Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 10


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 10

Day 8 Sunday Princess Alice Lavinia finds her lost family.

Captain is there a toilet on this floor? Also can you get me an aide who can bring me plenty of coffee. I also have to ask that the garage doors are kept closed for the time being. I could be here for a very long time.

A female officer arrived, “I have been sent to help you Doctor.”

“Fine I just need loads of coffee that will keep me going for a little while.”

The two of them worked hard together fitting the pieces together. Eventually the Dr fell asleep and the aide covered her with some of the dresses that had been opened earlier.

Nena came down to the garage with Gaby. They had intended having an early morning ride. Instead they found the aide working hard. “Oh you are doing a giant jigsaw. Is life that tedius you have to resort to doing this?”

“Sorry I was detailed to help the doctor and she fell asleep & I covered her with the dresses. The amber and the gold have matching numbers inscribed on their back. It is taking time to sort them into matching pairs and then they go in a sequence.”

“Nena can you call all team angels down here & we can all help do this before breakfast. It also looks like we have had a delivery of dresses. Oh well we can sort those out later.”

Nena went to the office and rang each room for the angels. They all appeared down in the garage.

Isolde, “You said Gaby had ordered casual wear for now. I came & brought these as well as I did not know how much help you needed.”

“Isolde it might be better if you and Gabys disabled friend sit with the sleeping lady and hold her hand. She must be very tired. You can alert us when she awakes. It did not take the group long to pair up the items.

The aide, “She will be pleased they are all paired up now we can put it together.”

As she was speaking Princess Alice arrived pushed by Gaby's mother. “Oh good you got it after all. The pieces should run from left to right. They all have the Russian alphabet on.” Under Alices instruction the children placed the pieces on the foam & Alice had the pictures also placed on the foam. They all admired their handywork.

The girls had even sorted the dresses into sizes. The boy had been helping as much as the girls. He looked sad and Alice asked what was the matter?”

“The girls they are all going to get pretty dresses for helping & I get nothing.”

Alice thought and then spoke, “When I was a girl all the children dressed the same. In fact in most cases it was not till they got married that boys and girls wore different clothes. Your sister did you think any the less of her because she wore your old clothes.”

“No, but girls can get away with wearing either. Boys cannot they would get teased something rotten.”

Wilma, “If you allowed us to dress you as a girl I will be your friend and will not laugh at you. If people look at you they will think you are with your sisters and cousins.

A short time later he could not believe how he looked and said, “Ok so I could fancy myself. People will still know I am a boy in a dress.”

Alice said, “Not with all these girls around you. How about pretending for the rest of the day and see you go. First we need a name for you. What would you like to be called?”

“Mum said if I had been a girl I would have been called Lavinia Alice. That is a strange name though.”

“Right that is what we will call you. Can you push me back to the dining room and girls it is about time you woke the sleeping beauty.”

The little girl, “Watch this it always works. Mummy I need wee-wee.”

The poor doctor shot up and ran with the little girl to the toilet. It was only when she got there she realised she was hlding the hand of a stranger.

The little girl spoke, “Actually you do look a lot like my mummy. We let you sleep while we finished the puzzle. Granny Alice instructed us what to do. We then added the pictures and it looks nice. Come you can see for your self. You were silly falling asleep in those dresses.”

Nena, “Welcome doctor we finished the pussle while you slept.”

Dr Parisi rubbed her eyes when she saw the dresses the girls were wearing. “Have I been transported back in time? What palace is this and how did I get here?”

Nena spoke again. “No you have not been sent back in time. The soldiers brought you from Windscale at your request. Now the girls think you might just fit in one of these dresses. Come on try it. See they were correct. I will take over the push chair. Can one or two of you girls help with the other two chairs.”

Dr Parisi found the young girl was still holding her hand and said, “Lavinia Alice will you hold the doctors other hand she is scared after meeting so many at once. We might call you mummy 2 instead of Doctor.”

The doctor burst into tears. “I once had a little girl like you but one day Jesus came to take her to play with his Angels.”

“Oh she must be here then because we are the angels and we all play together. I will ask if the others know where she is””

Lavinia Alice spoke, “My sister does not understand as most of the girls here are Angels. We are guests who stayed the night. We might be getting a new daddy soon & our friend in the wheelchair might be getting a new mummy. That is if we had magic wands we could wave them and that would happen. If you want I will be your daughter while you are here. I am not sure how long we will be staying because our new sister is in the disabled team.”

Before long they had reached the dining room. The two girls took the doctor to a table. The doctor stared at the woman for a minute. “Sorry for staring but it is like seeing a copy of ones self. Lavinia Alice & her sister have being calling me Mummy 2. They insisted I came with them for breakfast."

The mother noticed Lavinia Alice getting a big bowl of cerials & spoke, “Lavinia Alice you no longer are pretending to be a boy. Put some of those back and get a bowl similar to your sister. You know you could never manage so much.” This brought a giggle from some of the others. It is a shock seeing you by any chance were you adopted back in the 1960's? I should have a twin I could never locate. We got split up when our parents died in a car crash & I have been unable to find her.”

Dr Parisi again had tears streaming down her face. “I do not think we need a DNA or blood test to tell us we are sisters even your daughters know & Lavinia Alice has promised to be my daughter all the time I am here.”

“Has she that has come as a shock to me. She was always a tomboy and wanted to wear trainers and jeans with a hoodie.”

“Well what I saw of her she was looking after both her sisters and doing a good job of it. One day she will be a good mother herself. They all tell me you are to be married before long and they will all be bridesmaids. Do you need a matron of honour.” This caused the officer to splutter.

Nena, “The girls are actually my bridesmaids and flowergirls. These two have only just met and the girls mother has accepted a job as housekeeper and carer to the Captains daughter.”

“Oh I thought you were getting married. The jigsaw we all put together belongs in the amber room. I know because I have seen what is there. The Russians have been trying to restore the original & asked my advice. Now I find this.

Renate looked at the two womem and then spoke, “Captain will you escort your housekeeper & her sister to the garage and ensure they come back dressed alike.”

After they had gone Princess Alice spoke, “Renate you also noticed they both have a look of my missing daughter Olga. We had quite a row and she left home and never made contact again. Did you notice the mother had even named one of the girls after me.”

A short time later the three returned. The captain spoke, “Ladies I noticed you both have a faint mark on your wrists.“

Dr Parisi spoke, “I had mine removed with a laser but it is still there although very faint. That was done for me while in Russia. A serving maid asked why I had that tattoo. I told her I had been born with it. She shook her head and said, Come we get that removed quickly. Very dangerous for you here with that.”

“Mine I never bothered about. One day I got splashed with some acid and it removed part of the mark and the rest became faint.”

Alice spoke my I see them. Yes she did quite a good job on you both although she did not have the correct tools. Renate thinks it is barbaric however all my children & grandchildren have been marked personally by me. Those marks need redoing the correct way. I am not surprised the serving girl was nervous as it carries the death penalty in Russia for anybody other than Royals to be marked so. If you both wish I will do you both now and any others that need it.” Alice brought out her own branding set. And then a bottle of liquid nitrogen. “I never go anywhere without this you never know when it is needed. Now who is first.”

Kims granny, “You better have these sets as well and do the ones who got missed.”

Renate went with an “Ahhhhh.”

Alice Lavinia, “Does it hurt? You can do me first.”

The others watched as she said, “It is cold and tickles a bit but does not hurt.”

Dr Parisi, “In that case grandma you better do me with the correct mark. I take it you are Alice Lavinia. I have a copy of mums birth certificate. I could not make out the surname as it was smudged or as if somebody wanted to hide something.”

“Yes I just have had the privlege of marking my great grand daughter who is named after me and your niece.”

Several others started to line up. “Can you do us as well. As it makes us all members of a special club.”

“I am getting a little tired prehaps Renate and her sisters can do the rest while I instruct them what to do.”

Renate, “Well if it has to be done it better be done correctly and you will all like up in your respective families.”

Ulrig entered and then left when he realised what was going on. He called for additional nitrogen and instructed the boys they had to all ask to be marked like the girls. He looked at the mark on his own wrist and smiled.

Even the grannies got tired and Jenny & Carol along with Kims mother and aunt took over. Princess Alice was grinning away. “I never thought Renate would agree to her family being done.”

Gaby, “Princess Alice I may have this on my arm but I would also like you to put one on my wrist like the others and Maddy would like you to do her as well.”

“Well this is one request I cannot refuse can I. So I better do as instructed.”

Just as the last female was marked soldiers in uniform arrived. “We have been informed you are having a marking day we also want marking.”

Renate shook her head. “Markus does your father know what you are asking?

Father has gone rounding the other strays up and will bring them here himself. He said the responsability to see it is done lies with the senior female of any royal line. The men have no say other than those of us who are not marked want to be.” There was a clapping from Jools.

Princess Beatrice, “Can we also be marked or is it not allowed?

“Well by rights you could have your grandma's mark which she does not use or you could have your grandpa's. Your grannys mark is senior.”

“We will have grannys mark then, What about mum?”

“Well she can have the same mark as you but on the opposite hand. Most people will not notice the diferance.” It was almost lunchtime before the last was done. Sonja and family took over from Jenny.

Alice, “Well done ladies. The job is left to us as we tend to be far more gentle when doing it. Now most of you now have had a chance of doing it I know you all can perform the task if requested.

Dr Helga,” Gaby today you sitting it out as you over did it yesterday and my instructions over ride anybody when health is at risk.”

“But I promised to be there.”

“Well you will keep that promise you will be there. Maddy can take your place and most people will not notice the differance. I will be sitting next to you to make sure you do as I told you. You will present the certificates as Queen Gabriel of Northumbria & your flower girls will be sat with you.”

Gaby went and got her yellow vest and handed it to Maddy. The children are expecting a champion & so you will have to be me. However I will personally sign their fan books.

Maddy and the others set off for the Spa. This was a charity ride rather than a race so it did not matter to much who took part. Gabriel for her part decided to wear the crown of Ludwig this time. She also wore one of the dresses she had discovered in the garage. Alice and Renate smiled at what she was wearing. “Well out of all those dresses she chose one made for a queen.”

The riders set off and Gaby sat signing a stack of cards with her name. Princess Alice spoke, “Sometimes Gabriel you have to sit back and let others have a chance. Yesterday you went overboard riding all day long. There is no wonder you were exhausted. I would also have forbiden you to ride today. I see you like that dress it was made for a future queen but she never recieved it. However a Queen of her line is wearing it.”

“I liked this and another dress and claimed both. I did not want to be gready as there are lots of us. Your sister was she very pretty? You sent the dresses for Grandma & her sisters.”

“I sent some and Renate sent the others. Yes they were made for my sister. I also sent the regalia of Frederick & Ludwig. I did not know about Renate's extra items & she did not know about mine. As for the Amber & pictures I think a certain late Air Marshall was responasble.”

“Alice I have been thinking would it be expensive to recover as many ships as possable. This was the second submarine that contained uranium & I presume there are no records of what was sent so I would like my navys to search for and recover all ships in the North Sea and Baltic to start with all those recovered are to be brought to Teeside for disposal. I suppose we could think of this as a clean up operation. There might be other ships with treasures among those salvaged.”

“I suppose you could say it is an operation to recover lost servicemen like the Americans have. I can understand why you want the clean up after discovering the load that got sent for destruction. Life for you child is changing as it did for me and my sisters. Also it changed for your Grandmother in a similar way. For us we escaped with our lives but got seperated from our families. My sisters & I just rode out of Russia as we were taken for Germans and we got left alone. I was in Germany when I heard the news about my father and those with him. I cried for days. Life went on and I got married. My children though could not claim any of the estate of the Tzar. Only the true daughters could do that. We had a brother & he supposedly died. You like him have the same gene. The sister that replaced him escaped with her sisters to England. They chose to remain quiet so not to embarase their cousin Edward. Most of my daughters stayed in Germany and married well. My eldest I fought like cat & dog with her. Normally we soon made up. This time though she went and I never saw her again. Those two females are my grand daughters. They have been returned to me and I have you to thank. You seem to have a gift of surrounding yourself with family withour realising it. I hope we can for a little while longer try and give you a life.”

“I have already realised that. Even Nena the tour guide is a relative. In a matter of days this has become an armed camp with security. The name of this hotel in a way is rather apt being called the Royal. After two weeks here we originally were to go to the Majestic in Harrogate. I am not sure it will be big enough. I would have liked to stay here. The team though need to be in Harrogate or close by. I also have a race to win. Nena is coming with me in that. It is a ride across three yorkshire mountains. I have done it before and it takes a lot out of you. Jennifer also is entered with us.”

“Gabriel where you are now is a dream It is easy to secure. What do you have down at the Pier. Your own Aircraft carrier. That will take many helicopters and they can get you to where you need to go.”

“In that case only the support team would need accomodation. We could fly in. I presume we could do that.”

“Yes the Majestic has a helicopter landing pad in their grounds. I checked up. I also suggested to Ulrig you might want this as your permanent base. So with that in mind agents for Ulrig purchased this hotel from the Yorkshire Rose group.. Sigfried had a similar idea and also bought the Grand and St Nicholas hotels from their respective owners. In case you are wondering the money came from some of the gold you found. We were pussled as to were the bullion had come from it certainly was not from the submarine. The sealife centre has asked if they could have the submarine. They want to have it for a new nautical centre they are planning.”

“Well as far as I am concerned they can have it. Gunther might like to give tours of it. Or perhaps his son or David. Oh the juniors are back.”

Maddy came and got a drink. “Sorry I cannot stop Gaby is in demand for the next ride. Jennifer had to look twice and then realised there was no mark on the arm. “Hi I am Gaby today so please pretend I am. I never realised how hard Gaby had to work. I will keep going as long as I can.”

“Do not over do it like Gaby did yesterday. If you are tired take a rest. That is orders from the Captain. I over rule Gaby as senior captain & her mother so as you are her if I see you need a rest I will tell you.”

“Ok Jenny I will do as you say.” The ladies then set off. Maddy was shattered after doing the rides with the ladies. “Jenny I am going to sit out the mens ride.” Both Gaby & Maddy went to the toilet about the same time. “Sorry Gaby I can not do the mens ride.”

“No but I can and I intend to ride in one section. I thought you would not manage it and I am prepared. I have my skins on under this so all you need to do is still pretend to be me.”

Gaby went and checked the bike over, “Right Gents I am refreshed now.”

Lance Armstrong groaned. “Only seconds ago you were shattered and now you are refreshed like a new rider. You scared us yesterday so today I will take it easy with you. Twice you have beaten me. ”

Gaby looked at the mens team. Quite impressive Richard I see you are ridiing a Top Gear Special as are the rest of your team. Thankyou all for coming and taking part. Over the last couple of days we should have raised lots of money for both charities.

Lance handed some cheques over, “Some of my collegues could not come and so instead they gave me cheques to hand to you.”

Richard, “I also have many from collegues and friends who could not be here. I after my high speed crash I will do anything to help raise funds so I have to ask if we can make the Champions ride an annual event for both charities?”

Another voice spoke, “I also have a few cheques from my collegues in the motor racing world. Sorry I could not come yesterday as I had a race.”

“I hope you won Louis. I am pleased to see some from the world of cars here.”

“Actually I came second my team mate got first place. I am still in the lead in the Championship.” Gaby then noticed a rather odd bike.

“Hi I had to come all the way from Diddyland on this. I need some help would you help me provide the power. Normally I have my diddymen but they are playing with the children.”

Gaby looked at the seat on the front and said, “I have a friend who would fit in there she is a perpetual child. It was only as the children got on Lance spoke. Louis & I better go on the back to provide the additional power. We can take more children on this than our own bikes.”

It was only when Gaby ensured her friend was secure did Jenny realise it was her daughter. “Louis would you mind taking your bike. I need to be with my daughter in case she has problems.”

As it was the bike could take an additional twelve children. After each lap another twelve children got on. Ken tired and Sonja took his place. More children were clamouring to go on the Diddy kings bike. Gaby had to go to the toilet and she changed again with Maddy. Jenny also changed places with Carol. Eventually all the members of the Apollonaris team had done several laps with the bike. Louis Hammleton had also done a couple of laps.

Even after the mens ride was over children still wanted to pay their pound for a go on the diddy bike. Martim Lampkin & family then took over. Others included Bishop Richard & Cardinal Waibel then took over. Both priests were fully robed. They got cheers as they also took children on the circuit. Eventually only the last few childern were left. Renate decided she & the Grannies would take it out. Gaby got the girls to start cheering Go Granny go. All the childern picked up on this and the noise got louder and louder. Even the adults joined in and clapped the ederly ladies. As she had been on the diddy special Gaby noticed the barge with the submarine was gone and there was looked like a fishing boat on another barge.

As they finished they watched as more warships arrived in the bay. As they watched an helicopter took off and landed on the beach in front of the Spa. Gaby shouted to the pilot “Do not leave that there the tide is turning soon and that area will soon be covered in water. Go and put it on the Aircraft carrier.” A man got out and walked up the steps from the sands to the Spa & the helicopter took off.

“I have given instructions the pilots are to use the aircraft carrier in future. I think some off the smaller ships can get in once the barge is removed. The rest will have to use the helicopter service. I presume you got our messengers.” As they were talking flight after flight landed and then took off again. “They will wait untill all the rest are here and that will be a while yet. As they watched a crane lifted the boat on to the dockside. The barge was then taken away.

“Is it possable to continue to stop traffic here as the people wish to greet their queen. We brought as many as we could and requsitioned ships to ensure your people got here. All they ask is that you greet them and partake of their food. The construction teams will soon be putting the tents up.”

A police officer nearby, “I will ensure the road remains close to all but official transport & some delivery vans may need to get down here,”

Gaby, “Would you like to accompany us back to the hotel?” We all need to shower and refresh ourselves. We had intended having a meal but if the people are providing food we will eat with them. I still need to shower. Will an hour be long enough for them to prepare for us?”

As they spoke the first tent went up. All along the front others were quickly being put up. Other workmen then started putting up a stage. As they watched some of the smaller ships entered the harbour and tied up. Some went into the area that was supposed to be for pleasure cruiser. Others tied up on the fish dock. The helicopters continued flying people to the mobile airport. The crew on the St Petersberg had to act as landing crew and control for the Aircraft. As the last of the helicopters landed they were taken to a lower deck and refueled. The BBC Topgear film crew decided to stay and broadcast what was happening. It was obvious to the film crew all the people putting up the tents were very happy.

Gaby went back to the Royal. Markus knocked on her door. “Gaby we found the Trawler was another treasure ship. Most was gold bullion which has gone to storage. There was several chests of other items and I brought these for you. I found another Ring you should have and this necklace. Princess Alice instructed me you must wear this and these bangles of pearls along with the crown of Catherine. Fattorini the Royal jewllers have adapted these earings for you. Maddy & Jools have some similar to you.”

“Markus I need an escort and as you are here you can be that escort.” As they got to the reception area the other girls all curtsied as Gaby on Markus arm glided past them. Baby was waiting with a posy of flowers in her hand she fell in behind Gaby. Each of the girls found a soldier or sailor in dress uniform was partnering up with them.”

Both Nena & Julia found an officer on their arm. Alice, “Gunther you will do for me. I am having our chairs sent down to the front. You and I will go down in the sea lift with all the others.” The sea lift was kept busy as they all decended to the sea front. Gaby waited while they all arrived then they walked across the road and on to the sea front.

As Gabriel approached the stage a great cheer goes up. Gaby noticed a woman struggling to get closer to the front holding the hand of the young child. The child reminded her of Baby, She stopped and turned to the woman, “Give me your child and walk with us.” The crowd parted to allow the woman child through. Gaby picked the child up and put her on her shoulders. “You should see better now.”

The child giggled. “You are silly we are waiting for our queen. She is com9ng to meet us. “

“Baby can you sit down here in front of me and hold our little friends hand I think she is just like you.”

The man who had spoken to them earlier asked if Princess Alice would mind repeating what she did previously. Alice took hold of a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen my late father gave me the task of placing Catherines crown on the true ruler of all the Russians. Like me I know many of you have traveled from a long way. I came here like you not knowing what to find. I discovered the person I came to crown had become the Queen of Northumbria & also inherited the three crowns of Germany. Queen Gabriel I placed Catherines crown on you recently. You still have the right to use it however. My nieces request as the crowns of Ludwig and Frederick the great have also turned up I take the oppertunity to place them on your head.”

The three prime ministers each came with a crown on a cushion. First Fredericks went on Gaby's head and then Ludwigs. Finally Catherines went on Gaby's head and stayed there. Gaby stood up and spoke. “Welcome as you can all see I am but a school girl. My official coronation is to take place in York as Queen of Northumbria, Germany & Austria. However I have enjoyed my public coronations. I do not know when I will get to your countries. I promise though I will be visiting every one As you must have seen on the telivision I love to ride bikes. Recently my engagement to William Wales was made public. On my wedding to William I will also become Queen of the British Comonwealth. I realise then I will be queen of most of Europe. I still want to ride and hopefully I will be allowed to.”

As Gaby was speaking more helicopters arrived on the flight deck of the Aircraft carrier. Gaby, “It looks like more guests have arrived we will wait untill they all get here. I thought Latvia, Lithuania & Ukraine were already here.”

One of the Prme mnsters spoke, “Actually I am from Estona. Those coming now will be from Ukrane, Belarus & Poland. The Ukranian deligaton set off immedatly they heard about the Tri crowns turning up they did not wait for official verification. The Poles could have been here with us but they agreed to transport the Belarus deligation as they have no navy. The Ukranian fleet has had a lot further to sail as they have had to come from the Black sea. We for our part promised we would get the tents ready for each of our countries.” Soon the flight of helicopters stopped and a band started up. The Estoniam Prime minister said, “Those dressed as cossacks are from the Ukraine. Those with the firemans helmets are from Poland. That first group of dancers are also from Poland. All the others are a mixture of all three countries.

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