U-Boat Flightdeck 43 STEEL BEZEL 1840 Replica

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U-Boat Flightdeck 43 STEEL BEZEL 1840 Replica

Brand: U-Boat
Series: Flightdeck
Model: 1840
Movement: self-winding
Case material: Steel
Case size: 43 mm
Gender: men
Dial color: black
Bracelet: Leather
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date

luxury watches replica online This watch features a half-flying tourbillon; this type of tourbillon execution requires less energy to keep the cage in rotation, thus allowing more of the mainsprings energy to be directed to keep up a strong balance amplitude. Unique to this caliber is its extremely slow balance frequency, of 14,400 beats per hour. Two mainspring barrels allow for a 72 hour power reserve. This technically remarkable movement is manufactured almost entirely in-house by blu; it features a distinctive elevated construction.

With the warming of the watch consumer market, watches have emerged from the simple timing function and are favored and favored by more and more consumers as a symbol of personal taste and identity. But among these people, a large number of consumers know very little about watches. So here we will introduce you to the basic knowledge of watches and how to easily identify the quality of watches.1. Classification and main features of watchesAt present, watches are divided into two categories: mechanical watches and quartz electronic clocks.(1) Watch machinery(1) Ordinary mechanical clocks(2) Calendar, double calendar mechanical clock = ordinary mechanical clock + calendar mechanism or double calendar mechanism.(3) Mechanical city clock, pendulum clock, wall clock, etc.(4) Automatic watch = ordinary watch + automatic mechanism(5) Calendar double calendar automatic watch ordinary watch + calendar or double calendar mechanism + automatic mechanism(6) Multi-functional complex table: In addition to calendar or double calendar and automatic, there are functions such as stop seconds, stars, moon phases, leap years, moons, and months.main feature:(1) Most of the movements are metal parts.(2) The vibration system is generally a balance spring. The vibration frequency is generally 18000 times/hour to 28800 times/hour, that is, the balance spring assembly swings 5 times to 8 times per second; the vibration frequency of a few watches is 36000 times/hour; The clock and the floor clock use a gravity pendulum as the vibration system, which swings once per second.(3) Due to the low vibration frequency, the travel time accuracy is lower than that of the quartz electronic timepiece.(4) The power is made of spring, elastic element and stainless steel. The spring is tightened by the hand strap mechanism or the automatic winding mechanism to turn the kinetic energy into the elastic potential energy of the spring; when the spring is relaxed, the spring will be elastic. The potential energy becomes kinetic energy, and the energy loss of the balance spring assembly during the swinging process is supplied, and a certain swing is ensured.


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