All comments gratefully received

I have to ask the question as to why when so many put in so much time and effort, so few readers comment?


I would understand it if the authors had been paid for their stories, but this is not the case. The authors here, as on so many free sites, write for the love of writing, but to receive nothing at all from those who read, is not encouraging.

I like the comments. They are what remind me that someone has taken the time to read my work and I'm sure others feel the same.

So come on you readers out there, do the decent thing and let the hard working authors know that you have read their work. It wouldn't take long and it would mean the world to them.


Statisical analysis on comments and voting

A while back I did a short calculation on voting and comments, and at the time, It seemed like readers comments were at the rate of something like 5%, and voting was something like 1% when compared with the total number of readers; just human nature I guess.

I don't have a way of comparing Tfolk to Muggles. It might be interesting.

Many Blessings


I don't think it makes any difference, Khadija

But an interesting thought nonetheless :)

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