a little job I to do.”

Gunther went back to the desk. “Have you not found him I told you he was with those tarts?”

Gunther spoke to the security man. “Sorry I have just been instructed you are to be sent home with immediate effect. I tried to warn you but you had to go and open your big mouth with all that rubbish. Now you are suspended and will be facing a disciplinary hearing. I hope you have got a good excuse this time. The woman slammed the door behind her breaking some of the glass panels in the process.

The manager came looking for Gunther. “Sorry about that I have important guests to see round. Why is Martha not at her desk?

Gunther, “I do not know the reason, but she was in a foul mood so I instructed the guard to send her home. It is not good for trade so I thought a spell at home might make her think twice about what she says and does. I for one object most strongly when my Queen and friends are referred to as tarts.”

“Yes perhaps it was for the best. No doubt it will be to do with her son. He is a constant worry to her.”

The manager and Gunther went back to the group of girls. Gunther followed them round till they got to the two ships. Gunther spoke, “Both are still drying out and so it would not be a good idea to look round them now. However I will give you all a tour when they are ready. If possible I would like to borrow some of the boys to help clean them up. I can tell you about the submarine and my son will talk about the trawler.”

After their talk the girls went to the toilet and then to the beach. They laid towels on the beach. Julia joined them and said, “I need to go back to the shop for a few things.” The sand at the top of the beach was very soft and dusty while lower down it was quite firm. The disabled children squealed with delight as Julia came back with some buckets and spades.

Together the girls and their friends built sand castles and had a good time however the tide started to come in and lapped at the first castles. The girls took this as a sign to pack up. They then watched as the tide came in quite fast. They looked across at the Royal Albert drive and the sea was fairly smashing at the sea wall. Then they took their friends to their mini coach.

The woman, “Thank you for being their friends and pushing them around.”

Nena, “We understand you are at the Cumberland Hotel. Tonight we will take you all into town. I hope you all have saved your 2 pence pieces as we intend going to Oasis and some of the other arcades along the front.

Michael grinned and spoke, “Thanks we would like that. We wanted to go and see the fun last night but we could not get the van down as the police blocks off the area. Now we can go and look at the tents if we have somebody to push us.”

The children were excited and told everyone back at the hotel what they had been doing. The reporter from the Evening news ears picked up he went across to talk to the children.

Michael spoke to him; “They bought us a meal & took us to the Pagoda and Sea life centre and then played with us on the beach. I have some photos if you wish to see them. We are meeting them tonight as they promised they would take us to the tents.”

That evening as promised the group of children came across the Valley Bridge and they waited by the sealift to go down to the front. This time Gaby and the others were in formal attire.

Princess Alice shook her head. “Renate that is one young woman who knows her mind. She does not mind being seen pushing a wheelchair. Queen or not she will continue to ride.”

Gaby and her friends took turns in pushing the children. Isolde spoke, “Gaby if these are willing we could have a full able-bodied-disabled team for the disabled races.”

They entered the first tent pushing the wheelchairs. Nena noticed the small girl from the other evening. “You and your mum were instructed to follow us and you did not.”

“Sorry but mummy thought you would not want the likes for us. We are not royal like you. We are just normal.”

Nena thought for a moment. “When we came here both Gabriel & myself did not know we were Royal I was a courier for a tour firm & Gabriel was a teenager who also happened to like riding her bike and had a mother who was a champion. If Gabriel walks up to you and taps you on the shoulder then she wants you to follow her. In your case she carried your child on her shoulder. Presumably she recognise something in you others did not. Currently Gabriel & her friends are taking disabled children around the tents and then we are going to the arcades to play on some of the machines.”

“I do not think we can afford to do that. We only have a limited amount of money and do not have cash for slot machines.”

“You are not listening to me. True the children all have some money of their own but they have each been given a bag of 2 pence pieces so they can play the machines.”

The child tugs on Nena's dress, “Please can you lift Tiny so I can see where Queen Gabriel is?

“Come on you have been on a Queens shoulders so there is no reason why you could not go on a princess shoulder. You mum will come this time and no arguing. Tiny we are going to the other tents.”

Tiny, “I can see Baby on somebody's shoulders. They are over there.” The mother picked up a bag and walked with Nena.

Baby was on Sonja's shoulders. Sonja looked at the woman and said, “So we now have two babies. Has Gabriel seen you?”

Nena, “Princess Sonja this is Tiny and her mother. They met Gabriel yesterday and could not believe what they were told. I have just collected them. They are worried though about spending money on the machines.”

Baby, “Tiny you can share with me we are both Tiny sisters. Aunt Sonja can we take Tiny home with us I then have a small friend to play with?”

“Sorry I do not know your name and Nena has not told me it.”

“I am Lucinda I came from Talin to be here. I was brought up in a children's home when I was found wandering about as a child. I do not know my parents or even if I have siblings. I do have an old photo that was found with me. I got raped as a teenager and Tiny was the result. I work in a government office in Talin and that is why I am here. I was hoping to take Tiny on a holiday and I was one of the lucky ones who got selected to come here with the fleet.”

Sonja, “Then you are doubly lucky if Gabriel has selected you. Her mama is my team captain. I am assistant captain as well as been a princess. Baby is mascot for the junior team. Will you be mascot for the senior team? It will mean your mummy giving up her current job. I doubt though that will be a problem.”

They wandered round the remaining tents and then went to the arcades. Jenny turned up and noticed Tiny. “I see we have a spare Baby now. Would you like to go on my shoulders? Nena found a stand each the girls could stand on. They both started winning lots of prizes.

The girl in the kiosk noticed, “You can swap 5 of those for one of these.” Both Baby and Tiny agreed to the swap and got a princess doll each.

Baby, “Oh dear my money is now all gone.”

Jenny and Sonja handed them a bag of coins each. When those bags were empty they walked across to the café. Lucinda looked at the prices. “I think I will have to go back to the tents. It will not cost me anything there.”

“My daughter told you yesterday to come with us. I understand my vice captain has appointed Tiny as mascot to the senior team and you will be her official carer. Now Tiny what would you like to eat?

Baby, “Tiny & I will share a plate of fish & chips & we will have a cola each please.”

Jenny ordered what the girls wanted and asked for an extra knife and fork. She then ordered Fish & chips with peas for the rest and a latte. The girl brought the meal across and said, “Would you all like your ice-cream now or when you are finish.”

Baby, “When we have finished please.”

Tiny started to squirm and said, “mummy I need the toilet.”

“So do I”, said Baby.

Jenny & Sonja took the girls to the toilet and waited for them. “Thank you for the meal Queen mummy? My mummy gets quite scared and was afraid of what might happen. Can we go back now for our Ice-cream?” Once they got back the waitress brought them all one each and Baby's & Tiny's ice was covered in chocolate and sprinkles.

As they were finishing off Markus and his brother arrived. “Hi we were looking for the girls to take them to the slot machines.”

“Well you have found two tiny ones who would love to help spend your money Markus. Take good care of them as they are our team mascots.”

Markus and his brother both saluted Jenny. Tiny held her hands up and Marcus put her on his shoulders. His brother did the same with Baby. Baby, “We got these with our allowance.”

Markus looked at the dolls, “We had intended going to the slot machines. Would you like to go on the dodgems with us?” As they were about to get into the dodgem cars Jools and Maria turned up.

Baby put her arm up, “Mummy daddy was just about to take us on the dodgem car are you going to join us?”

Jools got into one car and Maria the other. Soon their time was up. Baby still continued with the masquerade and said, “Daddy promised to win us a teddy bear on the shooting range.” After winning four teddy bears they returned to the café.

Jenny, “Well did you two enjoy yourselves?”

Tiny, “We have been pretending these are our mummy's & daddies we kept getting presents off everybody. I for one though need to go again.”

Jools, “In that case your mummies better take you.” She picked up Tiny and Maria followed with Baby. Are you two enjoying pretending to be our babies?”

“Princess thank you for sharing Markus with me. I saw you engagement on the television to Prince Markus. I have enjoyed myself with you both. Perhaps we can pretend again another time.”

Sonja, “Well I think your mummy & daddy should take you to the slot machines and you should spend their money.” This brought a giggle from both Baby & Tiny. “Now Lucinda what are we going to do with you? Obviously you are finding it hard to cope with Tiny. I think somebody should take you in hand.”

Lucinda's mouth was opening and shutting like a goldfish. She then burst into tears. “My boss has been good to me. I can not just abandon my work.”

Jenny, “I take it your boss is here. I will speak with him or her.”

“Mr Pertova has been good to me and yes he is here. He is in the Estonian tent.”

“In that case we will go there and find him. Jools and Marie will you bring your husbands and children. The daddies can carry them. We are going to the Estonian tent.” When they got there they found princess Alice chatting to Mr Petrova. “Alice & Mr Petrova we have come to inform you that Lucinda has been transferred to our department with immediate effect. Will you arrange for her belongings to be sent to me Jenny Bond?

“I expected that last night when I saw Tiny on Queen Gabriel's shoulders. I was very surprised to see Lucinda still taking breakfast with us in the morning.”

Princess Alice, “If you are desperate for a job I need somebody to push me around. You also look as if you need a good feed. I am going to have to take you into hand young lady. Thank you Mr Petrova for looking after this child. I will now sort her out. Now you Lucinda will stop crying and push me around. I want to look around the rest of the tents and you will accompany me. When we get back we will see if we can sort you out a few more dresses.”

Tiny, “I know mum has not been eating properly so that I could. Thank you for the meal that you bought us earlier. I liked being with these two and pretending to be their baby. Mum the old lady is correct you are as much a child as I am. You need somebody to tell you what to do. Mr Petrova told you to come and you did. Granny Jenny told you to eat and you did. Now Granny Alice has told you to push her around and you will. Mr Petrova thank you for looking after my mum she will be safe now Granny Alice is looking after her. I have to look after Prince Markus and Princess Jools. They need my help just as Marie & her prince need the help of Baby.”

Princess Alice, “You are the other baby who sat at Gabriel's feet last night.”

“That's me and since then the Queens mother, sister and future brother in law have carried me around along with Nena & Sonja. Prince Markus as we did not get to go on the slot machines perhaps you could take me another evening.”

Markus, “I and Jools will if Baby will do the same for my brother. If nothing else it might prepare us for the day we have our own children. Jenny I take it you do not mind being a granny or at least part time.”

As they were speaking Gaby turned up. Jools spoke, “Tiny this is your aunt Gabriel.”

Princess Alice spoke, “I think Lucinda it is time you knelt down in front of me and show me your hands.”

“My real mummy used to make me do that to check to see if I had been nibbling my nails and I have not done that for years.”

“Well yes your hands are clean and your nails are nice, but what is this? I think we had better see what you are hiding.”

Tiny spoke, “Mummy has a strange birthmark on her wrist. She always keeps it covered with a plaster as somebody once told her she was cursed if she had that mark. All we own is in that black bag mummy carries.”

Princess Alice whipped the plaster of. “Surprise, Surprise Gabriel strikes again. At least we now know who your mother was. Tiny I am afraid I will have to mark you like your mother is.”

Baby, “It does not hurt they did me yesterday along with lots of others. It is cold and tickles a little. Welcome to the club. Now whose mark do you have? Oh you have the same as me. My mum must be your real aunt. So I must be your cousin. Well you will have to share our room and you can share my bed. Nana Alice aunt Lucinda needs lots of dresses, can we take her to the garage and see what fits her?”

Gaby opened the bag there was some documentation it was in Russian. Nena translated it. This says the doctor covered the birthmark with a plaster and told Lucinda she must always keep it covered. She was found as a child about three years old and it looked like she had been hit with a car. According to this Lucinda will only ever have the mental capacity of a child and would only be suitable for menial jobs. When she was found in Estonia it was under Russian control. The doctor had an idea where the child had come from but could do nothing without endangering his and her life. There is an address here to contact the doctor if he is still alive.” Among the artefacts there was a faded photograph of a woman with two babies and an older lady.

Alice just smiled, “Lucinda that mark means you will now have to stay and look after me. I think you are suited to pushing me around.”

Tiny, “There should be a magic ring in there. Mummy would not sell it and told me it was magic and if I got lost it would get me home. I did not want to lose it so I put it in the bag.” Gaby soon found it and passed it to Alice. “My mum has gone into a trance again if you speak she will answer yes mum.” Alice stroked her hair.

“Lucinda Alice get up off your knees and straighten your dress up. I did not bring you up to be sloppy. Now Sonja here is taking you to your sister. Do not come back till you are dressed alike. That is an order.”

“Yes Mum.” With that Sonja took Lucinda up in the Sealift.

Tiny, “Are you my real Grandma?”

“No I am not but like Baby I am your great grandma. Your real grandma is about town with some of the others. She will be pleased to discover Lucinda Alice has turned up.”

“In that case I will call you Nana Alice like baby.”

Kim came in with her cousins. “Is it true we have another baby in the family?”

“Sure that that is me but I am called Tiny & Nana Alice is my great granny. So if you wish to come and play with my Princess doll or my teddy then you are welcome.”

Kim and her cousins burst out laughing. “We also heard Jools & Marie both were going around with a child each who was calling them mummy. I did not realise Jenny had become a granny.”

“Well she has but only on a part-time basis.”

“We found a horse racing game that gives presents if you win.”

Alice said, “Well I intend to go on the bingo. Anybody want to come with me?”

Kim spoke, “We all will Nana Alice as we will have to teach Tiny what to do. They put some money in the machine and the game started. Alice was the first to win with a line and she got her money back. Kim then got all four corners and got her money back.

After watching for a while Tiny wanted her own card. Markus put the money in. Tiny won five full houses in a row. The man handed her a ticket each time. At the end of the game Tiny looked at the tickets. “What do I do with these?”

A female assistant totted the tickets up, “My you have been lucky you have won lots of prizes. Come with me and I will show you what you can have.” Tiny looked at the prizes most of the items were no use to her. She spotted some soft cuddly toys.

“Can I have as many of those as these will allow please.”?

The woman came back, “They are all slightly different and there was only one more left and I have put that in as well.”

Tiny then handed them out, “Jools and Markus this is for your baby in the meantime I expect you to take good care of it. Nana Alice this is for sorting mummy out thank you. Queen Gabriel this is to remind you that in each of us there is a little girl. I am keeping this one for myself. There is one for Baby. Marie like Jools this is for your baby. Kim this is for you and that leaves oh, I have miscounted.”

“No you did not I still have to get the one out of the cabinet.”

“Thank you I thought my last two would have to share.”

Alice looked at her watch and said, “It is time we went outside and on to the sea front. Lucinda appeared holding the hand of another woman and Sonja.

Markus and his brother picked up Tiny & Baby and placed them on their shoulders. “You should get a good view from there girls.” A firework display was been set off from the St Petersburg. Rockets got launched and a myriad of lights appeared. After an hour the display stopped with a massive boom and the whole light lit up the night sky.

After the display finished Baby's mother spoke, “Jools & Marie I have a favour to ask you two. Would you both mind looking after Tiny & Baby I will need the time to sort my sister out?”

Markus, “We have been looking after them most of the evening and we have been enjoying it. My brother and I consider it an honour to help look after them. This one is nearly asleep on my shoulders. I think it is time she went to bed.”

Maria and Jools helped to put Tiny & Baby to bed. Then they bid the sisters goodnight. An older lady appeared, “I have just been informed Lucinda Alice has turned up with a child. Oh my another Baby.”

“Actually mum the child is called Tiny. I though would appreciate some help with Lucinda she keeps going into trances.” Between them they noticed the scaring on Lucinda's back. There was a lot of bruising on her as well. “It looks as if somebody has been hurting Lucinda quite a lot. I think we had better call the team doctor now.”

Dr Helga Goodchild came to the room. “My daughter and child have just returned to us doctor after a long absence. We were getting her ready for bed when we noticed all this scaring and bruising.

Tiny popped her head up and spoke, “Hello is there anybody there who can take me to the toilet?”

Tiny found it was her aunt who took her. Meanwhile the doctor was giving Lucinda a check over. Tiny came back and got some cream out of the bag. “It looks like he has been beating mummy again. I was told to inform Mr Petrova if he hurt her again. I must go and find Mr Petrova he will be in the Estonian tent.”

The doctor called for security and asked them to go and bring back Mr Petrova to the hotel.

A short while later he entered the room with the guard. “You may go now,” said the doctor.

Tiny, “He has done it again. I will have to put on this cream again. You promised you would sort it out and apparently it is still going on.”

“Ladies that letter that was found was wrote by my late father, He knew Lucinda was the nearest thing to a queen we would have and resolved to help her as much as he could. He asked me and my sons to watch out for Lucinda. We did the best we could. The person who did this is back in Estonia and they will pay for what has been done. I need to speak to my sons to get this resolved. Do you mind if I take photographs to show my sons what has been happening when we were not there?”

“I will have some of them off you Mr Petrova to go in my file.” Mr Pertova left the room and was very angry. He called his sons.

The Eldest, “Father this time we have to inform Diablo Draconaris. We will have to show him the photographs of the princess. We will have to leave the retribution to him.”

“Yes you are correct. I hope he understands we tried to protect her.”

Sharp 01.05.08 © 2008

Pictures by Maddy © 2004 - 8


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